Powerhouse Gym Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts & Free Trials

Powerhouse Gym Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts & Free Trials

Powerhouse Gym membership opens us a world of exercise opportunities. With cutting-edge technology and professional coaches, it’s a refuge for individuals serious about their health quest. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting out, there’s something for everyone. The diversity, which includes cardio machines, free weights, and everything in between, guarantees that each exercise is lively and effective.

Powerhouse Gym Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Discounts & Free Trials

Additionally, the supporting community promotes drive and responsibility. With flexible membership choices that include access to group courses and personalized training programs, you can achieve your fitness objectives. Aside from the physical benefits, membership provides a sense of community and empowerment. Joining Powerhouse Gym is more than simply fitness; it is about adopting a healthy and vigorous lifestyle.

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Powerhouse Gym Membership Plans

When it comes to membership programs or plans, Powerhouse Gym subscription provides the best match for your fitness demands. All of our members receive a free introduction with one of our professional trainers, as well as complementary childcare. We do not demand contracts; we merely ask for 30 days notice to cancel.

Is Powerhouses Gym Membership worth it ?

Powerhouse Gym Standard Membership 

It costs you $35 per month at an average. It Includes Group Fitness Classes with auto debit. $50.00 processing fee and $30.00 yearly enhancement fee. is your entry point to a world-class workout experience. It is meant to help you reach your fitness objectives in an efficient and effective manner by providing access to cutting-edge equipment, skilled personnel, and a friendly community. A normal membership provides unrestricted access to cutting-edge amenities such as cardio machines, weightlifting equipment, and functional training rooms.

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Powerhouse Gym Membership Cost

Powerhouse Gym The Works Membership 

It costs you $58 per month and it Includes Group Fitness Classes and unlimited Studioworks Yoga with auto debit. $50.00 processing fee and $50.00 yearly enhancement fee. is the perfect bundle for fitness enthusiasts who want a full and personalised experience. It provides unrestricted access to all premium facilities and services, including cutting-edge equipment, specialised functional training spaces, and beautiful locker rooms with towel service and sauna access.

Powerhouse Gym Student Membership

It costs you $38 per month you have to present your college ID for this rate. You can auto debit or month-by-month. is designed to meet students’ busy schedules and finances while giving access to high-quality exercise facilities. This membership option provides lower pricing tailored exclusively for students, making it accessible to those on a tighter budget. Despite the lower cost, students continue to have access to a variety of equipment and services, allowing them to efficiently pursue their fitness goals.

THM Membership

Powerhouse Gym Temporary Membership Options

You can get Powerhouse Membership on temporary basis also, you have multiple options here.

DurationCost $
One Week$55
Two Week$70
One Month$60
3 Months$140
6 Months$240

It is a flexible alternative for those looking for short-term access to high-end exercise facilities. This membership option is ideal for travellers, temporary residents, or those who prefer shorter commitment periods. It provides access to state-of-the-art equipment and services for a certain term. Whether you’re in town for a few days, weeks, or months, you can reap the advantages of Powerhouse Gym without making a long-term commitment

Powerhouse Gym Membership Benefits 

Powerhouse Gym subscription offers you a whole world of benefits that are designed to enhance your journey with the company. Here are the main benefits this membership provides you :

Powerhouse Gym Membership Benefits 
  • Expert Guidance : They have professional trainers who help you to reach your fitness goals more efficiently with their expertise.
  • Group Fitness Classes : Group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga and strength training help you engage with a variety of people.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities : They have top-quality machines, equipment’s and functional training systems that helps you at the best capacity.
  • Community Support : Join a friendly community of people who inspire and motivate one another on their fitness adventures, creating a sense of camaraderie and responsibility.
  • Personal Training : If you want to take your fitness to the next level, consider signing up for personal training sessions. Trained specialists lead these sessions, tailoring workouts to your unique needs and helping you maximize results.
  • Additional Amenities : Beyond the fundamentals, Powerhouse Gym provides a variety of facilities such as daycare, swimming pools, basketball or racquetball courts, and private locker rooms. These things contribute to an overall fitness experience

Powerhouse Gym Membership Gifts and perks

Powerhouse Gym subscription includes different discounts, gifts and perks for their members.

Free Guest permits: Use complimentary guest permits to invite friends or family members to the gym.

Special products: As a gift of appreciation, you will get special products such as branded shirts, water bottles, and gym accessories.

Powerhouse Gym Membership Gifts and perks

Additional Services: Get a discount on personal training sessions, nutrition coaching, and specialised classes.

Referral Rewards: Receive benefits for referring friends or family members who join up for a membership, such as reduced membership costs or free upgrades.

Membership Renewal Incentives: When you renew your membership, you will receive special discounts or gifts to encourage you to continue working towards your fitness objectives.

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How to Join Powerhouse Gym Membership

Their subscription plan is invoiced monthly by credit card. Our memberships are valid at any Powerhouse Gym location. You must follow these instructions to join Powerhouse Gym subscription :

  • Visit the local Powerhouse Gym or their official website.
  • Investigate membership alternatives and select the one that best meets your requirements (standard, The Works, student, temporary, etc.).
  • Complete the membership application form either online or at the gym.
  • Provide the required personal information, such as your name, contact information, and identity.
  • Choose your desired payment plan and submit payment information.
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.
  • Get your membership card or confirmation via email.
How to Join Powerhouse Gym Membership

Our month-to-month plan requires a $1 down payment with a valid credit card. With our subscription, you have access to the gym at any time.  $24.95 per month plus relevant taxes. This deal requires no monthly commitment.  There is a $29.00 annual club upgrade charge.

Powerhouse Gym Membership Renewal

If this is a renewable membership, it will renew on a monthly basis with no additional initiation fees. Annual rate increases are limited at 10%.

To cancel, please complete a cancellation form at the front desk and provide 30 days’ notice. You will not be responsible for any additional payments beyond the notice period. Before finalizing your renewal, be sure to study any modifications to terms and conditions or membership agreements. If you have any questions or need assistance, the gym’s staff will gladly guide you through the renewal process.

Powerhouse Gym Membership Cancellation 

You can cancel Powerhouse Gym subscription by your online template and fill it out with innovative features. Enjoy the clever fillable fields and interaction. Follow these basic instructions:

Powerhouse Gym Membership Cancellation 
  • Click the orange Get Form button to begin editing.
  • Turn on the Wizard mode in the upper toolbar for more advice.
  • Fill in every fillable space.
  • Make sure the information you enter on the MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM – Powerhouse Gym is up to date and accurate.
  • Use the Date option to include the date in the template.
  • Click the Sign tool to create an e-signature. There are three options: type, draw, or capture one.
  • Double-check that every area has been filled out accurately.
  • To save or submit the file, select Done in the upper right corner.

Is Powerhouses Gym Membership worth it ?

Powerhouse Gym has a wide range of amenities and services, making it a popular option among fitness aficionados. Powerhouse Gym offers low prices and no long-term obligations. They provide three membership tiers to meet a variety of demands, including equipment quality, group programmes, personal training, and access to facilities. If they match your fitness objectives, it may be worthwhile.

Some customers report that IM West, another gym, becomes overcrowded during peak hours. If you prefer a less packed setting, Powerhouse Gym may be a better option. Location is also important; Powerhouse is only a short bus trip from your dorm, so it may be more convenient for you. Compare Powerhouse Gym to other major chain gyms, such as Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness. Consider their membership.

Powerhouse Gym Membership Contact Details

  • Phone : (508) 833-7976 , 813.875.1600
  • Address : 7 Herring Pond Rd Plymouth, MA 02360
  • Email : powerhousegymfitnescenter@gmail.com 
  • Website : info@PGAthelticClub.com 

Powerhouse Gym Social Media


Yes, Membership gives you access to all the Powerhouse Gym sites.

You may alter your preferences at any time, free of charge; any changes will take up to 20 minutes to take effect. You can pick and visit any gym in our estate without altering your direct debit amount, however the cost of a LIVE IT will be increased.

Powerhouse Gym is a fitness leader in his own market. Many top celebrities in the world trained at Powerhouse Gym including The Rock, Cameron Diaz and John Travolta.

Gyms rely on these fees to cover operating and equipment costs, so using a membership subscription model makes sense since it ensures regular and steady income over time. To utilize a gym, you will most likely require a membership.

Refunds typically take 7-10 working days to reflect in your account, but can take up to 14 working days from the moment we get your item back at our warehouse. If you haven’t received your refund after two weeks, please contact us.

The Powerhouse Gym network was founded in 1974 by brothers William and Norman Dabish, starting with a single inner-city location in Highland Park, Michigan.

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