Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review

In comparison to many other gym companies, Fitness 19 membership often provides choices that are reasonably priced. Monthly memberships vary in price from $10 to $30, according to the location and different levels of exercise. The $99 signup fee and limited gym access are included in the $15/month Basic plan.

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review

With additional benefits, the Full Access subscription costs around $19 per month plus a $99 signup fee. With a monthly starting price of around $24.99, Premium Plus is more expensive than Basic and Premium, although not all gyms offer it.

If you would like to check out the experience before committing to a membership plan, you may get a free three-day access. Both residents and visitors may get a free guest pass, subject to specific requirements.

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Details About Fitness 19

Fitness 19 is a national network of fitness centers that provides affordable personal training, group exercise programs, and cutting-edge equipment. They provide a range of services, such as:

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review
  • Group programs: To assist you in achieving your individual fitness objectives, a variety of locations provide group programs, such as Spinn & Insanity, Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camp, Zumba, and more.
  • Monthly to Month memberships: Because there are no long-term commitments, they provide month-to-month subscriptions, which are convenient and flexible. Additionally, pre-paid memberships are offered in a range of durations, from 30 days to a year.
  • Personal Training: Their experts can help you choose the most effective way to achieve your fitness objectives, no matter what they may be.

Fitness 19 clubs are committed to helping people lead healthy lives without breaking the bank. They have easily accessible gyms all around the nation. Fitness 19 is available for free trial, so you can understand why it pushes you to alter your way of living. 

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Fitness 19 Membership Levels

Fitness 19 provides different levels of membership based on the features and their price respectively : 

Basic Membership

It costs $15 a month, plus a $99.00 enrollment fee. It gives access to basic gym facilities and equipment is provided by a Fitness 19 basic membership, which is an affordable choice for those looking to emphasize fitness on a tight budget. Members may supplement their exercise regimens with free weights, strength training apparatuses, and cardio machines with a basic membership. 

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review

Full Access Membership

It costs around $19 a month plus a $99 enrollment charge. The Fitness 19 Full Access Membership gives users complete access to all facilities and services, providing all they need to reach their fitness objectives.

This premium membership usually gives customers free weights, strength training equipment, and cardio machines so they may tailor their exercises to their own requirements and tastes. 

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Premium Plus Membership

Typically, the monthly cost is around $24.99. workout 19 Premium Plus Membership caters to those looking for a complete and high-end workout experience by providing an upgraded degree of access and facilities. Members who purchase this grade of membership get extra special benefits and services on top of all the advantages of the Full Access Membership.

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review

Personalized training sessions with licensed fitness experts, preferential scheduling for group fitness classes or personal training sessions, and access to specialized equipment or exercise facilities are a few examples.

Fitness 19 Prices List
Membership Type:Price per Month:Enrollment Fee:Benefits:Notes:
Basic$15$99Basic gym access, equipment, free Wi-Fi, group fitness, classes, free weights, personal training (3 sessions for new members)Price range from $10 to $30/month depending on location
Full Access$19$99All Basic benefits + more perks
Premium Plus$24.99VariesMore perks than Basic and Full Access (not available at all locations)
Personal Training$60 to $90/sessionN/AOne-on-one fitness coachingCost depends on location and trainer’s credentials; 3 free sessions for new members
Family Membership$20 to $40N/AGym access for family, cost-effectiveAllows families to work out together; price varies

Fitness 19 Locations

Nowadays, Fitness 19 has over 120 sites around the United States, mostly in California, New Jersey, and Nevada. While each facility has its own set of hours, many gyms are open around-the-clock.

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review

To locate the closest gym, use the location finder on the official website or the app. To get help, you may also give the gym a call. On weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm, call 888-827-9262 to talk with customer support representatives or complete the application on the official website. 

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Fitness 19 Membership Benefits

Some of the great things about being a member of Fitness 19 are:

  • Types of Classes: Fitness 19 has many different types of classes, such as Yoga, HIIT, Kickboxing, Spin Classes, Senior Core and Mobility, and many more1. There is something for everyone, from people who are just starting to work out to people who are very good at it.
  • Personal Training: Do you need one-on-one help? Personal training is available at Fitness 19 to help you set goals that are right for you. They serve people of all ages, from adults to teenagers.
  • Playroom for Kids: Worried about your kids while you work out? Not a problem! There is a big playroom for kids at Fitness 19, so your little ones will be safe and happy while you work out.
  • Memberships at low prices: Fitness 19 believes in being affordable. They don’t have long-term obligations and try to make the space friendly for everyone. No matter what, you should work out because you want to, not because you have to.
  • New and Improved Equipment : You can use brand-new, high-quality exercise gear. Fitness 19 makes sure you have everything you need to reach your fitness goals, whether you want to lift weights, do cardio, or try out new routines.

How To Join Fitness 19 Membership

Participating in Fitness 19 is a simple process:

Fitness 19 Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Review
  • Select Your Gym: Select your preferred location of the gym so you are able to designate a specific Fitness 19 facility.
  • Choose Your Membership: Select the membership based on what you need.
  • Tell Us About Yourself: Give the required credentials of yours that are necessary.
  • Choose Your Extras: Select any extra services that you want, the price of membership will be increased accordingly.
  • Organize Your Payment: Give your payment information to officially get the features of membership.

Please be aware that, unless otherwise noted for a promotion, your yearly cost will be automatically invoiced 60 days after you join and then once a year on the same day every year after that. 

How To Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

You may follow these steps to cancel your Fitness 19 gym membership over the phone:

  • Make a phone call or stop by your local Fitness 19 facility.
  • On their dedicated homepage, you may find the phone number and location for your Fitness 19.
  • As an alternative, go to the “My Agreement Info” area after logging into your Fitness 19 MICO (My iCLUB online) account.
  • To log in, use the details from your initial contract (sent to you via email upon joining Fitness 19) as well as the membership agreement.
  • Call their customer support number in case of any query  (925) 743-3919.

How To Pause Fitness 19 Membership

You may stop your membership if you need to take a little vacation from it : 

  • Your monthly dues may be dropped to $0 for a certain length of time by pausing.
  • One (1) month to a maximum of four (4) months may pass during the gap.
  • Twice a year, you may put your membership on hold.
  • Visit local Fitness 19 stores during normal business hours to pause your membership; a staff member will assist you with the procedure. 

Fitness 19 Membership Renewal

Renewing a Fitness 19 gym membership guarantees constant access to the gym’s resources, letting users easily stick to their fitness objectives. Renewal choices often include monthly or yearly plans tailored to individual interests, with an emphasis on ease and flexibility. Members may expedite and streamline the renewal process by conveniently managing them online or via the Fitness 19 app.

In addition, the gym often provides rewards or savings for membership renewals, which promotes sustained dedication to fitness and health. Membership renewal for Fitness 19 offers a hassle-free option that makes it easy for members to prioritize their well-being, whether they’re looking to maintain progress or take on new fitness challenges.

Fitness 19 Membership Discounts

If you are looking for ways to save money on Fitness 19 passes, these might interest you:

Current Coupon Benefits: Fitness 19 currently has coupon benefits that range from 20% off membership fees all the way up to an amazing 89% off. With these deals, you can get a contract for a lot less money.

Elite Premier Plan Discounts: If you have the Fitness 19 Elite Premier Plan, you can get great deals on other services as well. For example, when you buy drinks, vitamins, clothes, and other things from the workshops, you’ll get 10% off.

Fitness 19 Promo Codes 2024

Here are some coupon codes that Fitness 19 is currently giving in 2024:

  • 20% Off: Extra 20% off some things when you use the coupon code SUMMER2012. You can save a lot of money on your club fees this way.
  • 19% Off: You can also use the coupon code FITNESS19 to get 19% off2. To get the best deal, you should always look at a number of offers.

Is Fitness 19 Membership worth it ?

Whether or not an exercise 19 membership is worth it relies on your exercise goals, personal tastes, and cash. exercise 19 is a cheap choice for people who want to use basic gym equipment and take group exercise lessons. Higher-level contracts offer extra benefits like massage, guest passes, and personalized training, which raises the value.

A gym contract can be a good investment in health and well-being if the location, tools, and class schedule all meet the needs of the person and the cost is reasonable. In the end, each person can decide for themselves if a Fitness 19 gym membership is worth it by looking at things like how convenient it is, how motivating it is, and how much help they can get to their fitness goals.

Fitness 19 Club Customer Care Services Contact Details

  • Phone : 888-827-9262
  • Email : 
  • Address : Fitness 19 1730 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, California 95008, United States

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Members with a Premium or Premium Plus membership can use any Fitness 19 site that is involved.

No less than one (1) month and no more than four (4) months can pass. It’s possible for pausing to happen twice a year. You can call or visit your Fitness 19 site during normal business hours for help if you want to put your membership on hold.

They have, yes. You can start keeping track of your meals and workouts with the Fitness 19 App. This will help you reach your fitness goals with the help of your personal trainer.

To join, you must be at least 11 years old. At one of our clubs, minors must have a parent or adult sign them up and have them sign a risk waiver.

Not only California but in Navada and New Jersey, You can work out inside at any Fitness 19 site. 

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