Clear Membership Cost 2024 & Customer Care Services, Benefits, Discounts

Clear Membership Cost 2024 & Customer Care Services, Benefits, Discounts

Clear membership allows for faster security clearance at airports, resulting in a more hassle-free travel experience. Members go through a one-time biometric identity verification process, allowing them to pass through security checkpoints without having to provide identification or boarding credentials. Clear allows travelers to save crucial time and avoid long lines, resulting in a stress-free journey.

Clear Membership Cost 2024 & Customer Care Services, Benefits, Discounts

Membership perks extend beyond airports, including expedited admission to select stadiums and venues, making it even more convenient for members. Clear priorities efficiency and security by utilizing innovative technology and biometrics, reinventing how people move through numerous checkpoints. Joining Clear speeds the travel procedure, allowing members to focus on their journey instead of standing in queues.


How Much Is Clear Membership ? 

The normal yearly CLEAR Subscription fee is $189. However, the price may change depending on the enrollee’s eligibility for discounts and promotions. For example, Delta Airlines SkyMiles members can join in CLEAR Plus for $179 per year. CLEAR is a biometric identity verification program that allows subscribers to circumvent long security lines at US airports by scanning their fingerprints or iris. The service costs substantially more than other preclearance programs for air travelers, such as TSA Pre Check, Global Entry, and NEXUS. 

Clear Health Pass 

You can choose to participate in the CLEAR Health Pass, which allows members to utilise and share their health data or information generated from it to gain entry to locations that accept the CLEAR Health Pass for this reason.

CLEAR Health Pass is a tool utilized by certain of our partners to assist them determine access to specific regions or venues. CLEAR does not guarantee or make any guarantees about the accuracy of anybody else’s usage of CLEAR Heath Pass, nor does CLEAR guarantee that you will be safe from infection or any other medical problem if you use CLEAR Health Pass or visit a place or region that uses CLEAR Health Pass.

Clear Subscription Deals & Discounts 

Clear Subscription offers you plenty of deals and discounts :

How Much Is Clear Membership ? 

Members of Delta Airlines

 SkyMiles programme can enlist in CLEAR Plus for $179 per year, a $10 reduction off the normal price of $12.

United Airlines’ MileagePlus

 This program can save $80 on CLEAR Subscription .

 Credit cards:

 Some credit cards provide discounts for CLEAR Subscription . For example, United Explorer Cardholders can receive a $100 statement credit after making $500 in transactions within the first three months of account opening. 


CLEAR occasionally runs deals that include savings on membership costs. For example, in 2022, CLEAR had a promotion in which new members may sign up for a free six-month trial of CLEAR.

Clear Membership Benefits

Clear Subscription Levels

Clear Plus membership comes with 2 levels depending on your requirements and budget plans.

Clear Individual Membership 

It costs your $189/year and it gives you access to 100+ CLEAR lanes and 55+ airports across country. It gives you a secure digital identity as a proof that you were at the airport. It gives you a feature that your family members under 18 can join you in the CLEAR lane. 

Clear Family Membership 

It costs you $189/year and $99/person, it helps you with money and saves your time. You can add up to three family members (adults) to your account. You can travel together or separately on this membership with your family. It’s open to your family and friends as well.

Clear Membership Benefits

Clear is only offered at about a dozen domestic airports. Members use a speedier queue to scan their fingerprint or iris before proceeding directly to the security lane. Clear is also accessible at other locations that require a queue for security checks, such as stadiums. As an added benefit, Clear Subscription grants you gratis Avis Preferred Plus status in Avios’ loyalty program.

Clear Subscription offers you a lot of benefits, few of them are given below :

Clear Membership Benefits
  • Saves your time in standing long lines of security and provides you convenience with a touch of privilege.
  • Uses biometric authentication technology and secure your travel experience.
  • Gives you exciting feature of family add-on.
  • Gives you access to several discounts and programs offered by CLEAR. 
  • It enhances your experience at other events and venues. 
  • Furthermore, it gives you quick flyer options and credit card discounts. 

Avis Preferred Plus status provides benefits such as, a complimentary upgrade to single-car class is provided. The option to earn additional bonus points for each rental. Receive special deals and promotional discounts. To qualify for Avis Preferred Plus, you normally need to spend $4,000 on qualifying Avis purchases or complete ten rentals in a calendar year.

How To Get Clear Membership

You can get Clear Subscription by following these simple and convenient steps : 

  • Signup online and navigate to the membership section.
  • Provide all your necessary information including your DoB and adress.
  • Schedule for an enrollment center for biometric verification.
  • Choose your payment plans (monthly or yearly).

How To Cancel Clear Membership 

You can easily cancel your membership by just doing these few things : 

  • First of all, login to your account.
  • Find “account setting” or something similar.
  • Locate “cancel membership” option and follow all the instructions.
  • Confirm the cancellation process by reading all the terms and conditions.
  • Check your payment method to confirm that charges are no more deducted from your account. 

How To Pause Clear Membership 

They don’t offers a pause option specifically but you can contact their customer support. You can cancel your membership anytime and get that again anytime, so you don’t need to pause. Within first 60 days of cancellation, you will get refund also. Furthermore, you must read all the terms & conditions before confirming your payment details while getting membership. 

Is Clear Membership Worth It ?

$189 per year isn’t a small amount you pay for a little convenience and some privileges. It is worth it if you fly a lot on busy airports and it also depends whether your airport supports this membership or not. If yes, then it’s a worthy opportunity to get smart privileges and save your time. You can get this to your friends and family also, so it’s totally worth it.

Clear Subscription Contact

You can contact their website at or you can email them your queries on customer care support or 1-855-CLEARME(253-2763). 


It uses biometrics to replace your ID and documentation at airports, travelling places, stadiums and other venues. Biometrics include your eyes, fingerprints and your face.

CLEAR has been found by TSA to merit the NIST 800-53 High baseline for security and privacy control. It’s a certified system that protects your data.

CLEAR plus is the paid membership, you can move quicker on airports and places with convenience and no hurdle will come in your way. They are expanding to new terminals and airports across the country and you can get your queries answered on their customer support. 

Global entry is designed to save time for travelers going through U.S customers, CLEAR is designed for confirmation of identity before beginning airport screening process. 

You can add upto 3 family members in your membership account for $99 each. Family members under 18 can join you anyways, elder family members need to provide their name, date of birth and email address associated to your CLEAR Subscription . 

Download the Clear App, click on the blue Health Pass title and choose your location. Scan your picture and ID to confirm. 

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