How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

The standard monthly cost of subscription from website or apps which provides add free monthly plan is $8.99 including tax. The AMC Stubs membership cost is $19.95 plus tax or $22.95 plus tax for the states CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, MD, MN, OR, PA, VA and WA, and if you are living in states like CA, CT, MA, NJ or NY the cost will change and it will become $24.95 plus tax monthly. The sign up for more valuable benefits from membership annually that will cost you $15+tax and if you are enthusiast of movies or love watching movies on regular basis you can avail this opportunity without facing any disruption. 

AMC Rewards ProgramAMC Membership Cost
AMC Insider PriceFree
AMC Premiere Price$15
AMC A*List Price$19.95 – $23.95

However charges may varies according to locations of purchase so it is better to confirm by contacting from their customer care services before you are going to purchase a subscription. 

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What Is AMC Stubs Membership?

AMC Stubs is a service for which members can watch up to 3 movies in a week and they could make their home a theater and enjoy the weekends with movie buffs. Along with these services you can avail concessions, like decrease in fees, priority in lanes, concession upgrades, members only discounts and myriad other functional priorities and perks that’s the living dream for any moviegoer. 

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

How to Get A Free Trial Of AMC Stubs?

To get a free trial from AMC+ members will subscribe at and complete all required information and process after the completion of process they will a 7 days free trial will be available for them from which they enjoy their days.

Note that on some limited time promotional discounts days trial may not be included so keep that thing in mind at the time of sign up.

How To Cancel AMC Stubs Membership?

You are allowed to cancel your subscription at any you just have to navigate to view your plan details and click on it after that you will scroll to reach where you find canmcel plan option and click on it by following the instructions by providing a reason of cancellation and review it.

After verifying you can submit your request. Keep in mind if you are premier member you will return to premier status. The other is call at customer care number which is given below and request them to cancel your A-List membership 1-888-562-4262. After the requesting you will receive all of your AMC A-List benefits up to the next billing cycle.

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How To Pause AMC Stubs Membership?

AMC Theatres gives permission to subscribers that they can pause their memberships while movie theatres are closed or shut down due to reason like corona virus and during other unhealthy diseased which can spread worldwide. The freeze option is given during these kind of shut downs up to one month.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

To proceed the pause process just sign in to your accounts through their website or mobile app and check your MyAMC dashboard there is a pause option and this can be effect your billing cycle and your charges will reinstated on the following billing period.

How To Renew AMC Stubs Membership?

Members can renew their  AMC membership at any time by clicking the “Renew now” button or option on your dashboard or set up auto renewal on your AMC dashboard and then you will never loose your premier benefits due to expiry. You can do so by interacting with AMC theatre crew member.

For the ongoing procedure you will  first need to sign up using your My Outdoor username and password after selecting membership level you can select annually recurring payment option. 

AMC Stubs Membership Levels

The AMC Stubs Membership Program, or AMC loyalty club, has three levels that allows movie lovers from the ordinary to hardcore access; these types are given below.

Uber One Membership

AMC Stubs Insiders

The 1st type is AMC Stubs Insiders which costs $0 which means it is free of cost and gives 20 points per dollar spent on eligible purchase at AMC Theatres box office and concessions stands. 

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

 AMC Stubs Premier

 AMC Stubs Membership Premier cost is $15 annually which allows 100 points on spending per dollars on eligible purchase at AMC Theatres box office and concessions stands. 

AMC Stubs A-List

It depend supon the state thet in which state you are living and price varies according to states just as 

  • $19.95/month for all AMC theatre locations in the US except for CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, VA and WA.)
  • $21.95/month for all AMC theatre locations in the US except for CA, CT, MA, NJ and NY.)
  • $23.95/month for all AMC theatre locations in the US.)

Members get points for the monthly A-List membership fee any additional shopping for tickets and avail 100 points per dollar spent on every eligible purchase at participating AMC theatres box office and concessions stands. They will get access to enter in three movie shows in a single week which includes 2D and real 3D and Premium Large Formats merging Dolby Cinema, IMAX at AMC, PRIME at AMC and D-BOX ETC.

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AMC Insider, Premier and A-List Rewards

AMC accommodates the members beyond the ;lines when it comes to rewarding their loyal movie fans that means with three plans of memberships from which each is offering its own perks and benefits which are highly beneficiary for moviegoers they are something for everyone.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

For accumulating every 5000 points members will get $5 reward and these points they will get from AMC ticket purchases and participation in concessional programs. And if you  buy tickets for yourself from Fandango you will still earn those stubs points which are valuable to cheer your experience of watching movies.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

  • Insider Members can use their $5 reward in purchasing eligible food and beverage items for themselves and it is a perfect for treating yourself to some tasty snacks during your movie marathon.
  • Premiere Members can use their $5 reward not just for food, beverages and drinks, but also buy tickets that means you can watch more movies for your buck!
  • A-List Members get a lot of using their $5 reward towards box office purchases, tickets not included in your membershipcand of course for eligible food and beverage items. It’s like having a golden ticket to cinema paradise.

Note that, while these rewards are versatile, they can’t be used to snag gift cards or retail merchandise and alcohol purchase. But with all those movie nights ahead, who needs anything else? Rewards may not be used toward the purchase of gift cards, retail merchandise, membership fees, or alcohol.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

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AMC Insider, Premier and A-List Benefits

Please have the attached benefit table herewith.

BenefitAMC InsiderAMC PremiereAMC A List
Biggest proNo fee to joinBirthday gift almost pays for the membershipPerfect for watching a ton of movies
Biggest conHave to spend a lot to earn $5 rewardAnnual fee does not count toward rewards pointsMonthly fee does not count towards rewards points
CostFree$15 per year$20-$24 per month
Points per $1 spent20100100
Points needed for $5 reward5,0005,0005,000
Spend needed to earn $5 reward$250$50$50
Waive ticketing feeNo*YesYes
Redeem rewards for food & beverageYesYesYes
Redeem rewards for movie ticketsNoYesYes
Birthday giftFree large popcornFree large fountain drink & free large popcornFree large fountain drink & free large popcorn
Free refill on large popcorn**YesYesYes
Discount TuesdaysYesYesYes
Watch movies for freeNoNoYes

General Benefits

*Ticketing fees waived for Insider members who purchase at least 4 tickets in one transaction or a private theater rental.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

Birthday Gifts

They know how to make your birthdays extra special at your birthdays they offers free large popcorn to insider members, while premier members gets the Royal treatment along with A-List members such as free large popcorn and free large fountain drinks.

Ticketing Fee Waived

Premiere and A-List Members have the opportunity to get with all ticketing fees waived when purchasing through AMC or participating partners. Even Insider Members catch a break with ticketing fees waived off when purchasing 4 or more tickets at a time through AMC Theatres.


All members get to enjoy a same-day free refill on a large popcorn excluding gourmet, and for those with the annual refillable popcorn bucket, just pay for the first refill and enjoy a second one on the house on the same day.

Concession Upgrades

When it comes to concessions, A-List and Premiere Members are eligible for a discount with free upgrades on fountain drinks and popcorn from regular to large.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

AMC Discount $5 Tuesday Movies

A-List and Premiere Members are eligible for a discount an get $5 off on full price tickets on Tuesday special showtime and other exclusion may be apply like premium formats, special events. 

Additional Benefits

Let’s talk about those additional benefits , AMC truly knows how to spoil its members. Just keep in mind, points and rewards do have expiration dates, so be sure to cash in on those perks before they slip away.

  • Sponsor sweepstakes
  • Special AMC Stubs members only screening facilities at selected locations
  • It offers limited time promotional perks on movies tickets and concession stands items
  • Priority in purchasing and participating locations for AMC Stubs A-List  and Premier members
  • Imagine strolling into the theater, knowing that your seat is not just a seat but one of the best in the house, reserved just for you as a Premiere or A-List Member. It is like having your own personal screening room within the theater. So whether you are catching the latest blockbuster or settling in for a cozy indie flick, you can do so in style and comfort. It’s yet another way AMC shows appreciation for its most loyal movie buffs.

AMC Stubs Membership Expiration

It’s important to keep in mind of those points and rewards have expiration dates. For all AMC Stubs plans, points expire after 24 consecutive calendar months with no point-earning transactions. So, make sure you keep those points rolling in to keep them active. As for rewards, once you earn them, you have 270 days from the date of issuance to use them before they vanish into thin air.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

So don’t let those freebies go to waste and get out there and enjoy some movies and snacks. Remember that bonus reward expirations date can vary, so always keep an eye on the expiration date posted along with the offer to make sure you don’t miss out on any special deals or perks.

AMC Stubs Coupons and Promotional Offers

AMC is not only a bussiness industry but it also provides facilities for its members or moviegoer so that they can enjoy their time in best ways by watching movies, for this purpose they allows multiple offers such as:

  • Get $5 bonus while sign up on RetailmeNot
  • Avail tickets in 30% off from
  • Get up to $22.96 off on your joining for the first month
  • Get private theatre booking deals on decreased rate
  • Join AMC Stubs A-List and watch 3 movies every week in just $19.95 a month
  • Get $10 bonus concession card when you purchase $50 at AMC online Gift cards
  • Buy 1 and Get 1 ticket to Dope Free
  • Get free Snack size Popcorn when you join or extend AMC Stubs Premiere
  • Free popcorn when you get $50 on AMC Stubs E-Gift Card
  • Buy 1 ticket to Sherlock Gnomes and get 1 free at BOGO

Is AMC Stubs Membership Worth It?

If we talk about AMC Stubs it not so much satisfying because does not give unlimited access to free movies but The A-List provides you that values. Yes the value of each service depends on individual personal preferences, habits, and location. The  A-List to be a fantastic option for yourself,which gives you circumstances.

How Much Is AMC Stubs Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial, Discounts

It goes to show that different moviegoers may find different services better suited to their needs. On the other hand movie pass does offer a tempting point, but as you rightly pointed out, its sustainability is questionable. Moreover, its availability might not be as widespread, and it may not cover as broad a range of films as A-List does.

How To Find AMC Stubs Number?

It is not difficult to find your AMC Stubs membership number along with your virtual card, stored cards, gift cards as well as credit cards because you can find all these numbers under the your “wallet” tab by navigating on your AMC Stubs dashboard. Your number is very unique and fully digital which you can access through the AMC App by signing in to your account at any time.

However the amazing feature of this membership is that if you are having no account along with you or any app and you reached into the theatre you do not need to be worry because their customer care officer will help you in finding your account by using email or phone number from which you signed up the account.

AMC Stubs Customer Care Services

  • customer care number (888) 562-4262 
  • Toll-Free Number: (888)  440-4262
  • Events/ Guest Relations: (877) 262-4450
  • Headquarters: (913) 213-2000

AMC Social Media Accounts


No there is no such possible way but this membership is for only subscriber to go with your family members or peers you have to purchase seperate tickets for them or buy a membership for them. At the time of arrival in theatre they check your photo ID and then permit you to get into the hall, so for getting in with your family just buy tickets from normal Box office. 

If you are already a premiere member and wants to upgrade your membership as AMC A-List then they will freeze your previous membership and in future if decided to cancel your recent AMC Stubs Membership then your premiere once will be automatically resumed from that time and they an other chance to keep using their current card in theatres if they want.  It means they have the opportunity of using two memberships at a time without any inconvenience.  

According to policy and terms and condition members must submit their request at least five business days before the next billing period so that request can be proceed and they avoid by being charged for another term. 

If there is any upcoming changes occurred in fee schedule or other services for memberships or tickets purchasing you will be notify 30 days prior to that process and the information you will received through your email address. Changes may effect in premiere membership price and A-List subscription.

No there is no such option by which you can pay for your membership from the rewards but you have to pay money for subscription and reward can be redeemed in the form of free drinks and free large popcorn as well as you can get $5 for earned points. 

Anyone whose is 13 and over and willing to join the AMC Stubs can get its membership whenever he needs. There are no restrictions and memberships are available for all the fans and moviegoer.  

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