How Much is Princeton Club Membership Cost 2024 & Benefits

How Much is Princeton Club Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

Princeton club Memberships are open for everyone and there is no hidden fee to join. It is one of the oldest and popular gym chains in the United States and a few branches exist in other parts of the world. It has almost 180 studios in the United States and each club is an independent franchise and there may be a little difference in membership prices.

How Much is Princeton Club Membership Cost 2024 & Benefits

Membership cost depends on your purchased plan and the most common package is monthly which costs you $65.49 and with partners its cost increases to $130/month. There is also annual membership and the cost for a single person is $799/year and for a couple the price is $1549.99/year.  

Additional charges $5 may be applied for other services such as tennis reservation and special classes and visitor passes are also available for visit with $20 per session fee. 

Powerhouse Gym Membership

Princeton Club Membership Levels

If you want to join Princeton club and get facilitated by its elegant services it offers a free trial for three days and other plans of membership. To purchase a membership you have the opportunity to visit the club during free trial and make up your mind which plan suits you more.  A cheap gym provides pathetic facilities but with Princeton you will get affordable plans and excellent facilities. Some levels of membership are here:

Golds Gym Membership

Month To Month Membership

Monthly membership is most popular and it comes with no ties and does not require any commitment or contract to join. In this package members are free according to their wish whether they remain or left the membership any time. The fee for an individual is $65.49 and for a couple $130 per month only. 

How Much is Princeton Club Membership Cost 2024 & Benefits

Annual Membership

If you are an enthusiast of health, fitness and willing to join a membership which lasts for a long term then annual membership is a perfect opportunity for you. This plan includes 12 months of a year and 24 hour service. The cost for a single person is $779.99/year and for couples annual fee is $1559.99. The whole fee must be paid in advance and there are no hidden charges for this membership.

Note that some clubs are providing family or 3 person plans allowing people to include their childrens and family members in their gym visit. For specific details you should visit your local clubs. 

Free Trial

Princeton club offers free trial to prospective can avail full fledged services of membership in three days trial and can enjoy all the amenities as well. To get this service ;

  • Visit official website find free trial option and fill out the form
  • You can visit any Princeton club for information about free trial the staff will guide you about the process
  • Experience all the privilege in the club and then make your decision for membership 

Other Plan/Variations

Every Princeton club offers different plans and perks according to their location and circumstances. There may be some charges at some locations and amenities such as charges for extra classes and fee for tennis courts reservations. 

Princeton Club Membership Benefits

As a member of Princeton club you will enjoy many facilities and benefits and gain access to a wide range of amenities that enhance your experience. The benefits which involve in membership are

Princeton Club Membership Benefits
  • Free cardio and strength equipments
  • Free access to fitness classes merging yoga, pilates and cycling
  • Access to indoor and outdoor pools
  • Hot rooms for sauna and steam
  • Basketball and racquetball courts opportunity
  • Accommodate with running tracks
  • Beds
  • Personal trainer options are available
  • Free access to unlimited wifi
  • Towel services after bath
  • Locker room to keep your things safe
  • Child care facilities are also provided to the members
  • Early access to events 

How To Join Princeton Club Membership?

Princeton has elegant facilities and services with 24/7 access as well as other perks like swimming pools and tennis courts. To get its membership you have to contact the membership department or visit their official website . From this website members can get details about packages and other information as well as fill an application form by providing basic information. They can also visit in person at their local branch and their reception staff will provide assistance in joining the club. 

How To Cancel Princeton Club Membership?

Members are allowed to freeze or cancel their membership at any time providing reason for leaving. Sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise so members have to cancel their membership. They must complete the cancellation form electronically and submit it via official mail or submit the form in person to avoid any inconvenience.

How To Join Princeton Club Membership?

Club must be informed 30 days prior of your cancellation request and your all dues must be paid. Club is not charging any initiation and cancellation fee and the club will inform you about the termination process via mail to confirm. 

Princeton Club Membership Discounts

Princeton club often provides some deals and discounts to reduce the prices for membership and other perks. The simple method of saving money at the club is using their coupons and by using coupons members can save 20% monthly fee and $350 in annual charges. You have another option for savings that directly interacts with Princeton club management about their deals and discounts and they will help you in reducing membership prices and other privileges. 

Princeton Club Membership Deals

Princeton is accommodating best deals and catering the needs of its members by facilities and other benefits. 

  • Get two month gym membership with 73% off just in $49 and unlimited Hydromassage 
  • Join membership without paying initiation fee
  • There is no fee for cancellation
  • Free off cost renewal
  • Invite a friend at club and take free membership plan
  • 100 + free group exercises
  • Enjoy pickleball for $65
How Much is Princeton Club Membership Cost 2024 & Benefits

Princeton Club Membership Pause

To pause membership members have to contact club management or visit the official website and follow the terms and conditions. You are free to pause your membership by furnishing the reason and you can hold your membership for a period of 90 days in a year. Dues must be paid prior to freeze and no fee will be charged during hold days. 

Princeton Club Membership Renewal

Members can renew their membership after the expiration of the current period and there are no charges for renewal. Moreover members have the opportunity to select the auto renew option at the time of signing up the “auto renew” option they will find under the desired membership type which is given on Princeton club website. 

Guest Passes at Princeton Club

Princeton offers guest passes with a limited fee for the members who want to bring family or friends with them to visit. These passes allow access to them for a limited time and facilitate various benefits and the cost may be vary so it is better to confirm the fee for passes to enter in a club to prevent any disruption. 

Princeton Club Contact Details

To contact management members can call at (608) 241-2639 or regarding any query and for general comments you can contact via mail at 

Princeton Club Social Media


Membership remains unexpired one year from purchase date. You can check the status to log into your account and click on “My Account” on the top left corner of your screen. 

Princeton membership allows you to use gym rooms, fitness classes with group, multipurpose rooms, cardio, fitness center, locker and shower facilities. Moreover pools, dance studio, squash court, tennis courts, martial art room are included. 

Lockers are available for all members at Princeton Club which you can avail by visiting front desk management and also receive towel service free of cost. For more information you can visit their official website. 

Yes they have a lost and found area near the front desk which is secure. To visit please interact with their desk attendant.

Yes, guest passes are available for members and students to purchase and the pass price is $20 per visit . In case of guest membership holders must be present at the time of visit. 

Yes sports equipment like basketball, swim or racquetball google to ping pong paddle and balls are available free of charge to use in the facilities. You must provide your ID until you return the equipment.

Group members are required to register all the programs online or in person by communicating with the management team. To get access for registration please visit the website and find the complete process there. 

Yes Princeton club has a number of personal trainers who are available 24 hours and you can hire them at a nominal cost. 

No, there is no need to purchase a separate membership for the tennis court. Your gym membership is enough for using courts but a tennis permit is needed to reserve court time. Tennis courts can  be reserved online prior to your visit. 

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