Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

Curves Fitness membership costs might vary from $40 to $60 a month on average but both at home and at clubs with a coach that costs about $130. In-club, costing around $99 for a coach or at home with a roughly $99 coach Curves has a range of membership choices, including basic, premium, yearly, and monthly options.

The location and bundle of a membership affect its cost. In general, monthly costs are less than those of full-service gyms. Depending on the location and promotions, certain places could need an upfront payment known as an initiation fee. For an additional cost, you may acquire other services like dietary advice or personal training sessions. Membership contracts come in a variety of forms; some require a minimum commitment time, while others provide month-to-month flexibility.

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About Curves Fitness Details

Curves Gym is a fitness franchise that caters mostly to women and offers a distinctive circuit training method of exercise. Curves, which was founded in the 1990s, became well-known for its encouraging and approachable atmosphere that catered to women of all ages and fitness abilities. The gym’s distinctive circuit, which combines aerobic stations with strength training machines, offers a full-body workout in only thirty minutes.

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

Curves place a strong emphasis on building a feeling of community. Through social activities and group exercise, many locations encourage friendship among members. Although Curves’ original emphasis was just on circuit exercise, some of their sites may now include extra services like specialized seminars or nutritional advice. Curves Gym is a friendly place where women may pursue their fitness objectives in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, with a focus on efficiency, accessibility, and encouragement.

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Curves Fitness Membership Plans

Curves Fitness offers several membership plans for the customers. They are based on the needs of people and their budget. Curves Membership Plans are given below : 

Curves Fitness Monthly Basic Plan

It costs around $35 per month. The initiation fee for a basic monthly plan is $149. There isn’t any cancellation fee for this plan. The Monthly Basic Plan is one of their membership choices. However, the details can change based on where you live and what they have available at the time. Curves’ basic plans usually include access to their facilities during normal business hours, help with using their equipment, and maybe even some basic fitness tests or talks with staff.

Curves Fitness Monthly Premium Plan

It costs you $49.50 per month. The initiation fee for this plan is $149.99. The Curves Fitness Monthly Premium Plan covers a lot of different aspects of exercise and health. It comes with a Nutrition & Weight Management Programme that helps you lose weight in a healthy, balanced way that you can keep up.

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

Each week, you can learn at your own pace about different parts of nutrition and healthy eating habits. The programme also includes weight loss meal plans for each phase, as well as weekly check-ins with a Curves guide to get support and hold you accountable.

Curves Fitness Yearly Basic Plan

It costs you $419 per year. The initiation fee for this plan is $149 and it is easy to cancel anytime. Curves Fitness would probably let you use their facilities and services for a whole year, just like their monthly plans, but with the extra benefit of being able to save money and time by making a longer commitment.

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Curves Fitness Yearly Premium Plan

It costs you $549 per year with the same $149 of initiation fee and it refers the members to a longer commitment with the premium membership plan. If it were available, it might have perks like : 

  • Having access to more exercise classes or programmes.
  • sessions of personalized coaching or training.
  • Better services or perks.
  • Cash back or discounts on goods or extra services.
  • Setting up meetings or classes first. 

Curves on-demand workout from home

It costs you $24.99 per month. Curves On-Demand is an online platform by Curves Fitness that allows members to access workout videos and routines from home. It offers full-body workouts, cardio workouts, strength training, and flexibility and stretching exercises.

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

Users can subscribe to the platform for personalized workout recommendations and progress tracking. Additional features include personalized workouts and nutritional guidance.

Membership PlanInitiation FeeMonthly/Yearly FeeCancelation Fee
Monthly Basic Plan$149$34.50$0.00
Monthly Premium Plan$149$49.50$0.00
Yearly Basic Plan$149$419$0.00
Yearly Premium Plan$149$549$0.00
On-Demand workout from home  –$24.99$0.00

Curves Fitness Locations & Prices

Geographical LocationPrice Quoted
New York$12.95/week
North Carolina$39/month + $100 one-time fee for weight loss program
North Carolina$35/month
Texas$660 upfront for entire year
Washington$31/month with automatic withdrawal activated

Curves Fitness Membership Deals & Discounts

Yes, here are some discounts and deals for Curves Fitness:

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review
  • Curves gives you a free workout with a Curves Coach. This includes getting to know their teachers, the club, and their gear.
  • There is a page on Curves that is just for deals that can save users time and money. They give deals on many goods and services. For instance, if you enter the code Curves20 at checkout, you can save 20% on NIMBL Percussion Massagers.
  • You can find a wide range of Curves coupons and promo codes on websites like RetailMeNot and Goodshop.
  • Some deals let you save money when you buy a full membership.

Curves Fitness Membership Benefits

As a Curves member, you’ll get a lot of health-related perks. Let’s talk about the benefits:

  • Effective Workouts: Curves have easy 30-minute workouts that include exercise, strength training, and stretches. You’ll make your whole body stronger in this short time, which will set you up for a healthy future.
  • Programs Designed for Women: Curves’ exercise programs are made for women. You’ll be able to find workouts that work with your lifestyle and plan, whether you like to work out in a club or at home.
  • Community: When you join Curves, you become part of a friendly group of women who share your interests. You’ll get inspiration, support, and even a little fun while you work out.
  • Helpful coaches: You’re not alone at Curves. Every workout comes with a personal Curves Coach who helps you, holds you accountable, and meets with you once a month.
  • Personalized Workout Plans: Depending on the level of participation, members may be able to get personalized workout plans or one-on-one sessions with fitness trainers to help them meet their specific goals, like losing weight, building muscle, or maintaining good health and wellness in general.
  • Flexibility: Many Curves Fitness centers offer different membership plans, such as monthly, weekly, or yearly ones, so members can pick the one that works best for them and their budget.
  • Nutritional Advice: Some Curves Fitness sites may offer nutritional advice or tools to help members make healthier choices and get better results while they work out.

How to Join Curves Fitness Membership

Joining Curves Fitness Membership is a straightforward process. You can do the following:

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review
  • Find a Curves Club: Find the Curves club that is closest to you.
  • Sign up for a Free Workout: New members of Curves can get a free workout with a coach. This includes getting to know their teachers, the club, and their gear.
  • Meeting: Call the Curves club near you to set up a time for a free tour and meeting. The Curves teacher will show you around and talk about how the programme works.
  • Pick a subscription Plan: Curves has different subscription plans. Pick a plan that works for your income and exercise goals.
  • Sign Up: Once you’ve chosen a plan, you can sign up for a membership. 

How to Cancel Curves Fitness Membership

There are a few steps you need to take to cancel your Curves Fitness membership:

  • Examine your membership agreement: Make sure you understand all of the membership agreement’s conditions and terms, especially the part about canceling.
  • Curves’ customer service: Curves customer service can be reached by phone or email to let them know you want to cancel your contract.
  • Online Cancellation: You can end your membership in MyCurves on Demand online if you have an account. These are the steps:
  • Sign in to your account on MyCurves on Demand.
  • There is a “Profile” button in the upper right corner.
  • It’s “Account Information” for you.
  • Press the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Curves Fitness Membership Renewal

There are a few steps you need to take to renew your Curves Fitness contract. Know this:

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review
  • Membership Renewal: Curves Fitness monthly memberships will renew instantly every month at the same payment terms and billing date that were set when the membership was first signed up.
  • Cancellation or Changes: You must stop or make changes to the plan 30 days before the next pay cycle or the end of the plan. It is up to the member to keep track of when their registration ends and when it needs to be renewed.
  • Cost of Membership: Curves’ regular month-to-month plan costs $34.49, and the first month costs $149.99. Most Curves clubs have a more expensive plan that costs $49.59 a month and has a one-time fee of $149.99.
  • Additional Information: If you have a question or comment that you think the Corporate office should look over, please send it to 

Don’t forget that each Curves club is privately owned and run by business owners in your area. So, to get the most exact information, you should call the Curves club closest to you. 

Curves Fitness Guest Policy

Curves has a guest programme that lets users bring other people with them to work out. The maximum number of people that each member can bring may change based on where they live and how their membership is set up.

Most of the time, people have to sign a contract and pay a fee each time they come. The policy also tells people what the rules are and how they should act while they’re at the club.

Types of Classes in Curves Fitness

Curves members can choose from a range of exercise classes that are meant to meet the needs of people with different fitness goals and preferences. These are some of the most well-known classes at Curves:

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review
  • The Curves Circuit is a 30-minute workout that mixes power training and exercise.
  • Boxing moves are used in Curves Boxing, which is a tough workout.
  • A class called “Dancing and Tone” mixes dancing moves with strength-training activities.
  • Body Balance: Relaxing and stretching are very important.

Because the classes offered can be different in different locations, you should call the Curves Fitness center near you to find out more about the classes they offer.

What is MyCurve on demand ?

MyCurves on Demand offers a convenient online Curves membership that brings workouts right to your home. Our programmes, crafted by industry professionals, prioritize strength training and functional movement. The instructors leading the programme are highly qualified, ensuring that you always receive top-notch guidance.

Additionally, new content is consistently added on a monthly basis, ensuring that you will always have fresh material to work with. In addition to a live virtual tour led by a Curves coach, MyCurves members have access to monthly challenges, audio workouts, downloadable workouts, and the chance to join a private community of women who are all working towards various fitness goals.

There are three tiers available for a MyCurves on Demand membership:

  • I’m ready to start at $39.99 a month.
  • I need a band priced at $39.99 a month, as well as $79.99 for the first month, that comes with a free resistance band.
  • I need the support of a Coach and Community labeled the ‘most supportive’ option, the third tier is priced at $99.99 a month. 

Is Curves Fitness Membership worth It

Your exercise priorities and way of life will determine if a Curves exercise Membership is worthwhile. If you appreciate the convenience of having a well-organized workout circuit tailored for women, along with the expert guidance and support of trained coaches, then a membership might be advantageous for you.

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

The supportive environment at Curves Fitness centers can also help keep you motivated and accountable. Nevertheless, it is crucial to take into account the price of the membership and determine if you will make sufficient use of the facilities and services to warrant the expenditure. Furthermore, by evaluating the benefits of a Curves Fitness membership in relation to other fitness options in your area, you can determine if it provides the most advantageous value for your specific requirements.

Curves Fitness Membership Review


Curves Fitness memberships provide numerous benefits for those looking for a supportive and organized approach to their fitness goals. Curves Fitness centers offer structured workouts that are designed specifically for women, providing a notable benefit. For individuals who enjoy a more structured approach to their exercise routine and don’t want the hassle of creating their own workouts, this circuit format can be quite beneficial.

The sense of community can offer motivation, encouragement, and a sense of responsibility, which can make the fitness journey more enjoyable and sustainable. In addition, Curves Fitness centers usually offer guidance and support from knowledgeable coaches or staff members. They can help with using equipment correctly, creating customized workout plans, and providing motivation throughout your fitness journey. The personalized attention provided can be extremely valuable, particularly for those who are new to exercise or facing specific challenges.

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Although Curves Fitness memberships come with numerous benefits, it’s important to be aware of certain limitations and drawbacks. A possible drawback is the relatively smaller selection of equipment offered at Curves Fitness centers in comparison to larger gyms or fitness studios.

Curves Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trails & Review

Although the structured circuit format has its advantages for certain people, it may feel restrictive for those seeking more workout options and equipment variety. For certain people, the cost of a Curves Fitness membership could play a big role in determining its value. In addition, it’s important to note that although Curves Fitness centers provide a supportive environment and guidance from coaches, the workouts may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with specific training goals or varying fitness levels.

Experienced fitness enthusiasts or individuals looking for more specific programmes may find that the offerings at Curves Fitness centers may not fully meet their needs.

Curves Fitness Contact Details

  • Customer care number : (800) 848-1096
  • Email : 
  • Address : 2545 Musgrave Street, Victoria


Membership options at Curves gym include in-club access and the convenience of at-home coaching, all for a price of approximately $130. Join our exclusive club and get access to a highly skilled coach for just $99. Enjoy the convenience of having a coach in the comfort of your own home, all for just $99.

You have the option to cancel your Subscription renewal by accessing your online account management page. Please note that a valid payment method, such as a credit card, is necessary in order to successfully process the payment for your Subscription.

Yes, it is. Including 39 countries more, with the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan

According to federal law, it is prohibited to engage in any form of discrimination based on sex. Discrimination is considered illegal regardless of whether it targets women or men. So, man can go to some of the Curves centers but not all.

If you have any questions about the cancellation terms for your MyCurves On Demand membership, which was purchased or serviced through a local Curves club, please reach out to the club directly. Please direct all inquiries to the local Curves club where the MyCurves On Demand membership was purchased.

If you ever decide to cancel your account, you have the option to do so by sending us an email at or reaching out to us through the Curve app. If you decide to cancel your subscription within the first 14 days of signing up, you will receive a refund for any fees you have paid.

Our Curves women’s gym workout is carefully crafted to target and tone your entire body in a quick and efficient 30-minute session. This workout seamlessly blends together strength training, cardio exercises, and stretching to provide a well-rounded fitness experience.

The Curves Nutrition Programme, combined with consistent strength training using the Curves workout, aims to reduce body fat, enhance lean muscle mass, and boost metabolism.

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