B&N Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts, Promo Codes

B&N Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts, Promo Codes

B&N Membership stands for Barnes and Noble. It is a well known bookseller in the United States. B&N operates through a chain of bookstores and online selling books. They offer a variety of books, e-books and educational products as well. They have the largest retail outlet in America and this company was founded in 1986 in New York.

B&N Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts, Promo Codes


How Much is B&N Membership?

The premium membership fee is $39.99 currently and reward membership is a free program including no fee for joining. Membership fee is not refundable, however they refund your fee if you cancel your membership after purchase in 30 days and do not use any discount and perks during your membership. After 30 days of subscription you are accessible to refund your payment according to our policy. 

B&N Membership Deals

Join B&N and get exclusive deals and discounts 

How Much is B&N Membership?
  • Barnes&Noble offers discounts and perks 
  • You can save money by purchasing products
  • You can avail exclusive gifts annually with membership

B&N Membership Discounts

B&N accommodates multiple discounts in merchandise and retail products for its premier members. Premier membership avail 10% discounts on each and every thing that purchase made at Barnes & Noble, Paper Source Stores and online at BN.com including free shipping, free drinks at cafe and free tote bag to the members each year. 

B&N Subscription Levels

Firstly they were providing just one membership annually and now they divided this membership into two parts 

B&N Premium membership

Premium membership annually costs $39.99 and includes a 10% discount on eligible items purchased from stores, online at bn.com or from Barnes & Noble. It also includes free shipping, free tote bags each year and free drinks as well as many other discounts and all benefits of reward membership. 

B&N Membership Discounts

B&N Reward membership

This membership is included with premium membership but it can be purchased separately for free. In this membership you will earn 1 stamp for every $10 spent in purchasing from stores or online and you can redeem 10 stamps for $5 which can be used at bn.com or Paper store or Barnes & Noble. 

B&N Membership Benefits

B&N catering multiple offers for their membership holders so they can enjoy their ravishing services 

  • Get $5 for 10 stamps
  • 10% off at almost everything which purchased from stores or online from B&N
  • Free shipping without any charges
  • Get a tote of value $19.99 every year from membership
  • 10% off at accessories
  • One free e-book per month from B&N
  • Get B&N cafe treat for your children birthday
  • Get exclusive offers in booking at your birthday
  • Free upgrade 
  • Early access to special event and fest 
  • Free craft at Paper Source 
  • Get offers and discount for special members-only
  • 40% discount on hardcover hot selling books
  • 20% discount coupons are often available online
  • 20% off for first shop in store

B&N Membership Gift Cards

Gifts cards are a great way to give the gift of books to your loved ones with discounts. These gift cards are used to purchase from stores or online as well as you can purchase a membership from these gift cards including other services or products. Renewal process is also eligible through gift cards. 

B&N Membership Gift Cards

B&N Membership Promotions

Barnes & Noble provides multiple coupons and codes for promotion their services and stores

  • Get 50% off in fiction  books
  • 50% off in non-fiction books
  • 50% off in Teen & YA books
  • 50% off in selected kids books
  • Buy 1 get 1 and 50% off in all puzzle
  • 50% off purchasing arrow video
  • $20 off purchasing NOOK Glowlight 4e
  • With the purchase of kid book  get “Cupig” only $9.99
  • 30% off reading accessories
  • 30% off in selected journals
  • 30% off at candle and scents
  • 30% off for home decor
  • 30% off tote and bags
  • Shop and get 30% off at stationary
  • 50% off at selected drink wear
  • Get Bingeable beginnings ebooks up to 85% off 
  • Buy 1 and get one 50% off mystery and thriller books
  • Buy 1 and get 1 50% off graphic novel
  • Buy one and get 1 50% off books for 6-8 year old children
  • Buy one get one 50% off picture book
  • Up to 30% off for flash kids

How to Join a B&N Membership?

If you are willing to join the membership the process is simple you can visit their web page to sign up or you can sign up in person from Barnes & Noble store near you. 

B&N Membership Benefits

How To Cancel B&N Membership?

Members have the right to cancel their membership any time during the year. Contact member service at membership@bn.com or at -866-238-7323 or present your membership card at customer service desk in person and cancel your membership. You must inform their staff about cancellation prior to submitting the request and make sure and receive a confirmation email from them. 

B&N Membership Renewal

Members have the option to renew their membership at any time at B&N, Paper Source stores and online at bn.com. It is better to renew your membership after the expiration of your period of purchase rather than purchasing a new membership after expiration. The renewal is better than purchasing because you can save yourself from disruption in your stamp and reward balance and to ensure that you continuously receive offers and experiences.  The cost of membership is $39.99 per year and there are no extra charges for renewing. 

Is B&N Membership Worth It?

Is B&N Membership Worth It?

Barnes & Noble is not stuck in the past; they are expanding their business online and physical. They offer their services of e-books, audiobooks and other services to  their members. With all the options and exclusive gifts and discounts $39.99 per year is worth paying for membership. If you are a bibliophile or book enthusiast or omnilegent then the membership of Barnes & Noble is worth it for you. 

B&N Contact Details 

To comment in general and to know more about membership and offers you can contact at -866-238-7323 or contact at https://help.barnesandnoble.com/hc/en-us help line customer care for more assistance.

B&N Social Media


There are two ways of membership online: bn.com or enter your membership number for the checkout process.

To get your membership sign in to the account scroll membership section and click on manage membership option to view your number, expiry date or edit your details.

You can save 10% on each and every eligible purchase per day.

To use your membership discounts you simply have to provide a membership card and discount is automatically applied at your all purchase. 

Membership number is a code which describes your enrollment for membership at B&N stores and cafes.

Premium membership is $39.99 per year and it renews automatically at the end of the period and if you are not interested in paying so this membership is converted into free membership automatically. 

B&N is providing stamps on every $10 purchase and after 10 stamps you can redeem these stamps as a reward of $5 at stores or from bn.com.

Yes they buy textbooks but you have to note that other books are not confirmed whether they were purchased or not. 

You can read books at bn.com and buy eBooks from this app, find the book by name/other/subject and add it to cart.

They give refunds to their customers who are not happy with their book purchase, the fund will be reflected on your sales report and the amount will be taken from your next payment.

This business is growing day by day and last year its growth was 4%. 

No membership is valid only for members any other person is not eligible to use membership. 

At B&N exclusive you will view exclusive books, vinyl, hobbies and collectibles, gifts and more special products. 

User can select a method whether he wants to publish an eBook or a print book then B&N will help him in publishing and guide him about publications. 

Yes Barnes and Noble offers a peaceful environment to its members for study. Even if you have no money to purchase, you are allowed to study in a comfortable environment.

There are some steps which you to follow to sell your book

  • Identify your target audience and find your community
  • Understand your community needs and engage in activities with them
  • Promote your book enthusiastically and don’t be shy
  • Create a sense of urgency for promotion by offering limited time deals
  • Keep interest in your books and find the ways to keep audience attracted with your books

Yes the NOOK app is free and you can download it for your android mobile phones or tablet to enjoy all fascinated content. 

The membership is not refundable however they refund your payment if you are not interested in membership and you did not use any discount from their stores. 

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