24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The cost of 24 Hour Fitness membership commences at $29.99 for a Basic Membership and is subject to change based on a number of variables, including location, preferable membership type, and current discount and promotional offers. The annual maintenance fee of approximately $49.99 and the $49.99 initiation fee are not yet included.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

Keep in mind that the cost of membership may also be contingent on the duration of the contract; thus, an extended contract could result in reduced monthly fees overall. The cost of an individual class may be impacted by status as a member. Nevertheless, the cost of a single class session generally varies between $10.00 and $30.00. Please inquire with the location closest to you regarding the current rates.

There are membership tiers available, including All-Club Sport, All-Club Ultra Sport, and All-Club Super Sport. Memberships range in price from $36 to $80 per month, exclusive of initiation and annual maintenance fees.

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24 Hour Fitness Gym Fee Schedule

24 Hour Fitness Prices List
Single ClassStarts from $10.00
Class Packages:
10-Class PackageStarts from $99.00
Monthly Memberships:
Basic MembershipStarts from $29.99
All-Club Sport MembershipStarts from $34.99
All-Club Super Sport MembershipStarts from $44.99
All-Club Super Ultra MembershipStarts from $54.99
Family PlanStarts from $49.99
Other Offers
Personal TrainerStarts from $50.00/hour
Guest Pass/TrialFree
Buddy PassStarts from $25.00
Day PassStarts from $15.00
3-Day PassStarts from $30.00

About 24 Hour Fitness Membership

24 Hour Fitness is a well-established chain of fitness centers that offers members access to their exercise facilities around the clock, accommodating individuals with varying schedules. It provides personal training services, group exercise classes, cardio and strength training apparatus, and a variety of other amenities to accommodate individuals of all fitness levels.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

They accommodate a variety of fitness requirements by providing a vast array of amenities, including cardio and strength training apparatus, personal training, and group exercise classes. Among the many forms of group exercise offered by them are cycling, yoga, Pilates, and Zumba. Furthermore, specialized classes such as Body Combat and Les Mills Body Pump provide an all-encompassing exercise.

The expansive facilities provide an assortment of exercise choices, encompassing conventional gym routines as well as cutting-edge fitness programs. Additionally, 24 Hour Fitness provides specialized training areas, including functional training zones and indoor cycling studios, and updates its equipment frequently.

The chain endeavors to establish a nurturing atmosphere for individuals striving to achieve their fitness objectives by providing adaptable membership alternatives and proficient direction from certified instructors.

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24 Hour Fitness Membership Options

Here are the different types of memberships that 24 Hour Fitness has to offer:

All-Sport Club Membership

The membership gives you access to all sites and certain perks, as well as free weights, exercise and strength training tools, dressing rooms, and more. You can also work out with other people. Price starts at $30 a month, plus fees to set up and keep up with it every year.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

This membership gives you entry to all 24 Hour Fitness sites across the country. It comes with group exercise lessons, fitness tools, and gym access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Personal training, guest rights, web tools, and unique programs may be some of the other perks. The perks depend on where you live and what kind of membership you have.

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All-Club Super Sport Membership

24 Hour exercise, a well-known exercise center chain in the US, offers a special membership. Members at this level can go to any Super Sport club, which usually has a lot more services and facilities than regular clubs.

Along with all the benefits of an All-Club Sport ticket, this one gives you access to lap pools, saunas, whirlpools, steam rooms, and basketball fields. The price starts at $50 a month, plus fees for setting up and maintaining the account every year.

All-Club Ultra Sport Membership

One of the best memberships that 24 Hour Fitness has to offer is the 24 Hour All-Club Ultra Sport Membership. A registration to All-Club Ultra Sport gives you access to extras like tennis fields, rock climbing walls, and all kinds of exercise tools. The price starts at $70 a month, plus fees to set up and maintain the account every year.

This membership is one of the All-Club membership types. The other types are Active, Sport, and Super-Sport. As a member of All-Club Ultra Sport, you can work out at any 24 Hour Fitness site and use all of their services. It also gives you entry to all the groups below. 

24 Hour Fitness Membership Benefits

24 Hour Fitness provides you with a lot of exciting benefits and features. Few of them are given below : 

24 Hour Fitness Membership Benefits
  • Access to Facilities: Members can usually use all 24 Hour Fitness locations across the country and all of their services, such as fitness and weight machines, pools, group exercise classes, and more.
  • Personal Training: Some membership plans come with personal training lessons to help you reach your exercise goals.
  • Group Exercise Classes: A lot of contracts give you access to a wide range of group exercise classes, like Zumba, yoga, riding, and more. Most of the time, these classes are part of the membership fee, but for some specific classes, you may have to pay extra.
  • Fitness Equipment: Members can use a lot of different types of fitness equipment, such as exercise tools, strength training equipment, and free weights.
  • Online Resources: Some contracts give you access to online resources like exercise plans, diet advice, and tools for keeping track of your health.
  • Guest Rights: Depending on the type of registration you have, you may be able to bring a friend or family member with you to the gym.
  • Unique Programs: Some places have unique programs like 24 GO® guided workouts, the Fit: Perks® rewards program, and more.
  • 24/7 Access: Members can exercise at any time that is convenient for them, as many 24 Hour Fitness locations operate round the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

How To Join 24 Hour Fitness Membership

Membership in 24 Hour Fitness is obtained through the subsequent procedures:

  • Choose a Membership Type: 24 Hour Fitness offers several membership options like Gold, Silver and Platinum membership.
  • Location : Join At Any of Their Easily Accessible Club Locations, Over the Phone, Online, or In Person: To check the membership fees and enroll, simply visit one of their club locations.
  • Payment: Members of 24 Hour Fitness are permitted to make membership payments via the online platform. Those who have an account on their website are able to pay their invoices by logging in. 

How to Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership

To cancel your membership at 24 Hour Fitness, please adhere to the following procedures:

How To Join 24 Hour Fitness Membership
  • Access your personal account by visiting the 24 Hour Fitness website and inserting your credentials.
  • Select “My Account” from the heading of the page.
  • Using the drop-down menu, select “Membership Management.”
  • After selecting “Cancel Membership,” adhere to the instructions.
  • Please ensure that you provide all essential information, such as the reason for your cancellation and your member number. 

24 Hour Fitness Gym Renewal

The procedures required to renew a membership at 24 Hour Fitness are as follows:

  • Log in to your account: After visiting the 24-Hour Fitness website, proceed to opt in to your unique account.
  • Select Membership Modification: Choose “Membership Change” from the list of available options.
  • Select Renew: To maintain your fitness progress, if you currently have a Limited Term membership, you may renew by selecting another Limited Term membership.

Additionally, membership upgrades are available via telephone and in person at the club.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Guest Fee

By utilizing the Guest Pass program, non-members are granted complimentary access to the facility. Access to all amenities, including group exercise classes, cardio equipment, and strength training equipment, is included with this one-time-use offer. To obtain a Guest Pass, simply contact your local gym or visit the official website.

24 Hour Fitness Membership Guest Fee

While the pass is generally complimentary, certain fitness centers may provide exclusive discounts for subsequent membership enrollment. Consult your local fitness center for the most recent details regarding the Gate Pass, as well as any associated discounts and promotions. 

24 Hour Fitness Membership Discounts

There are several ways to save money on 24 Hour Fitness memberships:

  • $0 Start-Up Fee: For some monthly agreements, 24 Hour Fitness waives the start-up fee and gives you a free month.
  • Military and First Responder Discounts: The gym doesn’t charge new users to join if they are in the military or a first responder, such as a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or nurse. Plus, you can get $5 off any basic membership fee you pay every month.
  • Free Coaching lesson: Everyone who joins 24 Hour Fitness gets a free hour-long personalized coaching lesson.
  • Discounts for businesses: Some businesses have partnered with 24 Hour Fitness to give their employees lower enrollment rates.

24 Hour Fitness Promo Codes 2024

Here are  24 Hour Fitness promo codes for 2024 below:

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10% Off Everything You Buy Over $50: If you spend more than $50 at 24 Hour Fitness, this deal will save you 10% on your whole order.

Save $10 on a Transfer: With this 24 Hour Fitness coupon code, you can save $10 on a transfer.

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15% Off at 24 Hour Fitness: This deal can save you 15% at 24 Hour Fitness.

Get 10% off any order of sporting goods: This 24 Hour Fitness coupon code lets you save 10% on any order of sporting goods.

30% Off on Renewals: Use this coupon code to get a 30% discount on renewals.

Is 24 Hour Fitness Membership Worth It ?

Whether or not a 24 Hour exercise membership is worth it relies on your exercise goals, how convenient the site is, and your cash. It’s worth it for people who are committed to working out regularly because they can use a variety of tools, take classes, and use other facilities. A lot of the time, memberships come with benefits like guest passes and service savings.

Some people may not be able to afford it, though, especially if they don’t use the facilities very often. Cost might be an issue, so look at other choices like working out at home or going to a place that doesn’t cost a lot.

Also, look at how close 24-hour services are to your home or place of work and whether they are available. Overall, a 24 Hour Fitness membership can be a good way to improve your health and fitness if you value ease, variety, and sticking to a regular exercise practice.

24 Hour Fitness Review

Users have different thoughts about 24 Hour Fitness. These are some important points:

Positive Reviews:

  • Some members like that 24 Hour Fitness has a lot of different machines, classes, and other services.
  • People think the gym is a great middle-of-the-road choice, on par with LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym.
  • Some people have said that the customer service at some places is truly outstanding.

Negative Reviews:

  • Different users have said that the toilets in some places are not clean.
  • People have said that the gym is too crowded during busy times.
  • Some users have said they had trouble with the cancellation process.

Based on 57 reviews, 24 Hour Fitness gets a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars4. But it’s important to remember that situations can be very different based on where you are and what you like.

24 Hour Fitness Contact Details

  • Phone: (866) 819-7414.
  • Email: customerservice@24hourfit.com.
  • Mail: You can write to them at this address if you’d rather use regular mail: Member Services at 24 Hour Fitness PO Box 2689 Carlsbad, CA 92018

24 Hour Fitness Social Media


Platinum Membership gives you access to the best exercise experience possible. You can go to any of our hundreds of clubs across the country whenever you want. This gives you the freedom to try new workouts and find secret gems while traveling.

If your membership is paid for every month, you will need to tell 24 Hour Fitness either in writing or in person at a club. Your membership will no longer renew itself automatically, and you can end it.

Yes, it is free. 24 Hour Fitness App is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Use the military discount at 24 Hour Fitness (and other deals too). 24 Hour Fitness waives the entrance fee for military members and first responders, such as firemen, cops, EMTs, and paramedics, as a way to honor and thank them. The gym also gives $5 off all basic membership fees every month.

The main idea behind the plan is to focus on members more. Part of that plan is to add more self-service choices, like the ability to join online.

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