Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

For $39.99 a month, the Studio Membership offers boutique-style HIIT courses along with a premium training experience. VASA Fitness membership has four different options, each with unique features and advantages. My-zone heart rate monitors and professional trainers provide unrestricted access to TEAM Training for those with a VASA Fit Membership.

For $24.99 a month, the Fitness Membership gives you complete access to all the amenities, programmes, and equipment at any location—including KidCare. For a cheap $9.99 per month, the Basic Membership gives you unrestricted access to weight training, cardio equipment, and functional training.

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About Vasa Fitness

VASA Fitness is a high-end gym with more than 55 sites in eight states. At a reasonable cost, they provide a range of facilities and boutique-style lessons. The business has various gyms throughout Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Indiana, and it mostly serves customers in the Western United States. Numerous amenities are offered by Vasa Fitness centers, such as indoor pools, racquetball courts, weightlifting equipment, cardio machines, and group exercise programmes. There are day passes, guest passes, monthly, and yearly membership options.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

At VASA Fitness facilities, classes and programmes are available in yoga, cycling, HIIT, strength training, and personal training. The center places a strong emphasis on personal development and general wellbeing in order to foster a welcoming and inclusive community. Some places hold unique occasions, competitions, or get-togethers to promote relationships and mutual support among members while they pursue fitness goals.

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Vasa Fitness Membership Tiers

Vasa Fitness provided a variety of membership levels to meet the varying requirements and tastes of its patrons. Although local offers may vary, the following are some typical membership levels that were usually available:

Vasa Fitness Studio Membership

At $39.99/month, VASA Fitness Studio Membership offers a competitively priced membership without requiring an annual commitment, making it accessible and flexible for members. Discounts, exclusive offers, and unlimited access to all clubs and premium courses are included with this membership.

Offering excellent workouts at STUDIO RED, boutique-style HIIT sessions, and calm boutique-style yoga classes at STUDIO FLOW, VASA’s Exercise Studio Membership caters to a wide range of fitness objectives and tastes. This membership provides a comprehensive approach to fitness, fostering both physical and emotional well-being, whether you want peaceful yoga or high-intensity exercise.

Vasa Fitness ‘Fitness’ Membership

The Fitness Membership starts at $24.99/month with no annual commitment. To meet the demands of diverse exercise enthusiasts, VASA exercise provides a range of membership programmes. All equipment, group exercise courses, aqua classes, and facilities including tanning, spas, and swimming pools are accessible with a fitness membership.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

Users are able to take pleasure in their fitness journey at any VASA venue. It is possible to add KidCare and Guest Privileges to the membership. Other choices include the basic Basic Membership for fundamental fitness requirements and the VASA Fit Membership, which provides unrestricted access to TEAM Training, trained coaches, and My-zone heart rate monitors.

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Vasa Fitness Basic Membership

It costs $9.99/month. At VASA Fitness, the Basic Membership provides a wide selection of benefits to help you get started on your fitness path. It offers weight training, a functional training area, performance lifting, and cardio equipment access. Any VASA Fitness facility offers memberships, and there is no yearly commitment.

All VASA facilities’ amenities, programmes, and equipment are accessible to members of the fitness membership. This is a great way to get going without having to commit to a yearly plan.

Membership TypesCostFeatures
Studio$39.99/monthIn-body scans without limit ($30 for each scan)Unlimited courses for the Studio CycleUnlimited HIIT lessons at Studio RedAll VASA sites are accessibleBasketball courtsWide-ranging cardio deckNo-cost weights 
Fitness$24.99/monthWide-ranging cardio deckFitness filmNo-cost weightscomplete use of the locker roomsuseful grass area for trainingcourses for group exerciseHydroMassage Loungeindoor swimming poolArea of performance elevation with light treatment 
Basic$9.99/monthEntry to the Enrollment ClubA large cardio deckNo-cost weightscomplete use of the locker roomsuseful grass area for trainingArea of performance liftingStrength training apparatuses 
Vasa Fitness Membership Price List Updated

How To Sign Up For Vasa Fitness Membership

To join VASA Fitness, follow these steps:

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation
  • Visit VASA Fitness: Visit the VASA Fitness website or any local VASA Fitness facility in your area.
  • Choose Your Membership Level: Examine the many membership tiers that are offered:Select the desired membership level from Studio, Basic, or Fitness.
  • Complete the Membership Registration Form: Provide your billing and personal details in the form.
  • Review and Sign the Membership Agreement: Examine the terms and conditions for a minute, then sign the membership agreement.

How To Cancel Vasa Fitness Membership

If you need to cancel your VASA Fitness Membership, you have a few options:

Online Cancellation Form

  • Visit the VASA Fitness cancellation page.
  • Include your zip code, birthdate, and barcode in the needed fields.

VASA Fitness App

  • Launch the fitness app VASA.
  • Choose “My Account” from the drop-down option.
  • Click “Cancel Plan.”
  • After completing the necessary fields, click “Confirm.”
  • Select your subscription and provide a justification for the cancellation.

Via Email

Contact  via email.

  • Make a cancellation request for your membership.
  • Contact VASA Fitness by phone at 801-426-8644.
  • Note that the following are the conditions for canceling a membership
  •  To cancel your subscription if you have one via the Business subscription Division, contact them directly by email at or through live chat.

Vasa Fitness Membership Renewal

The annual membership charge for VASA Fitness is $49.99 + tax per person, which is invoiced 60 days after the customer joins and then once a year after that. In addition, if monthly payments are not received, the firm imposes a $25 return fee. There are many membership programmes available from VASA, such as Studio, VASA Fit, Fitness, and Basic.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

There is no yearly commitment for any membership. Users may upgrade by going to the VASA Fitness website’s “My Account” area. There is a $25 cancellation processing cost for cancellations made during the first six months, and a $25 downgrade fee for downsizing made within the same time frame.

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How To Freeze Vasa Fitness Membership

Freezing your VASA Fitness membership is a straightforward process. These are the steps you need to take:

  • Open the VASA app: Use the VASA Fitness app to get to your account.
  • Click on “My Account”: Tap “My Account” in the app.
  • If you want to stop or pause your plan, choose “Cancel/Pause Plan.”
  • Make Your Choice and Pay the Fee: Make your choice and pay the $10.00 freeze fee. For every freeze request, you have to pay this fee.
  • Have a nice break: For up to 90 days, your account will not work. All gym and service access is stopped during this time.

Vasa Fitness Membership Free Trial

There is a free sample pass at VASA Fitness that lets you use their equipment before you decide to become a member. How to get your trial pass:

  • Go to the page for the VASA Fitness trial pass.
  • Fill out the page’s form.
  • For your trial pass, you’ll get a text message. 
  • You can start working out at VASA right away

Remember that people between the ages of 12 and 17 must be with a parent or legal guardian at all times when they use VASA clubs. At check-in, all guests aged 18 and up will need to show an ID provided by the city government.

Vasa Fitness Membership Benefits

VASA Fitness offers a range of benefits to its members. Some of the best things about being a member of VASA Fitness are listed below:

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: VASA Fitness clubs have pools, saunas, massage rooms, and other modern exercise tools and large workout areas. VASA has something for everyone, whether you like exercise, gym training, or group fitness classes.
  • Group Exercise Classes: VASA has many group exercise classes, such as yoga, riding, Zumba, HIIT, and more. These groups, which are led by experienced teachers, are a great way to stay inspired and meet other people who like to work out.
  • Cardio Area: VASA’s cardio area is great for people who like to run, ride bikes, or use exercise machines. Increase your heart rate and burn calories while being in a safe and relaxed space.
  • Pool and Aquatics: Some VASA sites have pools where you can run laps, do water exercise, or just hang out. Swimming is a great way to work out your whole body without hurting your joints.
  • Sauna and Massage Lounge: Take it easy in the sauna or get a massage after a tough workout. These comforts can help you get better and ease muscle stress.
  • Tanning Beds: Members of VASA Fitness may be able to use tanning beds to stay tanned all year.
  • Locker Rooms: For your comfort, most VASA Fitness centers have locker rooms with showers, room to change, and drawers.
  • Wi-Fi and entertainment: A lot of places let you connect to Wi-Fi and have TVs for watching while you work out.
  • Member App: VASA Fitness usually has a mobile app that lets members plan classes, keep track of their progress, and find out about events and deals at the club. 
  • Services for Child Care: VASA exercise knows that parents need time to work on their exercise goals. If you want to work out while your kids are being cared for, many clubs offer child care.
  • Friendly Community: VASA is proud to make the community a place where everyone feels welcome. There is a group of members and staff who are there to help each other on their exercise journeys.

Hidden charges at Vasa Fitness Membership

VASA Fitness charges each person an annual Rate Guarantee Fee of $49.99 plus tax to make sure that their monthly payments don’t go up. If you don’t send your monthly payment, there will be a $25 return fee added.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

If you want to quit your membership in the first six months, you have to pay $25 and give 30 days’ notice. There is a $25 drop fee if you want to change the level of your Fitness or Studio Membership within the first six months. If you have a Basic Membership, you can only have one home place. If you want to change locations, you have to pay a $25 move fee.

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Vasa Fitness Guest Policy

The Guest Privileges plan at Vasa Fitness costs an extra $15.99 per month and lets users bring up to two friends with them when they go to the gym. This rule is for members of Fitness, VASA Fit, and STUDIO. People between the ages of 12 and 17 must have a legal guardian sign the waiver form.

People between the ages of 12 and 15 must be with a parent or legal guardian. Guests ages 16 to 17 can work out alone. The person needs to show a legal ID and sign in at the booth or with a Member Experience Specialist. Regular exercise facilities are only open for STUDIO classes, KidCare, tanning, red light therapy, massage, and tanning beds. In Arizona, you can’t get the deal.

Vasa Fitness Working Hours

Vasa Fitness is known for having a lot of hours. Most of them are open 24 hours a day, which makes it easy for users to work out when it works best for them. But the exact hours can change depending on where you are. For instance, these are the hours that some places are open:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

The following hours are suggested by another place:

  • Friday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Sunday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Please keep in mind that VASA gyms may be closed on holidays like Christmas. During other holidays, like Christmas Eve, hours may be shortened to 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Vasa Fitness Deals and Discounts

Vasa Fitness Membership sometimes provides discounts and promotions in order to entice new members. These offers may include discounted or eliminated enrollment fees, resulting in cost savings upon registration. Occasionally, VASA Fitness may provide promotions that waive the enrollment cost for certain membership tiers.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

As an example, the Fitness and Studio programmes may not have an enrollment charge. As an instance, you may discover that the present registration charge is $79, which is a significant reduction from the regular price of $99, resulting in big cost savings.

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Vasa Fitness Promo Codes

Vasa Fitness offers a variety of promo codes and discounts that can help you save on your membership. Listed below are a few promo codes:

  • 20% Off: Take 20% off any ReVive product by using the promo code at the front desk.
  • 10% Off: Use this VASA Fitness coupon to get 10% off.
  • 15% Off: Get 15% off by entering a referral code.
  • $15 Off: Several offers provide up to an additional $15 off.
  • Freebies To get your free team class, register at VASA Fitness. Another offer is a free trial pass good for three days.
  • From $9.99: Purchase things starting at that price.

Is Vasa Fitness Membership Worth it?

With a range of membership options to suit different budgets, VASA Fitness is reasonably priced, as good evaluations have shown. Though there are competent trainers at the gym, some customers have complained about congestion, poor customer service, and payment problems. Think on amenities, price, convenience, and services when deciding how much of a membership is worth.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

Facilities have to be assessed according to their general ambiance, equipment, and cleanliness. Cost should be taken into account along with any extra fees and membership dues. Location and hours of operation of the gym should be taken into account when evaluating convenience. More services that might enhance the membership include personal training, dietary advice, and specialist courses.

Many times, prospective members may try out the facilities and services with trial periods or day passes before committing to a membership. If a VASA exercise subscription makes sense for your tastes, budget, and exercise objectives, take these things into account.

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Vasa Fitness Membership Review


Vasa Fitness stands out because its membership prices are low, which means that a lot of people who are looking for exercise alternatives can join. In addition, having skilled teachers on hand makes being a member a lot more valuable. Customers have praised Vasa’s trainers’ knowledge and support, with many writing lovely comments about how they helped and inspired people on their fitness journeys.

This focus on quality training not only makes the gym experience better overall, but it also shows that Vasa Fitness is serious about helping members reach their health and fitness goals.


VASA Fitness has been criticized for its bad customer service, even though its memberships are cheap and its trainers are good. Many customers have had problems when they tried to stop their accounts, and they were often charged even after they asked to be canceled. People have also complained that some VASA Fitness spots are too crowded, which makes it take longer to get to equipment and makes workouts less effective.

Vasa Fitness Membership Cost 2024 Free Trial, Review & Cancellation

Reports of payment problems, such as issues with handling payments and the application of late fees, have made some members even less satisfied, which has a negative effect on the overall gym experience.

Vasa Fitness Contact Details

  • Phone:  (801) 426-8644 or 1303-985-8272.
  • Email: You can email them at or 
  • Mail: Attn: Member Services 1259 South 800 East Orem, UT 84097

Vasa Fitness Social Media


How much is the Vasa rate guarantee?

Your monthly membership rate is locked in with this price, so even if our rates change, it won’t affect you. The yearly rate guarantee price is $49.99 per person, plus applicable tax, and is charged every year following the join date for 60 days.

What happens if you don’t Pay Vasa membership?

Every installment that is past due by more than ten (10) days may be subject to a $30 (thirty dollar) late fee.

Can I reactivate my Vasa membership?

If you visit the facility when your membership is frozen, the freeze will be lifted automatically, and you will start getting bills again. You may unfreeze your membership via the VASA App if you want it to restart before the 90 days are up.

Can you downgrade Vasa membership?

Yes, you can. A $25 downgrade charge will be applied to complete the membership transition if you decide to lower your Fitness/Studio membership within the first six months.

Does a Vasa membership work at all locations?

With the Fitness and VASA Fit/STUDIO passes, you can use any VASA Fitness site! It’s easy to plan your lessons, KidCare, and gym time with an app.

What does Vasa stand for in Vasa fitness?

“VASA” means “personal journey to inner happiness through physical and emotional health.” A big sign says this on our wall because the

What happens if I freeze my Vasa membership?

If you don’t start your account sooner, it will renew itself after 90 days. All gym and service access has been stopped.

How many times can you freeze a Vasa membership?

You can freeze your registration as many times as you want, but you have to pay the $10.00 fee each time. Please keep in mind that payment will start up again after the hold time is over.

Can I cancel personal training at Vasa?

If you’ve moved more than 25 miles from the closest VASA Fitness site, you can end your Personal Training contract. The other two ways are to sell or pass your leftover training to someone else. There is a $100 fee for both types of rejection.

How do I change my payment method on Vasa?

On the app’s “My Account” page, tap the “Billing” tab. Press the “Manage Payment Methods” button. You can either enter your new billing information OR choose from a record of your past billing information. Save your payment method.

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