Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit

Jonathan club membership is a private club in Los Angeles and it is attracting new  members with reduced prices for membership. First people have to pay initiation fee $7500 and monthly fee $325 to the downtown Jonathan club but in recent changes or special offers they are providing discounts for new members for first 100 applicants initial cost is $2009 and monthly dues are $200/month.

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit

They are targeting young individuals who are between 21 to 35 years of age . Membership starting fee for junior members is $1500 to $3000 and monthly fee starts from $163 to $203. Comparison shows us $209 reduction in initiation charges and $100 less for monthly dues.

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How Much is Jonathan Club Membership?

Other charges are also included in this membership such as:

Capital Reserve Fee   Project Fee
Golf Membership = $1931$15,75
Executive Membership = $1327 $14,57
Racquet Membership= $1327$11,61
House Membership = $1327 $1161
Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit

The Food & Beverage service charges are $850 for family & $450 for single.

Cart Fee18 holes $33 + tax
9 holes $17 + tax
Guest FeesCart is not involved in this fee and tee time is available with approval of the golf shop.
Family Guest all courses: $65
Accompanied Guest: $100
Unaccompanied Guest : $300
Trail FeeTrail fee is non-transferable to guests and members can pay only cart fee for their guests.
Golf carts owners pay $1750 and annual fee is $2850
Annual Locker FeeLocker fee for one clubhouse is $100 and for both it is $160 annually. 
Racquets FeesFor accompanied guests it is $20 per play and for unaccompanied guests the cost is $25/play, children 12 years of age and under $10/play, ball machine $10/hour. 
Wellness Center FeeFor daily guests the charges are $20 per day and $100 per week.  

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How To Get Jonathan Club Membership?

The club is owned by a large corporation, ClubCorp and emphasised its diversity compared to other traditional clubs in the area. To become a member of Jonathan club you need to be referred by a current member or you will have to marry the existing member who will vouch for you.

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit

The club has strict criteria and limited spots available to join and you have to go through an application process.  You can find application procedure and specific information about membership from their website at or contact with town membership director Nadine Liauw at  (213) 312-5246 or 

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How To Cancel Jonathan Club Membership?

You can cancel its membership by providing a specific reason for cancellation prior to your billing cycle and must provide 15 days notice before submitting a cancel application. It is  better to interact with the club membership department directly and you can find information at their website or by calling the customer service number.

Their town club number is (213)-624-0881 and it is suggested to you please review their terms and conditions for cancellation to avoid any unnecessary penalty or charges.

How To Hold Jonathan Club Membership?

A member may request to freeze their membership payment for a period of two or three months in a year and break payment methods to start again in near future. You have to keep in mind that a pause notice will be given to the company minimum 5 days prior to the monthly billing cycle otherwise you will be charged for next month and your request will not be considered. To hold your membership for a specific time visit the membership website, submit an application form by providing basic details, following terms and rules. The other procedure is :

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit
  • Visit your club location
  • Please make aware front desk about your request
  • Fill out the form
  • Provide payment if any required for freezing

Jonathan Club Membership Deals

Jonathan Club works to enrich the entire world with its services and facilities as well as focusing on prestige, influence and activism. It offers some deals and perks to enjoy the life and privilege of membership. Membership at city club is down 4 percent to assure their rank they are providing some discounts and innovation such as;

  • Discounted price special dinners
  • 93% sure off in Jonathan Town Club membership
  • Club allows to access to the Italian facilities in downtown
  • City club offers 30% discount for new members 
  • The regular fee ranges from $750 to $2500 with monthly fee $125 to $310

Jonathan Club Membership Discounts

Jonathan Club offers numerous discounts on membership purchase and other facilities to cater the needs of its members. Some discounts are given below

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit
  • 20% off tour with Jonathan Schofiled 
  • Offer can redeemed for pre-booked tour only and cannot be combined with any other offer
  • Members must pre-book tour by mailing at 
  • Bring a member and get 30% for entire year
  • An added bonus the new member will also enjoy same 30% discount in price for 1 year
  • Discounts in hotel bookings
  • Exclusive brand discounts
  • Additional 12% discount at Agoda homes
  • The Delphi 49% off today
  • Freehand Los Angeles 41% off today

Jonathan Club Benefits

Jonathan club set the standard of living high with intuitive amenities and privileges like premium dining, wellness and event programming. Members can get relaxed by accompanying friends and family in the space given by the club. Here you will get the opportunity to make your life comfortable and access to private community for the personal and professional sport. Here are some benefits included in your membership;

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit
  • Get guest privilege with membership
  • Gym and fitness centre with latest technology
  • Daily group fitness classes
  • Indoor pools access
  • Enjoy athletic courts
  • Spa facilities 
  • Special hotel stay rates
  • Reciprocal club access
  • Early access to member only events
  • Dining with mastered chef and drinking venues 
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Free use of library
  • App connectivity with mobile
  • Community services
  • Coworking places for work
  • Avail private rooms
  • Valet parking opportunity

Jonathan Club Membership Promo code

Membership avails the opportunity to save money by purchasing items and other things  by using Jonathan promo codes. Some promo codes are here;

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit
  • 30% off Jonathan park discount code
  • Great saving on selected products
  • Get discount on $1000 items
  • 30% off on selected items

Jonathan Club Membership Levels

Jonathan is an elite club where members will have access to Santa Monica and a towering twelve story building in downtown LA known as a great American Legacy. The people who work to propel the future with collaboration of community get its membership and their main target is innovation, culture and education developments. 

Monthly Membership

Club offers monthly membership for every one who will be sponsored by any joining member or marry with an existing member by paying the initial charges $45,000 and monthly cost for this is $500 per month for every one. 

Golf Membership

Club offers two types of golf membership for its members to get better experiences.

Golf Equity

Golf equity total joining fee is $151,500 total , non refundable fee is $100,500 and refundable amount is $51,000 annual family dues are $17,877 and single dues $15,195 annually. Its value is 80% equity in the market.

Jonathan Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Visit

Golf Non-refundable

It costs $120,000 total fee ,$115,000 non-refundable amount and $5,000 refundable amount is included in this membership for individual and family. 

Executive Membership

This type of membership involves a non-refundable amount and is provided to the members who are under the age of 50 years. Initiation fee for this is $25,000 and non-refundable amount is $20,000, $5,000 can be refunded as well as annual fee for family is $8,939 and individual fee $7,598. 

Racquet Membership

This membership is two types: equity and non-refundable.

Racquet equity

The starting fee for this is $21,000 and non-refundable amount is $16,000 with $5,000 refundable amount. Annual charges for families are $7,151 and for individuals $6,178 with 50% equity market value. 

Racquet non-refundable

Joining fee is $15,000, non-refundable amount is $13,000 and $2,000 is a refundable amount for this plan.

House Membership

Jonathan club accommodating house membership with both non-refundable and equity plans;

House Equity

Total fee to get this package is $11,500, $4,000 is refundable amount and $7,500 is non-refundable with annual family fee $3,402 and individual fee is $2,892. 50% based on equity amount paid.

House Non-refundable

This plan involves an initial fee that will be payable $9,000 and non-refundable amount is $8,000 with $1,000 is refundable cost. 

Jonathan Club Contact Details

To interact with their customer care services regarding any problem or information you can contact at  (213) 624-0881 Town Club and Beach Club at (310) 393-9245

  • Address Town Club: 545 S Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90071
  • Open 24 hours
  • Address Beach Club: 850 Palisades Beach Rd.Santa Monica, CA 90071
  • Open Daily 6:00 AM – 9:30 PM
  • Email:

Jonathan Social Media


The main dress for the room is a collared shirt with slacks, khakis, jeans and closed-toe shoes. Hats and caps are not allowed. For women dressing includes skirts, pantsuits and blouses, sweaters or tops, jeans and dress shoes.

You call Jonathan Davis at (860) 930-5780 or contact via email at for the billing queries. 

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