Bellevue Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Tours

Bellevue Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Tours

Bellevue Club memberships generally run from $275 to $5,500, with monthly dues ranging from $6 to $300, depending on the membership category. However, all data should be viewed as estimations and may not be correct.

The Bellevue Club provides three categories of memberships: Athletic Resident, Social Resident, and Corporate Resident. Each of these alternatives has its own initiation costs and monthly dues, so carefully consider their qualifications and limits before making a selection.

Bellevue Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Tours

The Bellevue Club provides a variety of advantages and services, such as cutting-edge sporting facilities, wellness programs, gourmet eating alternatives, and social events. While estimates indicate that initiation costs begin at $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families, with monthly dues ranging from $87 to $270 depending on the membership type, it is critical to contact club officials immediately for an actual figure.

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The club provides a variety of membership options, including Athletic Resident, Social Resident, and Corporate Resident, each with its own set of criteria and constraints. Promotions and discounts may occasionally be available. Overall, joining the Bellevue Club is an investment in a holistic lifestyle experience tailored to a variety of interests and preferences. 

About Bellevue Club Subscription

Bellevue Club Subscription provides a premium living experience in the center of Bellevue, WA. With a long history spanning four decades, the club offers unrivaled amenities and services to individuals and families. Members get access to world-class exercise facilities such as modern gyms, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

Bellevue Club Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Free Tours

Furthermore, unique eating alternatives appeal to a wide range of preferences, while social events and networking opportunities promote a dynamic community feel. Wellness programs, spa services, and childcare facilities improve members’ overall pleasure. Bellevue Club Subscription embodies luxury and relaxation, whether you’re pursuing fitness objectives, dining on exquisite food, or networking with like-minded people.

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Bellevue Club Membership Benefits

Bellevue Club Subscription provides you a great range of benefits which is given bellow : 

  • Amenities – Sports and fitness enthusiasts will appreciate access to the club’s top-notch sporting facilities, which include golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a cardio and fitness center.
  • Business and Social Opportunities – The club serves as a hub for developing crucial contacts and relationships that will assist both your work and your social life.
  • Service and Ambiance – Many members like the overall luxurious experience of being treated in a sophisticated atmosphere. Attentive personnel are there to meet all of your requirements.
  • Family Use – The family pool, youth sports clinics, children’s camp, and daycare are all great benefits for families.
  • Exclusivity – Being a member of a selective, elite club offers cachet. 
  • Childcare facilities – It provides On-site childcare services and  ease for families.
  • Exclusive Member Events – Luxury of having Special events and activities designed for members. Access to exclusive member-only activities
  • Concierge services – Dedicated concierge assistance.Personalised service to match members’ demands. 

Tips to Minimize Bellevue Club Membership Cost 

If you decide to join the Bellevue Club, here are some recommendations to assist you reduce your overall membership costs:

Bellevue Club Membership Benefits
  • Consider joining with discounts, promotions, and rewards. Also, inquire about fee financing alternatives.
  • Consider a Flex membership without a significant upfront initiation price.
  • Start with a reduced Young Professional or Social membership, and then upgrade later.
  • Live nearby to qualify for Resident membership prices.
  • Add family members soon after joining for a better discount.
  • Pay the initiation cost in installments, if offered.
  • Limit additional costs such as classes, locker fees, and visitor charges.
  • Use the Bellevue Club hotel and venues for gatherings to offset food and beverage minimums.
  • Make the most of your membership by frequently use the club’s services and amenities. 

Bellevue Club Membership Discounts and Promotions

If you want to stay at their beautiful hotel, the Bellevue Club Hotel, you’ll be delighted to know that they frequently offer significant savings on hotel stays as part of their membership specials. Websites such as,, and Discount Voucher Coupons routinely provide discounts on a variety of items and services, including unique offers for high-end places such as the Bellevue Club.

How to Join Bellevue Club Membership 

To guarantee that you do not miss out on any current discounts or specials, visit both the Bellevue Club’s official website and these other sources. The club’s official website will give updates on ongoing promotions. Meanwhile, websites like and are continually updating their lists with fresh discounts from businesses across several industries.

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Bellevue Club Membership Levels

The Bellevue Club in Bellevue, Washington, is renowned for its opulent facilities and elite services. If you want to become a member, there are many membership options available to meet your unique needs. Below, we’ll cover various membership alternatives and their costs:

Bellevue Club Membership Discounts and Promotions

Bellevue Athletic Resident Membership: 

Athletic Resident Membership is ideal for those seeking an active and healthy lifestyle. With this membership, you’ll have access to cutting-edge sporting facilities including cardio and weight training rooms, swimming pools, group fitness programmes, tennis courts, and more. The initiation cost for families is $5,000, while individuals pay $2,500.

Monthly dues vary by age and rank. Families could expect to spend $270 per month, while single members would pay $178 per month. Seniors aged 72 and up pay a reduced cost of $203 for families and $133 for individuals. Intermediate members aged 19 to 24 pay a reduced monthly dues of $75. 

Bellevue Social Membership:

If you’re more interested in the social component of the club than the sports, a Social Membership might be ideal for you. This membership provides access to social amenities such as lounges and eating spaces where you may unwind and meet like-minded people. The initiation price for a Social Membership is $250.

Monthly dues for Social Members are $87 per month, which is affordable for an elite group that promotes connection and companionship. 

Bellevue Corporate Resident Membership:

The Corporate Resident Membership is excellent for business people who want to combine work and pleasure. This option enables businesses to give employees access to both sports and social facilities at the club, promoting a good work-life balance. The initiation fees are comparable to those for Athletic Resident Membership: each employee pays $5,000 for athletic privileges and $2,500 for social privileges.

Monthly dues can vary according to the benefits used. Employees who use sporting facilities will pay $270 per month, while those who only want to socialize would pay $87 per month. 

Bellevue Club Subscription Price Schedule

Membership TypeInitiation FeeFirst Year DuesFirst Year Minimum duesTotal First Year CostFive year cumulative cost
Athletic Resident$5,000$6,000 ($500 x 12 months)$1,500$12,500$42,000
Athletic Non-resident$7,500$7,800 ($650 x 12 months)$1,500$16,800$58,000
Corporate Resident$15,000$10,800 ($900 x 12 months)$3,600 ($300 x 12 months)$29,400$107,000
Social$10,000$3,300 ($275 x 12 months)$1,500$14,800$38,000

How to Join Bellevue Club Membership 

If you are interested in joining the exclusive Bellevue Club. You may begin taking use of the numerous amenities provided by this exclusive club by following the procedures described below : 

Bellevue Club Subscription Price Schedule
  • The Bellevue Club features a simple application process for prospective members. By visiting their website, you may find a membership application form designed to collect all of the necessary information for review.
  • This online form is user-friendly and ensures that your application is processed efficiently. 
  • If you want more personalized service, you may reach their membership staff directly at 425-688-3150 or

How to Cancel Bellevue Club Membership

You can cancel your Bellevue membership anytime by following these steps : 

  • Contact the Bellevue Club’s membership services department.
  • Inquire about the cancellation process and any applicable costs.
  • Follow their cancellation requirements, which may involve sending a written request or completing a cancellation form.
  • Please provide any relevant paperwork or information, such as your membership number or reason for cancellation.
  • Confirm the cancellation information, including the effective end date.
  • Set up the return of any club property, such as access cards or keys.
  • Keep track of your cancellation request and any communication for your records.

Bellevue Club Membership Renewal

Once logged in, follow the on-screen instructions to update your password. You can contact or call (425) 688-31501.

Is Bellevue Club Membership Worth it ?

Annual memberships at the Bellevue Club renew automatically after each term concludes.

You will get an automatic reminder via email 30 days before your membership renewal date.

Your one-month membership will not automatically renew after 30 days.

Is Bellevue Club Membership Worth it ?

Individual interests and lifestyle factors determine if Bellevue Club Subscription is worthwhile. For individuals looking for a complete wellness and leisure experience, the club provides unrivaled benefits. Access to high-quality training facilities, numerous food options, and special member events might help to justify the membership cost. Furthermore, the social atmosphere and networking possibilities foster a sense of community among members.

Families may find the daycare facilities and family-friendly services very useful, increasing convenience and enjoyment. Furthermore, concierge services and member discounts provide value by making ordinary activities more comfortable and economical.

However, for people who do not fully utilize the club’s services or prefer other health and leisure choices, membership may not be cost-effective. 

Bellevue Club Customer Care Contact Details

  • Phone : 425.688. 3150.
  • Email :
  • Fax : +1 425 6555480

Bellevue Membership Social Media


To discontinue your membership, please provide written notification to the club via email ( Written notification must be sent before the following billing cycle.

Following the club’s incorporation on March 19, 1926, the architectural firm Roeth & Bangs designed the structure. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and part of the Bellevue Staten Historic Preservation District. It is also included on the California Register of Historical Resources.

Yes, Bellevue Club members can invite visitors. Enjoy the club’s facilities with your friends and family.

Yes, you may modify your membership level. If you need help with any upgrades or downgrades, please contact Member Services. 

The Crossroads Shopping Centre began in 1962 and, following Ron Sher’s restoration efforts beginning in 1988, is now a thriving unofficial community center. By the early 2000s, Crossroads was Bellevue’s second-most densely inhabited region, after only the downtown area.

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Only the Club rooms on the ground level are pet-friendly. No cats. As a kindness and respect to other guests, we request that you follow the following recommendations while staying at our hotel with your dog: When making bookings, please inform the guest service person that you will be traveling with a pet.

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