Denver Zoo Membership Cost & Levels 2024 Benefits, Renewal

Denver Zoo Membership Cost & Levels 2024 Benefits, Renewal

The Denver Zoo Membership is very affordable and easy to get. It is located in City Part Of Denver, Colorado United States . The cost & levels are separated by the family & individual. It is founded in 1896, operated by Denver zoological foundation.

Denver Zoo Membership Cost & Levels 2024 Benefits, Renewal

Tulsa Zoo Membership

Denver Zoo Family Membership

The Family Membership is the most popular level, covering two people from the same household and all children and grandchildren under 18, making it highly popular and widely used.

Family Family PlusFriends of Denver ZooZoo Pride
Adults 2222
ChildrenUnder 18 Under 18Under 18Under 18
Guest per visit0188
Members-only early hoursYesYesYesYes
Food & Merchandise DiscountYesYesYesYes
Train + Carousel Voucher2222
Guest Passes2, one-time-use2, one-time-use2, one-time-use2, one-time-use
15% off Event SpacesYesYesYes 
Special Zoo Light PrivilegesYesYesYesYes
Behind the scenes zoo accessYes
Conservation SupportYesYesYesYes
Exclusive Experiences and EventsYes
How to Renew a Denver Zoo Membership

Denver Zoo Individual Membership

This membership is suitable for single parents or children under two, allowing one adult and one guest for every visit to the zoo, ensuring free admission for all visitors. Denver Zoo for Two is an annual membership for two or younger children and one older child. It allows you and a friend to use the zoo, and an additional membership is available for bringing the same person on each visit.

Individual Individual & Guest Zoo For Two
Price$65 $130$120
Adults 112
Guest per visit010
Food & Merchandise DiscountYesYesYes
Members-only early hoursYesYesYes
Train + Carousel Voucher222
Guest Passes2, one-time-use2, one-time-use2, one-time-use
15% off Event SpacesYes Yes Yes 
Special Zoo Light PrivilegesYes Yes Yes 
Conservation SupportYes Yes Yes 

How To Get a Denver Zoo Membership

The process to purchase, renew, or rejoin a Zoo membership can be completed online at any time. 

How To Get a Denver Zoo Membership
  • Via Call: To reach the Guest Care Center, call 720-337-1400 from 9am to 4pm, seven days a week. The company accepts various credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover.
  • In Person: Visit their Concierge in person at the Zoo’s Main Entrance, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. March 18-October 31, and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. November 1-17.

How to Renew a Denver Zoo Membership

Renew your Denver Zoo subscription to maintain exclusive insider access and support the non-profit organization’s care for 3,000 wild animals. The membership renewal process is simple and requires a one-year extension from its original expiration date. You have to just visit their official website and fill out their renewal form. Early renewals are appreciated, and early renewals ensure you don’t miss any day at the zoo.

Is a Denver zoo Membership Worth It?

Denver Zoo members receive a year-long free daytime admission, train and carousel vouchers, discounts on food and merchandise, exclusive members-only hours during peak months, twoZoo  guest vouchers annually, and special Zoo Lights privileges.

Is a Denver zoo Membership Worth It?

Membership at Denver offers more than just quality family time; it connects you with the wonders of nature. The Denver Zoo is a convenient, affordable, and easy-to-visit destination that is worth the family membership for its 2 hour visit duration.

Denver Zoo Membership Gift

The Denver Zoo Gift Membership allows individuals to become apex predators, sharing the wonders of wildlife with their loved ones every day of the year. This membership is perfect for friends, family members, clients, vendors, or other relatives, making it the perfect gift option.

Purchase a Denver Zoo Gift Membership and receive a premium digital or mail package ($5) detailing membership benefits. Personalize your gift for the occasion, from birthdays to weddings, and enjoy the benefits immediately. Enjoy the benefits and make your gift memorable.

Denver Zoo Membership Card 

Denver Zoo has transitioned to digital membership cards, which are now stored on their mobile app, to minimize their environmental impact. Their Concierge can print a plastic membership card upon request. If you have login issues, contact them via email, phone, or visit the Concierge to reset your online access.

Denver Zoo Membership Card 

Denver Zoo Membership Discounts

Denver Zoo frequently provides discounts on memberships. Discounts can be obtained through their official website or through promotional campaigns. Stay tuned for exclusive offers, including reduced family memberships or rates for specific age groups. 

Denver Zoo offers a membership discount for visitors, providing free admission, discounts on food and merchandise, and special events. 

Additional discounts can be found on the website, newsletter, and social media. Customers can also stay updated on new promotions by signing up for the newsletter or following the Zoo on social media. 

This membership discount allows visitors to enjoy all the zoo’s offerings at a discounted rate.

Denver Zoo Membership Benefits

Denver Zoo members can conveniently renew or purchase their membership online at denver, saving time and avoiding long queues at the ticket counter, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

To maximize your membership benefits, plan your visits strategically, as the Denver Zoo hosts various special events and exhibits annually. Check their website for updates and plan your visits accordingly.

Denver Zoo Membership Benefits

To enjoy the benefits of membership at Denver Zoo, ensure to bring your membership card and valid ID for a smooth entry process.

If you frequently visit Denver Zoo with your partner or family, consider purchasing a family or dual membership for discounted rates, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Denver Zoo members can enjoy reciprocal benefits from participating zoos and aquariums nationwide, allowing discounted or free admission to these institutions. Visit the Denver Zoo’s website for a list of participating locations.

Denver Zoo Membership Promotions

Denver Zoo offers multiple perks and discounts by purchasing its membership such as 

  • Get 30% off at any zoo by using code DZGIVING23
  • Save 30% when you gift a membership with Denver Zoo coupon code
  • Get 20% off sitewide
  • Family membership is now $155 in sale
  • Family plus membership is $185 in sale now
  • 20% off at Canopy Airport Parking
  • Buy one ticket and get 1 ticket free on 
  • Get up to 40% off for tickets with coupon
  • Save 25% from shopping at Denver Zoo
  • Discover deals and save $19
  • Get 5% off with promotional codes
  • Enjoy $5 off with Zoo code
  • Save $16 with promo code

Denver Zoo Contact Details

Denver Zoo Membership Promotions

To contact Denver Zoo’s Guest Care team for general inquiries, comments, or membership questions, email, call 720-337-1400, or use the Chat With Us services on the website. You can also download the Denver Zoo app and chat with the team on the app. Inquiries are handled seven days a week, with a response within 48 hours.

Denver Zoo Social Media


Denver Zoo subscription can be upgraded at any time by contacting the membership department or visiting their website for instructions.

Yes, you can. Denver Zoo subscription make excellent gifts, available for purchase online through the official website. The recipient receives a mail-in membership package.

Click on top Denver Zoo coupon codes.

  • Navigate to the official website.
  • Add desired items to the shopping cart.
  • Fill in the promo code box.
  • Click the “apply” button.
  • Reduction applied to cart and price reduced.
  • Continue checkout and complete purchase.

Denver Zoo, a non-profit organisation, is governed by Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue code. It’s advised to consult with a tax advisor to determine tax deductible purchases or donations.

Your membership is valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Yes when you purchase membership you will be allowed two guest pass annually and many other discounts such as carousel voucher, food and merchandise.

Yes you are allowed to bring your own food into the zoo and enjoy your picnic with family and friends at our ravishing sites.

Both are equally important for visitors but people give more preference to zoos as compared to aquariums.

It covers 80 Acre area of the city but the Zoo is small as compared to other zoos and it takes 2 to 3 hours to see all the animals.

The specialty of Denver Zoo is that people can experience seeing animals at their eye level in natural habitats because there is no fence or bars in the Zoo section. 

Personal pets are not allowed in the Zoo so it is better to leave your pets at home. 

No, we do not allow any bag or parcel for security reasons.

Yes but its timing changes in winter. The timing is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and at 5 p.m. grounds are closed.

You can visit our indoor areas where you view animals, find shades and enjoy air conditioning and our indoor places are Pahali or Simba.

At Denver Zoo light some animals are on display for visitors to see, however only animals which like to live in cold weather such as Amur tiger, Bactrian Camel and Pachyderm are available for outdoor view.

Yes we have a lot of space for parking free of cost. This parking lot is near the Zoo entrance and there are four levels of parking spaces.

Yes, Downtown Aquarium-Denver have A Giant Pacific Octopus.

Yes, to interact with the people we have stingrays and sharks and we designed special quiet zones for their privacy whenever they seek.

We offer free admission in the museum once in a year so to check our free day see our online calendar.

The best thing is to wear comfortable attire and bring water bottles and shades with you.

Yes, recently Denver Zoo includes four line’s two-toed sloths.

The Denver Zoo scheduled to open in 2023 is called “Down Under”. It will feature a walk through wallaby area where visitors can view animal habitat closer to them and also includes Zoo first conservation station which provides the opportunity for visitors to participate in conservation and learn about practices.

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