Erewhon Membership 2024- Term & Conditions, Benefits, Renewal

Erewhon Membership 2024- Term & Conditions, Benefits, Renewal

Erewhon Membership programs offer a wide range of benefits with an annual fee. Members can receive a 10% savings on over 1000 wellness products, invitations to special events, and access to personalized nutrition consultations. These memberships are for people who are interested in sustainable and organic living and offer savings and support for a healthy lifestyle.

Erewhon Market, a health-conscious grocery store chain, is well-known for its commitment to organic, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly items. Erewhon, which has many sites throughout California, prioritises the well-being of both consumers and the environment. The market offers a varied assortment of high-quality, nutrient-dense foods to meet a variety of dietary needs, including vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. /

Erewhon Membership Tiers

Erewhon prioritizes transparency in sourcing, ensuring that customers have access to information about the sources of their purchases. Beyond grocery, the stores have wellness areas with supplements, herbal cures, and beauty products. Erewhon Market’s distinct appearance and focus on holistic health contribute to its success among health-conscious consumers looking for high-quality, ethically produced goods in a pleasant and colorful shopping environment.

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How Much is Erewhon Membership?

Erewhon costs you differently as per your plans. Café Membership costs you around $100 per year that will be paid in advance or you can buy Membership Plus Tier for additional benefits with $200 per year. You can pay through all types of credit and debut cards. You will have to pay additional $20 or $40 (based on your plans) for signup also. There’s no monthly payment option available so you’ve to pay in advance.

  • . You can get this plan for $20 per month or $200 per year.
  • Café Membership is for people who want to save on the Café & Tonic Bar. You will have to pay $10 per month or $100 per year.

Erewhon Membership Tiers

Erewhon Subscription comes with two membership plans based on your requirements. Both feature the ultimate convenience for the members to build a healthy relationship between them and Erewhon. 

Erewhon Café Membership

It is a $100 per year membership that is paid in advance and provides Café members with several offers during their membership term. Members get one point per $10 spent before tax and shipping and after discounts only for buying freshly prepared food or drinks from the tonic bar or hot bar made at the Company store, website, or app. The café membership does not include a secondary membership and only provides one primary membership.

How Much is Erewhon Membership?
  • Earn $1 back for every $10 spent
  • Get complimentary monthly drink
  • Discounts on lifestyle brands

Membership Plus 

Membership Plus offers all the privileges and rights of the Café membership. It is a $200 per year membership that is paid in advance. Membership Plus also offers additional benefits during the membership term. Members get One Erewhon point after every $10 purchase before tax and shipping and after discounts, except for the excluded items made at the Company store, website, or app.

Defy Membership

  • Earn $1 back on spending $10 
  • Complimentary monthly drink
  • Get exclusive deals and offers on lifestyle brands
  • Free delivery 
  • Exclusive members pricing
  • Share benefits (with one person)
How To Get Erewhon Membership 

The Erewhon points are eligible for transactions when they are near two decimals. Membership Plus provides one primary and secondary membership with no additional charges. They can be issued to other members as asked by the primary member at the enrollment time.

How To Get Erewhon Membership 

You can get Membership by different methods. You can check their website to login, enter your data, payment after reading all the terms and conditions. You can also contact their customer support for any regarding information and you can also visit their store in-person for enrolment of your membership.

You need to follow the given steps to get the Erewhon :

  • Head to the Erewhon official website.
  • Go to the ‘Membership’ section.
  • Click on ‘Join’ if you are going to be a new member.
  • If you already have an account, then enter your mobile phone number and click on ‘Sign In.
  • Enter your first name, last name, email, date of birth, and mobile phone number, and check the terms and conditions. Click on ‘Continue’
  • After entering the verification code, choose either the Membership Plus or Café Membership.
  • Pay for the membership using your credit or debit card.

How To Cancel Erewhon Membership 

All purchases and renewals of a Membership Plus and Café Membership are final unless a refund request is made within seven days of purchase or renewal providing that they have not redeemed any benefits. The requests for refunds and renewals can be made to or you can write to the store manager.

Erewhon will issue the refund in the original payment method. If the purchase or renewal was made from a debit or credit card, it will be refunded in the same one. If your card is not available, the refund will be issued to the Erewhon’s gift card.

How To Cancel Erewhon Membership 

To cancel a membership, the members should visit the ‘My Erewhon’ section on the website or app and select ‘Cancel Membership.’ The cancellation of memberships cannot be made in-store. If the member cannot receive a refund, their account will remain active for the remaining membership term. Members will not be able to earn any points upon cancellations. They will have to enroll again and pay the membership fee.

Erewhon Membership Renewal

Erewhon subscription renew automatically each year until you cancel. You are bound to contact in Membership cycle and it will renew your membership at the end of year without asking or telling you formally. You can cancel it anytime of the year but there’s no need to follow any other procedure for renewal.

Erewhon Deals For Members

The Membership provides you multiple deals and perks with your paid amount for any yearly membership. 

  • You get discounts on a huge range of lifestyle brands including Tia, Apollo, Made in, novos and many more.
  • You get Monthly Drink at tombic bar as a perk or discount.
  • You get Member Mobile Pass to scan on mobile app and utilize your redeemed points.
  • Members receive 10% discount on 1000 wellness products and access to personalized nutrition consultant. You get $1 back for every $10 spent.

Erewhon Membership Discount

Members may be eligible for a discount on the renewal membership fee by enrolling in the Auto-Pay through the Erewhon App. Members who receive the promotion offer directly are eligible for the said discounts. If you receive the Auto-Pay discount offer and you opt out of the auto-renewal subsequently, you will no longer be eligible for any renewal discounts in the future.

Erewhon Special Discounts

  • Erewhon Members get 20% off first month of any subscription.
  • Spend $200 or more to get a free crossbody bag
  • Booking over $2500 receive $100 of groceries.
  • Booking over $5000 receive $250 of groceries by Erewhon
  • 10% off at Agua Viva
  • 15% off at Conrad Spa
  • 15% off room rates
  • 15% off purchase of 2 devices per year
  • 1 FREE cryotherapy 
  • $100 off paid in full reset membership

Erewhon Membership Card fee

Erewhon does have a card that is premium and one of his kind although it’s necessary to get a card for membership. They introduced Mastercard with the annual fee of $349 for this new generation of cards. You can get access of all features by this membership card according to the membership tier of yours.

Erewhon Membership Card fee

Is Erewhon Membership Worth It ?

Erewhon Market has two membership options: Cafe Membership, which costs $100 per year, and Membership Plus, which allows you to share the account with one partner for $200. Frequent shoppers can purchase a membership, which offers them incentives like 10% off discounts, complimentary drinks, and no delivery fees (as long as you purchase a minimum of $150).

Overall, Erewhon is worthwhile for people seeking a simple and cost-effective way to get organic and natural products. The membership can help you save money on your grocery costs, especially if you purchase frequently at Erewhon. The 10% discount on purchases, complimentary drinks, and free delivery fees can result in significant savings over time.

Erewhon Membership Gifts and Promotions 

Erewhon Market provides a variety of promotions and presents to its clients. Every month, the store handpicks must-have items that are 25% off for members. Erewhon Market also provides curated gift boxes including high-quality, hand-picked goodies that will please your loved ones.

The store’s website features a retail section where you can find Erewhon-inspired gifts and merchandise produced on high-quality products one at a time in socially responsible ways. Erewhon Market is dedicated to offering superior organic items that encourage sound decision-making and promote healthier communities. The business is a certified organic retailer.

Erewhon Contact details 

  • You can contact Erewhon on (323) 370-7001 or (310) 362-3062
  • You can email at
  • You can also contact them on +91 7845 884 231 or (424) 313-1962Or email at

Erewhon Membership Benefits 

Erewhon have a lot of benefits including 25% discount on store hand pics and curated gift boxes. Erewhon is a certified organic retailer that add a value point to their products. Also this membership offers us a lot of features including :

  • Earn $1 back on spending $10 
  • Complimentary monthly drink
  • Get exclusive deals and offers on lifestyle brands
  • Free delivery 
  • Exclusive members pricing
  • Share benefits (with one person)
  • You get discounts on a huge range of lifestyle brands including Tia, Apollo, Made in, Stay Alive, novos and many more.
  • You get Monthly Drink at tomic bar as a perk or discount.
  • You get Member Mobile Pass to scan on mobile app and utilise your redeemed points.
  • Members receive 10% discount on 1000 wellness products.


You can join Erewhon by these simple methods :

  • Sign up Erewhon Mobile App or
  • Go to their Website and signup or
  • You can visit nearest Erewhon store

Erewhon points are a kind of perk or cashback, you purchase a thing and get points in your Erewhon Mobile App. So you get $1 back on every purchase of $10.

Membership Plus members can share with up to one partner. To add or change your partner, go to your profile in the Erewhon app. Partners may use the same Membership as their own. Café Membership members cannot share their Membership.

Download the Erewhon App and you can get your Member Card by scanning the barcode at the bottom of screen. You can scan card whenever you go to score and you’ll be rewarded with points, you can redeem them to get exciting perks.

Customers who order from our Organic Cafe + Tonic Bars receive exclusive benefits as part of their Cafe Membership. Cafe Members earn $1 in points for every $10 spent on prepared and made-to-order meals and beverages from our Cafe & Tonic bars (excluding sushi). Plus, Cafe Members receive one free drink every month and have access to our Lifestyle Collective deals.

Membership Plus rewards people for buying throughout Erewhon. Membership Plus members earn $1 back in points for every $10 spend at Erewhon on groceries, prepared cuisine, and prepared drinks.

They support local growners and sustainable farming across area. They provide healthy and nutritious food. They have exceptional service and availability.

“Tony Antoci” is the chief executive of Erewhon. In barely over a decade, Erewhon has expanded to ten locations, including Venice, Santa Monica, Silver Lake, Studio City, Calabasas, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Century City, and now Pasadena, in addition to the one the Antoni’s originally acquired.

You can join the Erewhon by signing up on the mobile app or their web page. You can also visit any of the Erewhon locations.

You can share your membership with one person. Go to your profile and add or edit a partner. They can use this membership as their own. This benefit is not available for Café membership.

You can download the Erewhon app and get access to your digital Member card through the square QR code on the bottom of the home screen.

Yes, you can switch your Membership Plus to Café Membership in-store only. You can visit a cashier and they will help you.

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