How Much Is Union League Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts

How Much Is Union League Membership Cost & Benefits 2024 Discounts

To get the Union League Membership you will be sponsored by six existing members and after that member will pass through an interview process which will be given to the committee that meets on the first Tuesday of every month. The costs for membership are given below and depend on category. Membership starts from $1000 to $7500 with initial fee and annual dues ranges from $1000 to $5000 annually

 UFC FIT Membership

Membership CategoryDuesInitiationUnlimited GolfInitiation
Active$4,730 ($410/mo)– Tier 1: $5,000
– Tier 2: $100
Intermediate (35-39 years old)$4,154 ($360/mo)– Tier 1: $4,000
– Tier 2: $75
Intermediate (30-34 years old)$3,228 ($285/mo)– Tier 1: $3,000
– Tier 2: $75
Junior (25-29 years old)$2,380 ($200/mo)– Tier 1: $2,000
– Tier 2: $50
Junior (21-24 years old)$1,385 ($120/mo)– Tier 1: $1,000
– Tier 2: $25
Armed Services$2,365 ($205/mo)– Tier 1: $1,800
– Tier 2: $50
Clerical$1,050 ($91/mo) Tier 1: $600
– Tier 2: $25

What are Additional Charges Of Union League Membership?

For on site services you will pay extra fees such as notary public, concierge, library, barber, shoe shine and massage therapy. Active and junior members will also pay dues $125 for food and  beverage accordingly. 

How To Join Union League Membership?

How To Join Union League Membership?

To join its Union League Membership you have to follow these steps;

  • Find a person who has membership and you know him for a year and he will sponsor you 
  • Visit membership reception and find the information about it and meet with other members
  • Complete the proposal by meeting all the required information with six sponsors and submit it in the membership department
  • Be sure your sponsor know you well and they can take your guarantee
  • After proposal you will be added in the candidates list
  • Attend all the events with your sponsor to get assist for interview
  • Undergo an in-person interview with committee
  • If you passed you will be invited for dinner at new members orientation to celebrate

If you are interested then contact at or 215-587-5577 for assistance. 

Zwift Membership

Union League Membership Cancellation

To cancel your membership you will need to contact the membership department of the specific club you belong to. They will provide you with the most accurate information and necessary steps to cancel.  Their email address is here  and you can contact them by calling at 215-587-5577. 

Trump National Golf Club Membership Cost

Union League Membership Deals

It provides some offerings which are suitable for all members and they enjoy a lot at the Union League Club. It includes some perks such as;

Union League Membership Cancellation
  • Co-working space for members
  • 60 events and outings a month which is full of experience 
  • It accommodates fitness, sports and wellness for healthier life
  • Get fine arts experience with membership
  • Avail fun filled programing for family 
  • Founded to fight against corruption and build moral society

Union League Membership Levels

Union league offers multiple types of membership with varying costs for its members to enjoy life with experience and get benefited with their services. Here members gather to socialize, network, dining, exercise, relax and take part in special events. Some types are here with cost.

St James Membership Cost & Benefits

Active Membership

This membership includes an annual fee of $4730 and $410 monthly. Initial fee for tier 1 is $5000 and tier 2 $100 which involves unlimited golf with charges $4000 and initiation fee is $2400. 

Intermediate Membership(35-39 year old)

The dues for annual membership are $4154 and $360 monthly fee. Tier 1 fee is $4000 and tier 2 $70. Unlimited golf fee is $3600 and initial fee is $2100. 

Intermediate Membership(30-34 year old)

Initiation fee for this membership is $1800 and unlimited gold dues are $3000. Tier 1 price is $3000 and tier price is $75, it includes annual charges $3228 and monthly fee $285/month. 

Union League Membership Levels

Junior Membership(25-29 year old)

Annual fee for this plan is $2380 including $200 monthly fee. Tier 1 charges are $2000 and tier charges are $50 which includes unlimited golf with extra dues $2400 and $1500 are initiation charges. 

Junior Membership(21-24 year old)

Initiation fee for this package is $1200 and unlimited golf price is $1800. Annual payment which you will be payable is $1385 with $120 monthly dues. Tier 1 price is $1000 and tier 2 members will get for $25. 

Armed Services Membership

Annual dues for this type of membership are $2365 and monthly fee is $205/month. Tier 1 price is $1800 and tier 2 price is $50 and initiation fee and golf is not involved in this membership. 

Clerical Membership

Tier 1 fee for this membership is $600 and tier 2 fee is $25. Annual dues are $1050 with $91 monthly dues . Golf and initial fee is not included in this membership plan.

Union League Membership Benefits

Union league membership offers numerous benefits and exclusive perks to cater the needs of their members so they can enjoy a good life by joining the club. 

Dining Options

The Union League of Philadelphia provides a range of dining options including League House, Cafe Meredith, Founders, The Smoking Room, Cellar 62, Mise en Place, and the upcoming Trumbauer’s. Additionally, they have The Guard House, The Bungalow, Torresdale’s MacAlester’s, Union League National’s National Grille, and Union League Liberty Hill’s Greys at the Golf Club and Marquis by Denny Santiago at The Lodge.

Overnight Accommodations

For overnight stays, The Inn at the League offers 84 luxurious sleeping rooms and 13 suites with amenities like a hot breakfast buffet, Fitness Center, and Business Center. The Lodge at Liberty Hill provides 16 newly refurbished guest rooms with modern design and views of the grounds and golf course, suitable for overnight stays or Stay and Play arrangements.

Union League Membership Benefits

Executive Fitness Center

The Union League also boasts an Executive Fitness Center with top-notch equipment, massage services, personal training, nutritional analysis, and laundry service for its members.

Business Centers and Conference Rooms

League House offers state-of-the-art work stations, computers with high-speed Internet, printing and copy services, and wireless Internet connections at the Thomas N. Pappas Executive Business Center and Third Floor Business Center. It also has 13 private dining rooms for various events such as meetings, conferences, weddings, receptions, and more, with a total meeting space of 20,000 square feet.

Events Planning and Banquets

Liberty Hill features a members-only space called Gather at Liberty Hill, which includes private work stations, a conference room, and a lounge with shared workspaces and comfortable seating. It also offers a sprawling campus with 50,000 square feet of versatile space, including over 30 function rooms and private studios designed to promote collaboration and creativity. The indoor and outdoor spaces at Liberty Hill provide open-air settings with scenic views.

Club Events

The Union League of Philadelphia hosts over 100 planned events for its members, including the New Year’s Day Open House, Lincoln Day, Flag Day, the Ladies’ Fashion Show, Fall Ball, and various family-oriented affairs.

Union League Membership Benefits

Affinity Clubs

Affinity clubs are groups within the League that share a common interest. These clubs are open to all members and their spouses and aim to promote camaraderie among members while enhancing interest and knowledge of specific subjects. Members are also encouraged to start new clubs if they have a particular interest they would like to pursue.

Club Tables

Club Tables were established in 1884 to foster camaraderie and friendship among members. While originally focused around lunchtime gatherings, Club Tables have evolved into more than just luncheon clubs. They are now considered clubs within the League and serve as strong social centres for members.

Wells Fargo Luxury Suite

The League has a Luxury Suite at the Wells Fargo Center for premier sporting and entertainment events, providing members with a luxurious and exclusive experience at these gatherings.

Reciprocal Clubs

Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, your membership allows you access to a variety of top private clubs worldwide. You can enjoy top-notch accommodations and a peaceful atmosphere at over 170 clubs.

Midtown Parking Garage 

Midtown Parking Garage Members receive priority access and discounted rates at the Midtown Garage, which is conveniently located just across the street from the Sansom Street entrance.

AT Your Service

  • Notary public
  • Concierge
  • Library
  • Massage
  • Car service

Union League Membership Discounts

Union offers exclusive discounts for its members such as 

  • Get your favourite location based restaurant discounts 
  • Save money on flights, hotels and car rentals
  • Buy tickets for cinemas at discounted rates with membership
  • Save money at theme parks
  • Get discounts at events

Union League Contact Details

  • ADDRESS; 140 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, 
  • Phone; 215-587-5577
  • Email; 

Union League Club Social Media


Your statement is automatically emailed to you within the first six business days of the month and will be sent from  If you believe you have not received your statement, please check your spam folder.

You can pay your bill by check, online with a credit card, set up credit card payments, or withdraw from your bank account. To pay online, click Billing Info to view your billing history. 

If you propose a new member during your first three years of membership and they are successfully elected, you are given the opportunity to have the fee waived moving forward, and you will be credited back the amount you have already paid into it. To be credited in full, your new member must be in your dues category. You can propose multiple members to receive your entire contribution. 

As a member, you will receive discounted parking rates. Please place your parking sticker above your inspection sticker on your windshield, to ensure it is visible to the attendants and you receive the proper ticket.

A blue ticket is given to non-monthly parking members, and a white ticket is given to members who pay a monthly rate for unlimited parking. If you receive a yellow ticket, you will be charged the non-member rate.

Yes, spousal members are extended all the same privileges as the main member. Spousal members receive their own member number and login to the website and are encouraged to become involved in the League through joining Affinity Clubs and Club Tables, visiting satellite facilities, and utilizing all the amenities. Spousal members have three restrictions: they are unable to sponsor new members, serve on the Board, or vote during League elections. 

Friends and family, including children, may only enter the League if they are accompanied by a member or spousal member. They may be sponsored by the member to host a private event at the League or stay overnight at The Inn.  

As a member, you have access to the League and all its satellite locations with no additional fees. 

You must submit a letter of introduction to the reciprocal club of your choice, indicating you are a member in good standing at the Union League. This can be completed through the website, or by contacting the Concierge at 215-587-6459. You are then responsible for making overnight accommodations or dining reservations directly with the reciprocal club.

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