PMI Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Promo Codes, Gift Cards, Cancellation

PMI Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Promo Codes, Gift Cards, Cancellation

PMI Membership stands for Project Management Institute which is based in the United States. This institute was founded in 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia and it is a non-profit organization. PMI subscription provides access to resources, networking opportunities, professional development and certification in project management. 


How Much Is PMI Membership?

The annual fee for PMI new membership is $129 and $10 one time fee for application. The term of membership is 1 year and after the end of contract members have to pay $129 for renewal. The PMP exam fee for members is $405 and for non-members it costs $555.

PMI Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Promo Codes, Gift Cards, Cancellation

How To Get a PMI Membership?

To join Project Management Institute you have to visit their official website and choose your membership type and click on “Join”. You must have to read their terms and conditions and follow the commands to join. 


PMI Membership Deals

Project Management Institute offers multiple deals for project professionals. These deals include discounts on certifications, memberships offers, access to various resources, networking opportunities and discounts on special events and webinars entries. To get access to these deals and offers you have to keep an eye on their official webpage so that you will be benefited from their services. 

PMI Membership Discounts

PMI subscription provides exclusive discounts and perks for its members such as

  • Discounts of 30% in PMI e-learning courses 
  • Discount in students membership 
  • Free entry in events and webinars
  • 30% Discount on certification exams fee
  • Discounts in renewal
  • The opportunity to earn free PDUs

PMI Membership Levels

Project Management Institute offers various types of membership as follows;

PMI Individual Membership

Individual membership cost is $109 per year which includes multiple benefits and discounts as certification discounts, standards, events, training and courses which belong to the project management. You will also get access to all the modern information and latest knowledge about project management programs. 

How To Get a PMI Membership?

PMI Students Membership

Students can join Project Management Institute by paying $32 per year. You have to provide evidence that you are full-time enrolled in a reputed college or university and your membership material will be available to you electrically. 

PMI Retiree Membership

Retiree membership charges are $65 per year. This offer is for those who are previous members of PMI and retired from active service of five years they will get access to this discounted membership. 


PMI Group Membership 

If at least 15 or more members of the same organization or university are willing to join Project Management Institute membership, they are allowed to use group membership to save money. The cost of group membership is $149 for 1 year. Each participant must join one chapter at least. Each membership has specific eligibility requirements and different discounts and benefits. 

PMI Membership Benefits

There are several benefits having a PMI subscription ;

PMI Membership Benefits

PMP Certification Exam Fee Saving

If you become a PMI member you can save the PMP exams fee. PMP exams fee for membership holders is $405 and for non-members it is $555 and members will get many other benefits as well. 

Free Access To PMI Standards and Publications

As a member you will get access to digital copies of multiple standards and publications which belong to Project Management. This append latest extension of PMBOK Guide which is crucial for PMP Certification

Access to Various Research Papers

PMI members can get access to various research papers free and will get paid papers at a discount rate.

PMI Marketplace

Members have the opportunity to access Project related books and hard copies with discounted rates by joining PMI.

Career Central and Headquarter

As a member you will get access to the vast collection of resources for career growth under Career Central including guidance on Resume building, skill inquiring and staying up to date with the industry’s modern trends as well as can submit their resume for a job. 

Is PMI Membership Worth It?

PM Network and PMI Today

Members will receive free monthly copies of PM Network and PMI Today which accommodates updates on project management and PMI local chapters including interviews, case studies and articles.

Project Management Journals

Members have access to research journals published by PMI which covers programs, projects and portfolio management. 

PMI Chapter Meeting

Members can participate in local chapter meetings of PMI with discounted rates or free.


Members have the opportunity to connect with professional people through meetings and there they can learn or prepare for the PMP certification exam or search for a job.

Free PDUs

Membership provides the chance to earn unlimited PDUs by watching webinars which are automatically reported to Project Management Institute.

Is PMI Membership Worth It?

Yes, absolutely PMI investing on PMI subscription is worth it because it offers multiple benefits such as free PDUs, Free webinars, free meeting classes with professionals, discounted materials and also discounts in fees. Project Management Institute also provides the opportunity to learn skills and prepare for PMP exams with reduced price courses.

PMI Membership Promotions Codes & Deals

PMI often offers some deals and coupons for its members to save their money. Some perks are following;

PMI Membership Promotions Codes & Deals
  • Get up to 50% off PMBOK Guide seventh edition at
  •  Get 10% off at Change Management Self starter
  • Save 15% to get PMI subscription with coupons
  • Shop PMI members at PMI and save $40 
  • Save additional $125 by purchasing Capm exam at
  • Never miss A Killer Bargain Again get $200 off at all eligible purchase 
  • Order now and save 20% 

How to Renew PMI Subscription ?

The process of Project Management Institute for renewal is the same whether you are an old member or a new one. You have to follow these simple steps to renew your membership

  • Earn the required amount of Professional Development Unit(PDUs) to meet the certification requirement for your certificate. E.g one need to earn 60 PDU per 3 year cycle
  • Enter your earned PDUs in the online CCR system
  • Pay the renewal fee which information is provided when the time of payment comes
  • Once you have renewed take a break before starting to plan for next 3 years renewal cycle

How Can I Set My Membership To Automatically Renew?

Yes you can if you have one of these type of membership

  • PMI subscription
  • Retiree membership
  • Chapter membership
  • You are renewing these membership online

These memberships are not set to auto renew

  • Student and student chapter membership
  • Membership of any type of residence of India
  • PMIEF donations
  • Group billing plans
  • Paper applications and renewals
  • Hardship membership
  • PMI Journals subscriptions

How To Cancel PMI Membership?

Members are allowed to cancel their membership at any time by considering their rules and laws of the cancellation process. To cancel membership, adjust your account settings or contact the PMI Members Program concierge at +1 610 915 2273.

They may assist you to cancel your membership. Once your membership is cancelled then you are not eligible to get any discount or benefit from the PMI.

PMI Contact Details

To contact regarding PMI subscription or for general comments and questions you can call at +1 610 915 2273 or their at WhatsApp +1 855-643-1873 or message at +1 610-215-2587. PMI also offers live chat facilities to interact with them or email at .

PMI Social Media


For complaint to PMI contact the PMI Ethics insight Team with concerns, questions and useful ideas at 

To access PMI you have to visit their official website and log in there and select “Courses Library” and click on a course to open.

No you have to pay $139 for one year and you will get its membership then you will get discounted courses for PMP exams.

 PMI ID is a number which you will receive after joining the membership and it is used to report PDUs at Project Management Institute and it is provided when you apply for credential exams.

Yes they have an app from where users can search Project Management Articles and get multi mode (audio, video and text) learning experience.

No Project management Institute membership is a different part and certification acquiring is another thing. Non-members can also receive certificates from PMI but they are not allowed to enjoy other benefits such as meetings with professionals, free webinars, free content and more. 

PMI subscription cycle is one year after the purchase of membership and you can renew your membership 90 days before the expiration and also check your status at website. 

I paid for my certification renewal. Did my membership renew as well?

No, your certification period is for three years and membership cycle is for one year and both charges also vary from each other so your membership will not be renewed in your certification fee. 

Yes you can do it and you are allowed to choose this optional feature and renew your membership via phone or online every year.

If you did not renew your membership on time your membership will expire and will not be able to access all the benefits and discounts of Project Management Institute.

Your chapter membership will be active soon after receiving the payment and you will be informed via email or notification at your phone. The activation takes only a few days.  

Yes you can transfer one chapter to another by providing your name and membership ID at and also the chapter that you want to transfer from and to.

PMI accepted the payment through debit card, credit card, check or bank transfer in USD. PMI accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and discover.

New members are charged an application fee $10 to join PMI and there are no processing charges for membership renewal; this initial fee is charged one-time only. 

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