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TULSA ZOO Membership 2024- Fee & Discounts, Renewal, Cancellation

TULSA ZOO membership is for a zoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. It covers almost 84 acres area of Tulsa and it is a non profitable zoo which has been managed privately by Tulsa zoo management inc since 2010. It is situated in Mohawk Park and it is the biggest park in the United States owned by a municipal committee.

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How To Get Tulsa Zoo Membership?

Tulsa zoo is playing an important role for caring animals. It is crucial to save the life of animals by providing them food, beverage and many other assistance. You can join our community by donating or doing commitment with us through our digital platform. Our membership program gained a digital shape as well after joining you will get benefited by our eco friendly digital card. this is our social media account for joining or you can contact us at (918) 669-6600 for membership.

How To Get Tulsa Zoo Membership?

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How To Cancel Tulsa Zoo Membership?

Tulsa zoo members can cancel their membership at any time without facing any inconvenience. Members must submit a request for cancellation of their membership to Tulsa zoo management; there is no fee for cancellation of your membership. So feel free and contact zoo management accordingly.

How Much Cost is Tulsa Zoo Membership?

Tulsa zoo is accommodating multiple packages for its membership. The least membership plan for Tulsa zoo worth is $119/year and maximum cost of adventure pass is $309/year. In these plans you will get discounts and unlimited time entries in the zoo and many more facilities from the Tulsa zoo team.

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Tulsa Membership Discounts

Members will get unlimited discounts on zoo purchases such as food and other enrichments and free entries in behind the scene activities and members can be a part of our mission. Members get access to meet all zoo families and by joining the group of passionate friends you will enjoy the unprecedented experiences of life.

Tulsa Membership Discounts

Tulsa Zoo Membership Deals

Tulsa zoo is providing exclusive deals for members

  • Get four gate admissions for guests for $3
  • Members can choose annual membership for $60.
  • Get exclusive discounts when purchasing from the zoo.

Note that  Members should show their discount card and photo ID to avail this opportunity and this discount is eligible in combination to other offers.

Tulsa Zoo Membership Renewal

Tulsa Zoo digitised its services now and the renewal process is automatic. After the expiry of your membership days it will be automatically renewed each year on the month and day of your purchase $100 tax is mandatory for renewal.

Tulsa Zoo Membership Levels

There are various levels of membership in Tulsa zoo; these are given below along with prices and benefits.

Tulsa Zoo Membership Levels

Tulsa Zoo Associate Membership

Tulsa Zoo is offering associate membership is $119 and two people can enter with this membership one is the owner and other is guest.

Tulsa Zoo Family Membership

The cost of family membership is $139 and in this membership two adults and four children’s under 18 age can visit the zoo and entertain themselves.

Tulsa Zoo Family Plus membership

Family plus membership involves three adults and four children; its cost is $159.

Tulsa Zoo Friends membership

Friends membership costs $179 in which two membership owners and two guests can visit our zoo, create unforgettable memories and spread love among loved ones.

Tulsa Zoo Friend & Family membership

Tulsa zoo friends and family membership allows two named adults four children and four guests and children must be under 18 years. This plan we furnished you just for $ 219.

Tulsa Zoo Friends & Family Plus Membership

We charge $239 for this membership. The basic benefit of this membership is it includes three named adults, four children under 18 and four guests as per our rules. 

Tulsa Zoo Adventure Pass

This membership plan involves two named adults, four children and four guests for $309 per visit and also includes free train rides during zoo hours and admission to HallowZOOeen. Members can get entry in special events from this adventure pass. Only a named member can use an adventure pass so if you want to visit our zoo named member must be present at that time. Moreover our membership program is now digital and you will get instant access to membership discounts and offers.

Tulsa zoo Members Promotion

Your membership supports our mission of connecting ,caring and advocating for wildlife people and wildlife places.

Tulsa zoo Members Promotion
  • Get 50% off on admission tickets
  • Get membership form in just $59
  • Average zoo member can save $20 from online shopping.
  • Free shipping for HallowZOOeen tickets.
  • Save 30% in petting from ebay
  • Get 20% off from walmart purchasing
  • Get up to 20% off from macy 

Tulsa Zoo subscription Promo code

Tulsa zoo is a highly sought after brand of petting when it comes to promotional discounts  and deals .

  • Get 10% off membership at Tulsazoo.org
  • Get $2 off per ticket at Tulsazoo.org
  • Get 5% off on amazon pet deals by using our promo code.
  • Get $80 off for petting zoo Tulsa zoo with competitors.
  • Get 20% off in average shopping with tulsa zoo coupons.

Tulsa Zoo membership Benefits

Surely Tulsa zoo subscription provides multiple benefits to its members. Here is the breakdown of benefits for basic membership.

Tulsa Zoo membership Benefits
  • Member can visit as many times as they like in zoo without paying for tickets each time
  • As a member you have an access to get into Mohawk Park without charges
  • Enjoy the discounts on food and other items in purchase and get train rides and carousel rides reduced price.
  • Took advantage from the opportunity of express entry in HallowZOOeen with reduced charges.
  • During the holiday period it is difficult to get into the park due to crowded circumstances but you will get a fast entry as a member.
  • Members will receive price discounts in special events like WALTZ on the Wild Side.
  • Members will get the discount opportunity in different aquariums and zoos with membership cards across the country.
  • Membership provides you with a healthy environment and a lot of things to learn with friends.

Tulsa Zoo subscription Gift Card

We offer gift cards to our members with discounts and they can send these gifts to loved ones. The receiver can purchase items from gift cards or use these on our website to redeem and choose to deposit in their bank accounts. They can spend the money anywhere and gifts can be sent by email or you can also print it yourself. The minimum amount required for purchasing a gift is $25.

Is Tulsa Zoo Membership Worth It

Tulsa zoo subscription plays a crucial role in helping and supporting the living things in the zoo. Your membership helps us in raising funds for food and other enrichment for the animals. If you are a pet loving person you can understand the needs of animals and you will spend your money and resources to save their lives. Your commitment to the zoo keeps our focus on the betterment of animals for you, we have a yearly membership plan which is worth it.

Tulsa Zoo Contact Details

If you feel inconvenience regarding our services and membership packages or having some queries so feel free and contact with us at this number (918) 669-6600 

Tulsa Zoo Social Media


You need 5 to six hours to see all the animals and other places such as camels ride, train rides and to enjoy all kinds of fun there.

Yes you are allowed to take food and beverage into the zoo during your visit but bottle and glass are prohibited. 

There are more than 4,000 animals in Tulsa Zoo and it covers 84 acres of Tulsa City. You can also find rare endangered animal species there.

Tulsa Zoo ranks 16th out of 150 according to the magazine.

Tulsa Zoo opened in 1927 in Oklahoma, Tulsa, United States. The founding member of Tulsa Zoo was Will O. Doolittle.

You can use your membership at any time during working hours of the zoo.

There is no need to list your children on your membership but one of the adults must be present at the time of visit in the zoo.

Yes you can give a membership as a gift to your loved one and you can purchase it online by contacting our management.

If you want to remove any adult listed on your membership then you have to renew your membership otherwise you can not remove an adult from your membership.

Only high school and college students avail this opportunity by showing the proof of their assigned work and for these students the visit is free.

Just service dogs are allowed on zoo grounds and all pets are not allowed in the zoo so it is better that your pet stays at home.

Tulsa Zoo is owned by the city of Tulsa and its  management and it is a non-profitable organization. This organization is working to support animal food and beverage facilities.

The Chief executive Officer and president of Tulsa Zoo is Lindsay Hutchison.

Tulsa Zoo opens at 9.00 am and closes at 5:00 pm however train rides are open at 10:00 am.

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