Austin Country Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trails

Austin Country Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trails

Austin Country Club Membership is one of Texas’ most prestigious private clubs. A membership at Austin Country Club costs between $7,500 and $100,000 for the initial price, with monthly dues of roughly $170.However, the club only admits new members who have been invited by current members who have been verified and confirmed to be “in good standing”.

Austin Country Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Trails

There are three membership options: golf, tennis, and social. A golf-only membership at the Austin Country Club will cost around $100,000. This club’s social memberships cost $13,500 to start and $240 each year after that. The initial charge for resident membership in all amenities, including golf, tennis, restaurants, and pools, would be more than $80,000.

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About Austin Country Club 

Austin Country Club, set on the scenic shores of Lake Austin, provides a premium membership experience that combines top facilities with Texas charm. With a rich history dating back to 1899, this exclusive club offers world-class golf courses developed by legends such as Pete Dye and Ben Crenshaw, as well as cutting-edge tennis facilities and a magnificent spa.

How To Join Austin Country Club Membership

Membership goes beyond sports and fosters a thriving social network via great food and private events. With its spectacular vistas and incomparable recreational options, Austin Country Club exemplifies luxury living in the heart of Texas, where members may enjoy an unrivaled combination of leisure and elegance.

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How To Join Austin Country Club Membership

Austin Country Club is a private, member-owned club that accepts members-only invitation. So here are the steps you need to follow :

  • Invitation: You must be invited by an existing member of the club.
  • Recommendations: You will need the support of at least three current club members. Without these recommendations, your application for membership at the Austin Country Club would most likely be declined.
  • Membership options: golf, tennis, and social. You should pick what form of membership you want.
  • Application: Once you’ve received an invitation and recommendations, you may apply for membership. The specifics of this method are not publicly known and are most likely only supplied upon invitation.

Austin Country Club Facilities

Individuals can avail multiple facilities at Austin Country Club in their respective level of membership. There are five types of prominent facilities ACC provides :

Austin Country Club Membership Types 
  • Golf : The area and condition for Gold is so impressive at the club and it helps you with your game. Apart from this, it provides a good experience.
  • Racquets : Tennis court of the club is well maintained and enjoyable to play. They hire professional tennis players to guide their members.
  • Pickleball : People can also play Pickleball which is the recent addition in this club. The court is designed as per game. Players need to be physically active before the game.
  • Pool : Pool at Austin Club Membership is the most anticipated part among all. They offer some exciting benefits and the beverages there are worth the cost. 
  • Wedding : They host wedding ceremonies as well as events with a good efficiency. Comparing the price of membership, this club provides worthy facilities.

Austin Country Club Membership Types 

Austin Country Club normally provides a variety of membership options geared to different interests and needs. These choices frequently include Full Golf Membership, which gives keen players unfettered access to the course, practice facilities, and clubhouse amenities.

Tennis Membership is offered for people who are primarily interested in tennis, and it provides access to courts, facilities, and related amenities without golf privileges. Individuals or families that want access to clubhouse facilities, eating options, social events, and certain recreational attractions but do not want to play golf or tennis can consider Social Membership. Corporate Membership is designed specifically for corporations or organization, providing membership advantages to specified workers or members.

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Golf Membership

Golf aficionados have access to a world-class golf course developed by renowned architects. While there is no official pricing, unsubstantiated rumors indicate that a golf-only membership might cost approximately $100,000.

Austin Country Club Membership Cost & Fee Schedule

Tennis Membership

For tennis enthusiasts, this membership grants access to tennis facilities and related activities. Social members can attend club activities, meals, and social gatherings.

Membership Costs

The Austin Country Club charges an initial membership fee ranging from $7,500 to $100,000. Monthly dues are around $170. Keep in mind that the charges may vary depending on the membership type you select.

Austin Country Club Membership Cost & Fee Schedule

Here’s the fee schedule for this membership

Types of MembershipBegining Fee (before tax)DuesRenovation Fee
Hormel foods premium$250Monthly – $360Annual – $4320Monthly – $40Annual – $480
ACC premier$2000Monthly – $430Annual – $5160Monthly – $40Annual – $480
Hormel food foundational$250Monthly – $285Annual – $3420Monthly – $40Annual – $480
ACC foundational$1000Monthly – $375Annual – $4500Monthly – $40Annual – $480
ACC junior foundational$250Monthly – $165Annual – $1980Monthly – $40Annual – $480
Hormel foods lifestyle$250Monthly – $210Annual – $1440Monthly – $40Annual – $480
ACC lifestyle$1000Monthly – $170Annual – $2040Monthly – $40Annual – $480
Hormel foods junior foundational$250Monthly – $165Annual -$1980Monthly – $40Annual – $480

Austin Country Club Membership Benefits 

The Austin Country Club provides a range of membership advantages to its members. Here are some of the benefits you may receive as part of your membership:

Austin Country Club Membership Cost & Fee Schedule
  • World-Class Golf Course: Access to a well-known golf course that has held significant tournaments and is regarded as one of the best in Texas.
  • Recreational Activities: Tennis, swimming, health, and social gatherings are just a few of the leisure options available.
  • Exclusive Events: Attend social gatherings, weddings, and other special events hosted by the club.
  • Private Membership: Austin Country Club is a private, member-owned club, with membership available only by invitation.
  • Membership Fees: While the initial charge might range from $7,500 to $100,000, monthly dues are typically $170.
  • World-class tennis facilities: Access to high-quality tennis courts and facilities. Leagues, competitions, and clinics are all organized. Professional instruction is provided at all ability levels.
  • Clubhouse amenities: It include superb dining selections with exceptional service. Private event venues for special events and gatherings. Locker rooms and lounge areas are well-appointed for comfort.
  • Vibrant Community: Membership in a famous social network creates a vibrant social community. Get exclusive access to social events, parties, and networking opportunities. Opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships and relationships.

Austin Country Club Membership Discounts

Austin Country Club may give membership price and dues savings based on a variety of conditions. These discounts may include:

Promotional Discounts: The club may conduct occasional promotions or special deals, such as lower initiation costs or reduced monthly dues for new members who join during specified times.

Austin Country Club Membership Benefits 

Corporate Memberships: Some firms may negotiate group membership prices for their employees, resulting in lower payments for people with corporate memberships.

Referral Incentives: Members who bring new members to the club may earn a reduction on their own dues or other perks in exchange for their referrals.

Family Discounts: Discounts may be provided for families or households who enroll in a single membership plan, boosting family engagement and making membership more accessible for families.

Is Austin Country Club Membership Worth It ?

The value of an Austin Country Club subscription is determined by personal tastes, lifestyle, and priorities. For keen golfers and tennis fans, the club provides outstanding facilities, championship courses, and expert training, making it an ideal investment for people who like these sports. Furthermore, the magnificent clubhouse amenities, superb dining selections, and thriving social community provide members unique possibilities for networking, relaxation, and family-friendly activities.

Access to exercise and wellness facilities, as well as different member-only benefits and community participation activities, improve the membership experience. Finally, for people who appreciate premium recreational activities, social relationships, and a high-quality lifestyle, the benefits of Austin Country Club subscription are undoubtedly worth the expense. However, prospective members should carefully assess their particular interests.

Austin Country Club Membership Renewal 

Renewing your membership at the Austin Country Club usually entails the following steps:

Payment of Annual Dues: You must pay your annual dues, which vary based on the kind of membership.

Is Austin Country Club Membership Worth It ?

Membership Renew: The club may evaluate your membership status. This might include examining how you utilize the club’s amenities and interact with other members.

Renewal Confirmation: After your dues are paid and your membership is evaluated, the club will usually give you a confirmation of your membership renewal.

How to Cancel Austin Country Club Membership 

To terminate your membership at the Austin Country Club, you usually need to complete these steps:

  • Resignation: To discontinue your country club membership, just resign. This might result in you losing the remainder of your dues for the year, as well as any money you have invested in the club.
  • Equity Memberships: Some equity memberships allow you to receive your money back when a new member joins the club.
  • Letter of Cancellation: You may need to draft a letter of cancellation outlining your reasons for quitting. This might be due to discontent with the services and amenities, or to relocating to another city.

Austin Country Club Membership Contact

  • Adress : 4408 Long Champ Drive Austin, TX 78746
  • Phone : 512-328-0090
  • Fax : 512-328-0316Email :

Austin Country Club Social Media


A country club is a private organisation, hence membership is not free. The fees pay the costs of facility upkeep, improvements, and staffing, allowing the club to provide activities and services to its members.

The club has over a thousand members. However, obtaining a membership is not easy. Membership is exclusively available by invitation and is said to cost around $100,000.

Michael Stott.

Austin Country Club is a private, member-owned club that accepts members only by invitation. There are three membership types: golf, tennis, and social. For further information, please contact a Club member.

The initiation fee is around $250,000, however this figure might vary from year to year depending on capital assessments and club renovations. Initiation fees for non-locals might cost about $190,000.

Austin Country Club is a private and member-owned club. Without invitation, you cannot be a member hence you can’t play.

November 14, 1899

No. It’s a member-owned club so you can’t play if you’re not the member.

Austin Country Club is famous because of his policies, infrastructure and the service. 

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