How Much Is World Gym Membership Cost 2024 Benefits Free Trials

How Much Is World Gym Membership Cost 2024 Benefits Free Trials

World gym membership costs vary from location to location but amenities and services may be the same. The exact price of all places is different however it lies between $15.99 to $39.99 per month. There are some plans, the VIP All Access Plan is $39.99 per month with  no enrollment fee, The VIP Plan fee is $29.99 per month with a 12 months contract and the basic plan is $15.99 per month with enrollment fee $39 once. 

How Much Is World Gym Membership Cost 2024 Benefits Free Trials

Thousand Trails Membership

Membership TypeVIP All AccessVIP PlanBasic Plan
CostMonthly Fee: $39.99/month
Enrollment Fee: $0
Monthly Fee: $29.99/month
Enrollment Fee: $0
Monthly Fee: $15.99/month
Enrollment Fee: $39
Contract TimeNone12 months12 months

How To Get World Gym Membership?

To join its membership you have to contact with their management at WORLD GYM BRENDALE 07-2000-0033 or visit in person into the gym and talk to front desk staff they will guide you or visit website or or and put information such as name, email and postal address after filling the form submit it by following the prompt. For further specific information you can contact them on their phone without hesitation.

RuneScape Membership

How To Cancel World Gym Subscription?

Cancellation policies depend on your plans and location as well and make sure you have accurate information about this process. For more and precise information related to the cancellation procedure you should contact your local World Gym before signing.

How To Get World Gym Membership?

You can cancel your month to  month membership any time and for an all access plan you will need to go through with terms and conditions and there may be a schedule for sending notice 30 to 60 days prior before submitting the application. 

Ocean Reef Club Membership

How To Get World Gym Guest Pass

World Gym offers guest passes for those who have all access membership or VIP plans, so do not be afraid to bring in your friends and family members. There may be a number that shows how many guests are allowed with your membership so to avoid any disruption please concern yourself with your gym staff to check the total. 

How To Freeze World Gym Membership?

World Gym typically allows members to freeze their memberships for a certain period of time, usually for a fee. This can be a useful option for members who may be unable to use the gym for an extended period due to travel, illness, or other reasons. To freeze your World Gym membership, you will need to contact your local gym location or visit their website for more information on the process and any associated fees.

Each World Gym location may have slightly different policies and procedures for freezing memberships, so it’s best to reach out directly to your specific gym for the most accurate information or visit at to confirm.

World Gym Membership Levels

It offers three types of membership packages for its members to join and get privileges from all the services which they are providing for the fitness enthusiast. These options allow you to choose which suits you the most according to your budget and facilities. 

How To Freeze World Gym Membership?

VIP All Access Plan

In this plan there is no enrollment fee and no contract for signing. It allows guest privileges ,unlimited access to group and athletics classes, complementary personal trainers, free Wifi ,travel facilities and free access to EatLove nutrition app.  

VIP Plan

For this package there is a 12 month contract but no enrollment fee is payable. From this plan you will get amenities which includes guest passes, fitness classes access, travel facilities, free Wifi and Complimentary free training sessions.  

Basic Plan

For the basic plan members will do a 12 month contract and also pay dues $39 for joining/ enrollment. It gives you complimentary personal training classes access and free WIFI as well as athletic room access, co-ed, circuit room, ladies only and steam room. 

World Gym Discounts

It offers multiple discounts to encourage you to stick with them and get facilitated from their services each and every time. At this time basic membership is available for two months free. Different locations promote various deals so to keep in touch with these deals you must reach out to your closest location to see if they have any specific promotion running. If you are looking for any other discounts please check Groupon and HotDeals for further offs.

How To Renew World Gym Membership?

Your membership will automatically renew after the expiration date and you will be informed via mail. For early renewal you can visit : or contact in person with your local gym location. They will guide you for renewal and provide more accurate information about the procedure and charges. 

How To Renew World Gym Membership?

World Gym Membership Benefits

It has many benefits and amenities, however these all depend on your membership option. Some privileges that can found on all locations are;

  • State of art fitness facility
  • Kidsworld open 6 days in a week
  • Unlimited group fitness classes including Les Mills smart tech equipments, cycle classes with smart bodybikes
  • Comfort zone privacy area 
  • Functional training area
  • Power lifting zones
  • Saunas for male and female
  • Free wifi
  • Coffee, fresh meals and shakes available for purchase at discount rates
  • Discounts at pro shops on supplements and apparel
  • Strength machines
  • Locker rooms
  • Tanning beds
  • Flat screen TV’S
  • hydromassage

Is the World Gym Worth It?

If you are searching for a gym that offers a wide variety of options and benefits, World Gym could be a good choice for you. It is particularly suitable for those who travel frequently, need childcare services while they work out, or prefer a more personalised fitness experience.

World Gym Membership Benefits

The VIP All Access program at World Gym provides exclusive privileges that may be worth considering. However, if you prefer a more basic gym experience or do not think you will utilize all of the amenities offered by World Gym, you may want to explore other options. You may find similar monthly rates at other gyms, so it is important to consider which amenities align best with your fitness goals and preferences.

Which Classes World Gym Offers?

It offers classes like 

  • Cycling
  • HIIT Camp
  • Zumba
  • Stretch and tone
  • Step and Kickboxing
  • Strength circuit
  • Yoga
  • Buns and Guns
  • Les Mills

There may be additional classes as well to check out just visit their local gym.

World Gym Promo Code

World gym often avail promo codes for members to enjoy discounts in purchasing

Which Classes World Gym Offers?
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  • Use coupon code of world gym and enjoy 10% off
  • Save 15% with discount code
  • Save $2 for order 
  • 5% off on $5 + shop
  • Save $1 sitewide
  • Free delivery at order of $50 +
  • Buy 1 get 1 item free
  • 50% off over $50 order
  • 20% off over $60
  • 20% over $30+
  • Up to 20% off over $7+
  • 30% off on $32+
  • Get 50% on $20+
  • Get extra 10% off
  • With deal get $99 off

World Gym Membership Contact Details

  • World Gym Phone Numbers; (800) 544-7441
  • Arizona Locations:2205 W. 23RD STREET, YUMA, AZ
  • Call customer service; (928) 343-1053
  • Arkansas; (479) 751-1600
  • Arkansas Locations:866 S. 48TH STREET, SPRINGDALE, AR
  • California; (818) 951-5222
  • California Locations:6656 FOOTHILL BLVD., TUJUNGA/CRESCENTA, CA

World Gym Membership Social Media


No it does not currently offer a free trial but to check the information please visit in person or website. 

Many gyms have different amenities so they can charge extra dues for their services like child care and tanning beds. It depends on your membership option whether these things are included or not. 

The guaranteed rate allows you to keep your preferred monthly membership rate at the price specified in your contract for as long as you keep your membership active with us. 

You can renew within 14 days after the expiry and there will be no extra charges applicable in these days but after 14 days there may be some dues to pay. 

No this offer is available for VIP membership and all access membership plans.

Yes you are allowed to upgrade your membership at any time by following the terms and conditions of membership. You should visit your local branch to make changes.

You can request to your local branch from where you subscribe or by mailing at 

Guests have access to basic facilities such as ,cardio, weight, locker rooms, specification for certain locations. 

You can train freely in the gym with parental permission from 16 years old.

14-15 year old’s can train in the center with parental supervision at all times.

Yes, at a cost of $4/hour for the first child and $2/hour for each additional child.

  • For children under 18 months, the cost is $4/hour per additional child

If you are interested in this service, we suggest that you upgrade to the VIP or Premium membership since the Mini-Club service is included in these memberships. Call your local branch to book!

We do not take reservations for group classes, but we suggest that you arrive at least 10 minutes in advance to ensure your place.

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