Title Boxing Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Training

Title Boxing Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Training

The Title Boxing Club Membership costs between $69 to $89 per month and depends on the location and membership plan which you purchased. They also have a free trial and on demand title which starts from $19.99 per month. Most locations’ monthly cost ranges between $89 to $119 for a monthly plan and $59 to $99 for a 12 month plan. Some clubs also offer discounts and decreased price membership as well. Here are some package prices that can vary from other locations so it suggested please confirm from your club about price and plans before joining

Title Boxing Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Training

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Title Boxing Club Membership Fee Schedule

There are multiple levels of Title Boxing club membership and the cost is also varies from type to type or according to your plan. Here are some most demanding levels that are shown in the table:

Title Boxing 8x/Month Membership

Classes/Month8 Classes
Club AccessSingle Club
Cancellation Policy30-Day Cancellation

Unlimited Club Membership

Classes/MonthUnlimited Classes
Club AccessAll Clubs
Cancellation Policy30 Day Cancellation

Title Boxing Club Class Packs Prices

20 Classes$40020180 days from purchase
10 Classes$2501090 days from purchase
5 Classes$150560 days from purchase
1 Class$35130 days from purchase

Title Boxing Unlimited TITLE Membership

Classes/MonthUnlimited Classes
Club AccessAll Clubs
Duration12 Month Term
Cancellation PolicyBilled Monthly

How To Get Title Boxing Club Membership?

Joining a membership at Title Boxing Club is easy and simple; you can join online from their website or by visiting in person at your nearest location. Follow the procedure step-by-step for joining which is given;

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Title Boxing Club Membership Fee Schedule
  • Visit their website and select location
  • Review membership options and choose more suitable for you
  • Complete the application form and put required information such as name, address and email
  • After filling accept the rules and regulations
  • Complete the form along with payment details and submit it
  • After your application approved you will receive confirmation notification from their club and log in details

The 2nd process is in person ,you just simply visit the gym and talk to the front desk staff they will guide you better for memberships and other amenities. 

How To Cancel Title Boxing Club Membership?

If you choose monthly membership you can cancel any time and there is no fee for cancellation. Annual membership and other plans may require some process. You must follow some guiding steps to proceed with your cancellation. 

How To Get Title Boxing Club Membership?
  • First of all review your Title Boxing Club Membership agreement which tells you the terms including notice, fee and time as well
  • Contact with your club because it is important because they can guide you properly and you can contact by calling, visit in person or through email
  • Many agreements required notice before termination process so provide a notice 30 or 60 days prior to cancellation
  • Fee can be depend on your agreement so you better check potential fees and factor before proceeding the request

Title Boxing Club Membership Discounts

Yes it offers multiple discounts and decreased rated memberships for military persons and first responding emergency personnels. Some locations offer new joining perks and special discounts. So it is better to interact with your local Title Boxing location to be aware of special offers and promotional deals. 

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How To Freeze Title Boxing Club Membership?

You are allowed to pause your membership for a period of three months in a calendar year but for that you must provide a reason and submit a membership hold request at their mail or visit in person. It is better to visit in person or calling for more accurate information about the freezing process and there may be some fee included. 

Title Boxing Club Levels

If you are an enthusiast of boxing and fitness freak then this club is best for you because it gives you the best boxing workout practice and fitness classes that are easy according to your budget and wallet. Here are some memberships which are suitable for everyone;

Title Boxing Club Membership Discounts

Title Boxing 4x/Month Membership

 This package costs $89 per month which includes 4 classes per month as well as single club access, month to month payment and it requires 30 days prior notice for cancellation and renews automatically until you terminate. 

Title Boxing 8x/Month Membership

The package cost is $159.99 per month which includes 8 classes per month, access to single club location and set on monthly basis payment which can be renewed automatically after expiry. This plan is suitable for those who are looking for classes monthly and want to maintain flexibility of cancellation with 30 days notice. 

Title Boxing Unlimited Title Membership

The price for this package is $169.99 per month which involves unlimited classes per month and avail access to all Title Boxing Clubs locations. The contract for this membership is annual and payment will be paid month to month for 12 months and if someone wants to cancel this agreement they will be billed for 12 months. 

Title Boxing Club Class Packs Prices

Title Boxing Unlimited Club Membership

The dues for this plan are $199.99 per month and it grants access to an unlimited number of classes per month, and other amenities like title membership above.  However the cancellation policy for this is 30 days notice which gives more flexibility to cancel any time without sticking the entire year. The package is affordable for those who are willing to attend classes in more than one location with month to month payment. 

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Title Boxing Club Class Packs Prices

The cost for the 20 class package is $400 and the expiry date is 180 days which means you must use these classes till the due date.

The price for 10 classes is $250 and duration for use is 90 days. The plan is suitable for those who need a shorter time and period. 

The 5 classes package cost is 150 and it is valid for 60 days. This means you can use these classes in days after the expiry you will not be able to get access for these classes.

The 1 class package is for $35 which involves only 1 class and duration of using the class is 30 days. The plan is suitable for those who want to check club facilities and services before joining.

Title Boxing Club Membership Benefits

It offers a range of amenities and facilities to members to enhance their fitness and  boxing routine. The main focus of the club is boxing and kickboxing but it provides other services as well;

Title Boxing Club Membership Benefits

Boxing and Kickboxing Facilities

  • Many clubs provides boxing rings for practice and becoming perfect in control environment
  • They provides heavy bags which are essential part of punches, kicks and combinations
  • Speed bags are also available for members to increase their punches speed and accuracy
  • double -end-bags are for precision and reflexes available

Well Equipped Gym

  • Avail strength training equipments including machines and free weight
  • Treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes are also available

Title On Demand

Those who prefer to do exercise at home will get a Title On Demand facility from the club which helps in virtual workout. 

Changing and Locker Rooms

Members will get changing and locker rooms before and after exercise freshen

Retail Shops

They have retail shops from where members can purchase gloves, wraps, apparel and other fitness accessories at discounted rates. 

Online Resources

It offers online videos of boxing and kickboxing which members can access all time

Is Title Boxing Club Membership Worth It?

Personal Training

Some locations give personal trainers for training to enhance the ability and workout activities for individuals. 

Spacious Training Areas

The club provides spacious training areas for members which is ideal for classes and workouts.

Title Boxing Club App

From this app members can stay up to date about packages, workout videos and other promotional plans . 

Full Body Workout

It provides full body workout to achieve your fitness goal


After joining you will become a part of a community that encourages you to achieve your goals and reach your future potential. 


Membership accommodates you with flexibility in workouts and in choosing plans according to your needs as well as cancellation opportunities. 

Constant Variety

The variety of exercises and ever changing workouts that erase monotony and plateaus will keep your fitness journey exciting. 

Is Title Boxing Club Membership Worth It?

That depends on your needs and plans. If you want to become physically fit and enjoy the experience of boxing or think about making boxing your profession then the membership caters all your needs and gives a stance to become more accurate and precise in your profession. It allows members other facilities besides boxing like discounted workouts such as diverse workout, virtual workout and passionate trainers. So we may say that paying for its membership may be worth it. 

Title Boxing Club Membership Renewal

Members are allowed to renew their membership at any time by  interacting with the staff or online. Automatic renewal is also available for membership in which after a month the dues will be paid automatically but if you want to revoke auto renewal you should have to cancel your membership. 

Title Boxing Club Guest Pass

By purchasing guest passes, you get access to intense workout, develop your boxing abilities and benefit from the community. Guest pass allows a short period membership opportunity and if you are interested in boxing or excited to experience the facilities of Title Boxing Club then a guest pass will grant you the chance to discover.

For obtaining the pass visit the website and look for the guest pass section and complete the form by providing information like name, address, phone number and choose the location nearest you. After submission the form the club will inform and notify you at your mail. 

Title Boxing Gift cards

The club provides the opportunity to purchase egift cards for yourself and your loved ones. From those cards you can purchase merchandise items and other things as well as membership and class packages. The minimum cost of the card is $25 and so on. 

Title Boxing Club Contact Details

  • Phone; 847-310-3100
  • Address; 165 W Golf Road
  • Schaumburg, IL. 60195
  • Email; tbcschaumburg@titleboxingclub.com or  info@titleboxingclub.com

Title Boxing Club Social Media


Yes there may be additional costs such as enrollment fee, personal training dues and wraps and gloves charges purchased from retail shops. The exact amount can vary according to locations. 

Yes they provide 7 days free trial for on demand classes and virtual boxing classes. 

The club does not accommodate any facility like this but for the first time they will allow students to use their class free of cost. 

Classes including kickboxing, boxing, high intensity workouts, and some locations offer personal training and martial arts classes for members. 

The starting fee or registration fee ranges $99 per person. 

Yes absolutely but if you are consistent in your workout and complete nutrition’s plan then Title Boxing can help you to get in shape. Their high intensity workout helps you in making abs, legs, arms to tone and sculpt your body.

No you don’t need any experience to join our trainer will guide you and provide you most appropriate training and equipment to get started. 

They offer numerous tools and resources to help you in tracking your fitness and progress including online tracker. 

For becoming a member you must be 18 years old however some Title Boxing locations offer youth programs for younger participants.

Yes Title Boxing Club provides a referral program to its members so if you refer a friend who signs up for membership then you will get a discount on your monthly dues from the club.  

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