Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Since 2009, Platinum Clubs of America is offering Atlanta Athletic Club membership, one of the top ten athletic clubs in the United States. The AAC offers its members a superb lifestyle that includes the best in golf, family-social activities, fitness, aquatics, tennis, and dining. With personalized but professional treatment, there is a unique and unparalleled feeling of community.

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024

Membership advantages can extend beyond sports to include networking meetings, social gatherings, and special amenities like as spas and eating alternatives. Whether seeking premier training facilities or a friendly community for recreational sports, Atlanta’s athlete clubs cater to a wide range of interests and fitness levels, making them ideal places for anyone wishing to improve their athletic endeavors and social relationships.

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Atlanta Athletic Club History

AAC was created in 1898, but it outgrown its original locations, both downtown and on East Lake. As the membership relocated north of the city, the Club followed, eventually settling into a single superb property near Johns Creek in the late 1960s.

Atlanta Athletic Club History

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership has been host to several important individuals in the golf field throughout the years. The Jones Museum  has the most Bobby Jones Jr. artefacts anywhere in the world and is exclusively available to the public by appointment. The Sargent Family, Alexa Stirling, Dot Kirby, and Martha Kerouac’s exploits are on display in our hall of champions in the golf wing.

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How Much is Atlanta Athletic Club Membership 

It is critical to note that the cost of membership varies according on the type of membership you select. Atlanta Athletic Club offers numerous membership choices, including family, individual, corporate, and legacy memberships. The initiation cost for a family membership was originally listed as $4,000 on for an individual membership, it was $3,000.

How Much is Atlanta Athletic Club Membership 

The monthly expenses were reported to be $460 for families and $360 for singles. However, these data might have altered after their publication. Once you become a member of the Atlanta Athletic Club, you will have access to a wide selection of amenities designed to meet all of your needs. Whether you enjoy golfing or want to join family-social gatherings with your loved ones.

How to join Atlanta Athletic Club Membership

Membership at Atlanta Athletic Club is mostly by invitation according to the membership director. But here are few steps to join Atlanta Athletic Club Membership :

  • Research : First of all, research about your interest and keep your location and budget preferences.
  • Contact : Reach out to them by phone or email on their official contact information.
  • Inquire : Ask their customer support about your requirements and the stuff you want. It includes information about the company also. It’s best if you can go in person.
  • Application : You’ll be given an application form which you have to fill with your credentials reading all the terms and conditions by company.
  • Payment : Pay the required initiation fee and avail discount on certain payment methods.
  • Enjoy : You can now enjoy orientation sessions and benefits of membership after activation. 

Atlanta Athlete Club Membership Levels

Atlanta Athlete Club provides you multiple membership options, according to your budget preferences and availability. Here are the options given below : 

How to join Atlanta Athletic Club Membership

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AA Club Jones Golf Membership:

Full membership with access to all amenities, including golf. It provides you an elite combination of a vatiety of amenities together. It comes with almost general price which is more or less the same but categorically these membership options differentiate each other. 

AA Club Heisman Social Membership: 

Limited access to golf, but full access to other club facilities. It will give you access of all the swimming pools, dining options, social events and spa facilities. It gives you a luxurious touch while you have to compromise on golf but nonetheless it’s a worthy membership option.

AA Club Legacy Membership: 

Available for children and grandchildren of long-standing members. It may not include all the benefits that are available for the other membership options but it’s preferable for kids and the loyal ones who had been with the companies since forever.

AA Club Associate Membership:

 For members between the ages of 22 and 39. A premium membership option that allows you to all the benefits and perks. The adult members can enjoy this membership option unlike of the other ones but it’s also a great option. 

Atlanta Athlete Club Membership Rumours

Is a prominent private club with a rich history and amazing facilities. Membership and finding particular details might be difficult because they are not publicly available. However, here are some insights based on publicly accessible facts and rumours: With all the options and perks, there are some rumours circulate about this club, according to those rumours : 

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Benefits
  • waiting lists for membership can last several years.
  • Certain membership kinds may impose extra criteria or restrictions.
  • The club may provide unique incentives or discounts to specific persons or groups.

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Benefits

The Atlanta Athletic Club is well-known for providing a wide range of amenities that cater to both athletic and social interests. The Atlanta Athletic Club offers the following amenities:

  • Golf Courses : The club is known for top tier golf facilities and hosted some prestigious tournaments. 
  • Tennis : Members also get access of well maintained tennis courts, they can train, play and participate in tournaments.
  • Fitness center : Club provides world class training equipment’s and all the fitness related facilities.
  • Swimming Pools: Many sports clubs provide swimming pools for recreational and fitness use. Members may have access to both outdoor and indoor pools.
  • Dining Options: The Atlanta Athletic Club normally has eating facilities ranging from casual to upscale dining, giving members a choice of culinary experiences. These venues frequently function as social hubs for members.
  • Social Event Spaces: The country club may provide areas for organizing social events, weddings, and business gatherings, which fosters a feeling of community among members.
  • Spa Services: Some elite clubs provide wellness and spa services, allowing members to unwind and recharge with a variety of spa treatments and therapeutic services.
  • Youth Programs: Many family-oriented clubs provide youth programs, such as junior golf, tennis lessons, and other activities for younger members.

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Renewal

Members are often contacted well in advance of their membership expiration date, giving them plenty of opportunity to renew. Renewal choices may include yearly or monthly payment plans, with members selecting the one that best suits their needs and budget. Members can typically renew their memberships online, in person at the club, or by contacting the membership department directly.

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Renewal

Members may be able to amend personal information during the renewal process, evaluate any changes in membership costs or benefits, and explore additional membership perks or upgrades. Individuals who renew their membership may keep their active position in the club’s community, encouraging continued involvement in fitness programs, sports leagues, social events, and more.

How to Cancel Atlanta Athletic Club Membership 

The particular procedure for terminating a membership at the Atlanta Athletic Club may differ, and the club’s website does not give detailed instructions. However, there are some broad actions you may take:

  • Contact the club: Reach out to the club directly. The club’s website generally includes contact information.
  • Terms & conditions : Review all the terms and conditions carefully before initiating the cancellation process. 
  • Request cancellation: Inform them you want to cancel your subscription. Make sure you include any relevant information, such as your membership number.
  • Follow the instructions : The club will provide you explicit directions on how to proceed. This might include filling out a form or drafting an official letter of cancellation.
  • Keep a note : keep a note of all communications for future reference.

Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Card

Atlanta Athlete Club have a slip like card on which the balance details, your fee deposit details and your monthly dues are stated. It may comes within the price of membership in different options. Membership cards serve as identification for club members while also providing access to club facilities, perks, and services. These cards frequently include the member’s name, membership number, and, in some cases, a photo for identification.

How to Cancel Atlanta Athletic Club Membership 

To receive a membership card for a sports club in Atlanta, you must normally complete the membership application procedure and pay any related costs. Once your membership is authorized and processed, the club will send you a membership card.

Tips To Know About Atlanta Athlete Club Membership 

  • Since 2009, the Atlanta Athletic Club has consistently been named among the top 10 country clubs in the United States.
  • Famous club members include golfers Robert Tyre (Bobby) Jones Jr. and Charles R. Yates, tennis player Nat Thornton, football player and coach Dan Reeves, and basketball player Mark Price.
  • The club has staged several non-golf events, including as men’s basketball competitions, badminton championships, and lawn tennis.
  • Check the dress code for all of the club’s events and activities.While the dress code may be more casual in some areas, it will most likely still apply.

Is Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Worth it ? 

The value of membership at the Atlanta Athletic Club (AAC) or any other athletic club in Atlanta is determined by your own preferences, fitness objectives, and lifestyle. When considering if an AAC membership is worth it for you, consider the following factors:

  • Amenities : Evaluate the club’s facilities and services. This might include fitness centres, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, food establishments, and social areas. Determine if these amenities are relevant to your interests and whether you would utilise them on a frequent basis.
  • Convenience : Evaluate the club’s location and closeness to your house, business, or other frequently visited regions. Determine whether the area is convenient for you to visit regularly.
  • Cost : Compare the cost of membership at AAC to the advantages and services offered. Consider whether the membership fee is within your budget and whether you believe the amenities and services provided are worth the cost.
  • Personal Preference : Finally, whether you should join AAC or any other Atlanta sports club is a matter of personal choice and priorities. If you love the club’s amenities, services, and community spirit, you may find the investment worthwhile.

Atlanta Athletic Club Contact 

  • Address : 1930 Bobby Jones Drive John Greek, Georgia 30097
  • Phone : 770-448-2166
  • Email : 
  • Fax : (770) 368-7727

Atlanta Athletic Club Social Media 


You get the invitation personally. Membership at ACC is by invitation, you can contact primary sponsor Erica Smith.

Atlanta Athletic Club features two cutting-edge golf courses: Highlands, where professionals come to play and history is made. This championship class course provides a hard yet thrilling experience.

If you ask a golfer, it’s where the most famous and beloved amateur golfers lived. The lives and accomplishments of Alexa Stirling, Martha Kerouac, Dot Kirby, and, of course, Bobby Jones are commemorated in the club’s hallways.

Atlanta Athlete Club has an initiation fee of $80,000 and monthly dues are about $300 to $400.

The estimate of salaries AAC pay a year is around $44,048 and hour rate of Atlanta Athlete club is $21.

The membership fee for one of the most magnificent golf courses in the south is $125,000. It is also strongly recommended that you make a $200,000 gift to the East Lake Foundation.

It has to be “No denim, collared shirts and bermuda shor” required. Casual attire is acceptable at all times in park room. 

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