How Much is UFC FIT Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

How Much is UFC FIT Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

UFC Fit gym is one of the fastest growing fitness clubs in the world nowadays and has 200 locations in the United States and across the world. It provides different membership plans and with varying costs.

How Much is UFC FIT Membership Cost 2024 Benefits & Free Trials

The Monthly UFC FIT membership cost is $69 to $99 per month and initial fee is $99 to $159, annual membership cost is $29 to $79 per month with annually contract, no commitment membership fee is $69 to $120 per month and initial fee is $0 and family membership fee is $59 to $189 for annual or monthly plan and initial cost varies according to plan. 

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How To Join UFC Fit Membership?

The process of joining membership is easy, members just follow some steps for sign up;

  • Visit membership website and view type 
  • Fill out membership form in person or online
  • Pay the initial fee to activate membership
  • Pay first month fee
  • Attend a 30 minute orientation of the gym
  • Start workout after completing all the required process

How To Cancel UFC Fit Membership?

Members are allowed to cancel their membership by providing a specific reason and 30 days prior notice. If you want to take break or quit your membership you should act upon some steps;

How To Join UFC Fit Membership?

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  • Monthly term can be cancelled by giving 30 days notice
  • Annual term terminates after the period is expired
  • No commitment can be cancel any time without any notice
  • Submit your request by email or in person
  • Let them inform so they can review your plan and let you go 
  • Enrollment fee is non-refundable so please check your contract terms and conditions before cancellation

UFC Gym Membership Free Trial?

UFC FIT Membership offers free trial for the members who are willing to join membership which includes classes, free training and amenities. To get free pass;

How To Cancel UFC Fit Membership?
  • Visit official website and find your nearest gym
  • View the website and fill the form to receive free pass
  • You can visit in person and talk to the staff
  • Pass allows to get unlimited access and $100+ value 
  • There is no fee for trial
  • During trial period gym will contact you to join if you want

UFC FIT Membership Membership Discounts

It offers multiple discounts for members and others like students, military personnel and first responders. Military personnel can avail 30 days free classes whether they are active duty or veterans. Some clubs offer a 10% discount in monthly membership fee. They also provide students discounts at some locations which is 10% off in monthly membership fee. First responders also get 10% off in joining. 

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Can I Freeze UFC Gym Membership?

Yes you are allowed to freeze your UFC FIT Membership by providing medical reasons or without any reason. If you want to take some break or are stuck with other work and you have no time and money for fitness then you can pause your membership for a period of 3 months in the entire year. It is better to review your agreement or contact with your gym management for specific information and charges if any to freeze. 

UFC Gym Membership Free Trial?

UFC Gym Deals

Its deals and discounts vary according to location and time but you can find them by visiting their official website or directly contacting them. Most deals can come with coupons and promotional offers so find these coupons to grab some deals. You can get 10% off at gym sales besides other deals. The Black Friday and Holidays deals are also available at UFC Gym which includes

  • Free enrollments (up to $150 value)
  • 25% off all memberships for first year
  • Unlimited guest pass
  • New members trial period extension
  • Gift cards with membership purchase
  • Discounted personal training packages
  • Discounts on bags, water bottle and accessories

UFC FIT Membership Promotions

Many people look for new years deals and promotions for joining because it involves myriad benefits such as 

UFC FIT Membership Promotions
  • Free enrollment in January
  • Free first month membership or discount
  • Discount on annual membership
  • Free fitness plans
  • Gym buddy offers

UFC Gym Membership Levels

When it comes to select UFC FIT Membership, UFC offers multiple options. They have numerous options for those who are not willing to pay for costly membership or who want to pay for MMA or travel across the country. First of all you will pay an enrollment fee and monthly fee before joining. Some types are here along with their prices to join;

Monthly Membership

The cost for this membership is $59 to $99/month with a month to month payment plan and includes a $99 to $149 enrollment fee. It gives you access to all gym classes and amenities and it offers flexibility if you want to pause or cancel. 

Annual Membership

Annual membership dues for joining are $99 to $149, monthly fee is $29 to $79/month and the term is 12 months commitment. If you pay all the fees you will get a discount in the payment and it allows you to save money and get benefited with facilities. 

UFC Gym Membership Levels

No Commitment Membership

It requires no commitment or contract for joining and no initial fee is associated with this membership. You have to pay between $69 to $120 monthly for this plan. It gives maximum flexibility but the cost is higher than other memberships and discount is just enrollment fee is not applicable. 

Family Membership

It allows up to 4 people and discounts on adding partners, kids, teenagers and others. This package is effective for a group of people to join at an affordable price. The charges for joining are $59 to $189 per month and term is month to month or annual depending on your choice and enrollment fee varies.

UFC Gym Membership Benefits

It accommodates many perks and services catering the needs of all ages and skill levels. Members can enjoy benefits and advantages such as;

  • Free weights with benches
  • Cardio machines 
  • Strength machines of different kinds
  • Personal training classes
  • Group fitness classes including Zumba,kickboxing, jiu jitsu, yoga and cycling
  • Saunas at 30 locations
  • Basketball at 3 locations
  • Steam rooms
  • Swimming pools at separate location
  • Childcare facilities and kids fit classes
  • spa/ hot tubs services
  • Free locker rooms
  • Restrooms after workouts
  • Olympic lifting trainings
  • Shower and towel services
  • Fitness equipments at lower rates
  • MMA bags and bags for punching and kicking
  • Unlimited gym access to any location

UFC Gym Membership Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed online and egift cards can be sent to recipients by email and plastic cards will be mailed which can take 3-10 days for delivery. The price for gift cards starts from $10 and goes to $500 and can not expire or lose value.

You can redeem 10 cards per order and you can check your balance by entering a number or pin within the “check your gift card balance” section on the website. These gift cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-cashable but you can purchase items and other equipment with these cards. 

UFC Gym Membership Worth It

The worth of its membership depends on the use and facilities which are given to the members. If you want to stay fit and willing to join any gym which provides best services and latest equipment with discounted rates then membership of UFC is fit for you. Members can choose options according to their needs and budget which allows you the more specific and accurate services and access. When we see offers and discounts we may say that the membership is worth it. 

UFC Gym Membership Coupons

It allows members to get decreased rates in memberships and other retail items with coupons and save money. Some offers are here ;

  • Get exclusive benefits when join
  • Get up to $150 off at membership with instant competitor code
  • Avail 5% off at amazon
  • Get access 20% off home equipment at walmart
  • Access 20% off in workout apparel at Macy’s
  • Save $5 with code GRIT5
  • Save 10% when sign up from email
  • Free shipping on order of $75+
  • 20% off with UFC GYM Discount
  • Save 25% on $500+ order
  • Up to $50 off
  • 30% save sitewide

UFC Gym Contact Details

  • Email; 
  • Address;  877-2-UFC GYM
  • Phone; (866) 983-0571

UFC Gym Social Media


It grants unlimited access to gym facilities, weight and cardio machines access, group fitness classes and gym hour access and other perks which vary according to locations. 

Yes you can change your membership and it also allows you to freeze your membership for 3 months in a calendar year.  For this process you must be a member for 6+months and pay a $5 fee per month. 

Yes they allow their members to use any location across the country and work out where they want. This offer is most valuable for those who always travel from place to place for work purposes or to explore the world. 

The minimum age for joining membership is 13 and those who are between 13 to 15 years must be accompanied with their parents or legal guardians to join and for parents there are separate workout classes and kids can vail MMA fighting classes during parents workout.

Yes they have certified personal training services for groups and privates with some applicable charges. New members can get a special discount from this offer. 

You can watch almost 200+ live events from the Pass such as Invicta FC, GLORY kickboxing, QUINTET, Eddie Bravo Invitational, Polaris and many others. 

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