How Much Is Ocean Reef Club Membership 2024 Benefits

How Much Is Ocean Reef Club Membership 2024 Benefits

Ocean Reef Club is an exclusive community located in Key Largo, Florida. The pride of this club is a unique way of life opportunity for individuals and families. The initial price for Ocean Reef Club Membership is approximately $150,000. Like all the other clubs there is joining fee and annual dues which depends on the type of membership which you are considering. 

How Much Is Ocean Reef Club Membership 2024 Benefits

How To Get Ocean Reef Club Membership?

The joining process of its membership is easy and straightforward. The first option is to be recommended by an existing member and if you do not know anybody then the other option is go to their website and download the application form and fill it by providing basic details.

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How Much Is Ocean Reef Club Membership 2024 Benefits

Then submit it to the office and they will give you a copy of the form for keeping record and after processing they will allow you to join. For  further information you can contact membership service at ,or call at 305-367-5921 or fill out a form online. 

How To Cancel Ocean Reef Club Membership?

Members may cancel their membership at any time but may be they should pay some fee for cancellation and explain the termination reason to the club. The amount of dues depend on the considered membership option.  For specific information about removal of membership you can contact their customer service office at  305-367-5921 or at 1-800-741-7333. 

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Ocean Reef Club Membership Deals

When it comes to deals this club is offering realistic opportunities to explore the world and around communities. It provides more than 15 clubs to meet with others and explore new lifelong passions. World class fishing in American waters, private marina and airport is available for members.

How To Cancel Ocean Reef Club Membership?

A chance to visit different clubs in the US, Canada, Bahamas and enjoy privilege and discounts. World’s most scenic golf course which is enjoyable for all levels of players. Professional tennis coaching and restaurants at moderate rates. 

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Ocean Reef Club Membership Discounts

Discounts are given to the members in purchase and other service at the club which are given below;

  • Get access to all club amenities, restaurants, lounges and airports
  • Two championship golf course and members fitness centers
  •  Full access to swimming, social and beach facilities
  • Access to complimentary usage of tennis, pickleball and croquet
  • 30% discount on guest rates in room bookings
  • Preference in rental units for family and friends
  • Get 10% discount on food and beverage
  • 10% off at purchase club outlets for non sale items only
  • Discounts on golf cart, electric road cart and rental

Ocean Reef Club Membership Levels

Ocean Reef Club offers three types of membership which is enjoyable for all the ages with families and friends. It is more than a club, it’s like a family that holds traditions, that is the reason generations of members are still connected to the club and avail all the benefits of the club. The levels of membership are here;

Ocean Reef Club Membership Deals

Equity Member Option

Equity members for those who buy property in the club communities need to become equity members to use the club become equity member two existing members are required to sponsor and your membership approved when you finalize your property purchase process.

If the process is not completed you can not apply for five years. All the members can enjoy club facilities along with their guests such as swimming, restaurants and shops and offers a friendly environment. This type of membership involves three levels in which individuals, young adults and couples are included.

It includes 10% off on golf shop purchase, 7 days advance tee time bookings, discounts on guests, two golf carts, prior registration in events, children under 18 are added, complimentary golf bag storage and more. The package cost for a couple is $1961.88 for $1531.88 and for young adults it is $1209.38 annually. 

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Social Member option

Annual social membership is available for those who do not own any property in the Ocean Reef Community. The initial fee and annual fee is non-refundable and the renewal of membership is based on clubs calculations. Social members abide by the rules and terms of the club. Candidates must be sponsored by the two members, one of them must be an equity member and the candidate who knows their sponsor less than two years will be required to have an interview with the board of director membership.

Ocean Reef Club Membership Benefits

30 days Golf Membership

Members have to pay a fee once and a daily green fee. It involves an individual only package and the price for this plan is $2069.38 per month.

Multi-Game Cards

Members are allowed to purchase multi rounds at once and it is transferable between couples and cart fee is also included in this plan. The price for 5 rounds is $940.63, for 10 rounds $1881.25, for 20 rounds $3762.50 and for 30 rounds $5643.75. 

Summer Golf Membership

This membership fee for individuals is $1015.88, for couples $1263.13, for young adults (18-23) $600 and for dependent children $397.75. 

Legacy Option

This membership option is available for the children’s and grandchildren of the equity members. The price for couples is $1263.13, for individuals $1015.88, for young adults of age 18-23 $600 and dependent children fee is $397.75. 

Ocean Reef Club Membership Benefits

The club provides a wide range of amenities and exclusive and luxurious life for its members. 

Here are some benefits which members enjoy

Ocean Reef Club Membership Benefits
  • The membership provides the opportunity to use two golf courses, the Dolphin and Hammock course to enjoy their golfing experiences. 
  • Full time access of marina services with boating and yacht facilities  and other activities around the Florida keys
  • Services including spa and wellness centers which gives a range of treatments, fitness classes and equipments for well being
  • It provides fine dining experience in multiple restaurants, bars and lounges
  • Allows you to use facilities like pools and other recreational areas to cater the leisure pursuits
  • Club provides homes for residence and other property for living
  • Membership includes myriad events like gathering, cultural events, sports tournaments and family friendly activities
  • In order to soothe your activity level it offers water activities like snorkeling, diving and boating
  • The club accommodates educational programs to enrich the experience of members such as workshops and seminars
  • Members can feel secure and comfortable with the privileges and private spaces which is given by the club
  • Members are allowed to participate in holidays events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year Eve.
  • Prior access to themed parties which club organized for its honorable members to create a useful environment

Ocean Reef Club Membership Renewal

Renewal of membership depends on the consent of the club management. If members follow the rules and pay dues at time then it is possible to renew your membership automatically after the end of your purchased date. For upgrading of your package please contact the club committee they will assist you with useful information.  

Ocean Reef Club Membership Renewal

Is Ocean Club Membership Worth It?

Yes, the fee in the club varies depending on the type in which you are interested, overall the fee as compared to other clubs is less and amenities are much more than other communities. For the people who desired to choose the equity option they will get the highest return in initiation fee as well as other exclusive perks and discounts. So we may say that the membership of this club is worth it. 

Ocean Reef Club Membership Promotions

Ocean Reef Club offers some promotional deals for the members in traveling and other services such as ;

Is Ocean Club Membership Worth It?
  • 8% off in your first booking after registration
  • 6% discount for new members
  • Up to 10% off with today’s promo code
  • Claim $50 by using promo code
  • Save 25% with promo code at purchase
  • 35% off with deals
  • Get access to reef reward programs
  • Get discount on fishing
  • Free appetizers
  • Get rental cart with lower rates

Ocean Reef Club Membership Card

You can not use cash or any other card like credit or debit card at ocean club so you need to get a membership card when you arrive at the club you will be asked to show your driver license and they will direct you to the Inn. at the Inn you give them your credit card and driving license and they will give you a card for use at ocean club and the cost of card is $11.55 per person including tax daily. 

Ocean Reef Club Membership overview

Ocean Reef Club basically covers 3000 acres and transformed itself into a private club. The town has its own airports, medical center, fire department, 200 room hotels, beach, restaurants for fine dining, three golf courses, 40 tennis course, a police force, church, school, art league, cultural center with 300 seats, town hall, spa, swimming pools, shopping centers, hair salon and a gas station for its residence.

The club offers activities for family, children and for individuals to make their leisure time memorable. The club offers guest comfort, luxurious lifestyle, world class amenities, natural surrounding and impeccable services. The club is something for everyone. 

Ocean Reef Club Contact Details

Regarding your questions related to membership and other concerns, here are some contact details for you to get assistance and contact. 

  • Phone ; 1-800-741-7333 or  305-367-5921
  • Address; 35 Ocean Reef Dr. #200Key Largo, FL 33037

Ocean Reef Club Social Media


The annual membership involves club athletic facilities, marina, golf course, dining privileges and social events participation.

Seasonal membership is for six months in a year and it is up to the members which six months they choose to get facilitated from the services. 

The social membership is for those families who are interested in enjoying social events and dining facilities with family and friends. The other amenities are not included such as athletic facilities, marina and golf course. 

The fee is not refundable but it can be added if you choose to buy a property in the club by becoming an equity member within the first five years of your social membership.

The simple process of sponsoring a guest is to fill out a form and submit it online or in person at the club’s office and sponsor a guest into the club. Social members also follow the same process but they must accompany the guest at the club.

Members children of age 10 and above can take a test and get their learning license and children above 12 of age can take a driving test and if they pass they will get a golf cart license.  

The club follows a fiscal period which runs from the first day to last day of each month. At the end of month the member accounting team conducts an audit, finalizes the financial records and distributes rental checks and statements. Retally payments for a particular month are processed and sent out around the second week of the following month. 

If someone wants to access their residence they are advised to contact the vacation rental office to confirm that the residence is empty. The last minute reservations are common so if there was no reservation for the residence a few days ago, there could be a member or guest staying. 

The rental agreement automatically renews august 1 each year if you are not willing to pay for a further year you can send a short notice 30 days prior to august 1 and cancel your agreement program. 

The daily service charges for one bedroom are $15 and $25 for two bedrooms residence. This fee is sometimes mistaken for a housekeeping fee but it is a club fee which is collected and distributed to the club’s hourly employees, as specified in the club’s Human Resources Compensation Plan. 

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