iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

A basic iFIT membership costs $15 a month plus any taxes that may be due. Memberships automatically renew at that rate. For $39 a month plus tax, you can become an iFIT Pro member and get access to more perks and tools. The price of an iFit train membership depends on the type of membership chosen.

It’s important to remember that prices can change so that users can get the newest products and services. Forget about guessing when you train. iFIT easily guides your fitness with a range of personal trainers and machines that change their speed, slope, or pressure on their own.

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About iFIT Fitness

iFIT Fitness is an all-in-one tool that is changing the way people work out at home. It has a wide range of engaging workouts for people of all exercise levels and hobbies. iFIT lets people access live and on-demand workouts led by top trainers. These workouts include running, riding, strength training, yoga, and more.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

The platform’s interactive technology takes users on virtual workouts to beautiful places around the world, making the workouts fun and inspiring. Users can also set and reach their fitness goals with the help of iFIT’s personalized training plans and performance tracking tools. 

iFIT Fitness connects and works with many types of fitness equipment, like treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, so users can enjoy a complete and seamless exercise environment from the comfort of their own homes. With a dedication to quality and new ideas, iFIT keeps changing the way people do exercise, making it easier to get into, more fun, and more effective than ever.

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iFIT Membership Types

iFIT has memberships for all kinds of fitness needs. The Train Membership includes basic features like live sessions led by expert trainers and interactive workouts. The Pro Membership, on the other hand, gives you access to extra content, workout metrics, and personalized training plans. These memberships are adaptable and can be changed to fit the needs and goals of each user: 

iFIT Pro Membership

It starts from $39 a month. iFit’s iFIT Pro Membership is a paid membership that comes with a lot of benefits that can help users reach their exercise goals. It lets people make as many profiles as they want, access all of iFit’s workouts, take part in live interactive training, virtually train anywhere in the world using Google Maps, access a huge library of on-demand workouts,

get personalized workout suggestions based on their fitness level and goals, and keep track of their nutrition, sleep, and daily activity for a full picture of their health. This registration is great for families or homes with more than one person. The app also has global workouts that are driven by Google Maps, which means that users can train almost anywhere.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew
  • iFIT Pro 1 year Membership: It costs $479 per year with all the amenities mentioned above.
  • iFIT Pro 2 year Membership: It costs $999 and you can get a discount also by paying with PayPal.
  • iFIT Pro 3 year Membership: It costs $1349 and it is a beneficial offer as compared to other membership contracts.

iFIT Train Membership

If you don’t stop ahead of time, the membership costs $15 a month plus tax. A free 30-day sample is also available for new users of iFIT. The fitness technology company iFIT offers a membership service called iFIT Train Membership. This service gives members endless access to a lot of different workouts and series, such as yoga, HIIT classes, strength training, and meditation exercises. This program is for people who like to be flexible with their workouts. It can be linked to a NordicTrack, Pro-Form, or Free-motion machine that has Bluetooth. 

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  • iFIT Train 1 year Membership: It costs $220 per year with all basic facilities offered in this membership.
  • iFIT Train 2 year Membership: It costs $375 and you get a discounted price as compared to the previous contract.
  • iFIT Train 3 year Membership: It costs $499 which is amazing to have for three years.

iFIT Family Membership

Monthly rates are $39, and a family plan that lasts a whole year costs $396. Sign in to iFIT.com and choose “Membership Plan” to add extra people. The iFIT Family Membership is a paid service that lets up to five people use the same account, with one main user and four additional users.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

A workout library, personal training lessons, and engaging fitness trips are just a few of the features that every user can use. Their login information, activities, stats, and goals are all kept separate from their main account and any other accounts they have. 

Membership TypesCostFeatures
Pro$39/month$479/one year$999/two year$1349/three yearaccess a huge library of on-demand workouts keep track of their nutrition, sleep, and daily activity.
Train$15/month$220/one year$375/two year$499/three yearHIIT classes, strength training, and meditation exercises.can be linked to a NordicTrack, ProForm, or Freemotion machine
Family$39/month$396/yearlets up to five people use the same account.A workout library, personal training lessons, and engaging fitness trips.

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How To Join iFIT Membership

The steps to become an iFIT member are easy to follow. These are the steps you need to take:

  • Get the iFIT app for your phone or tablet.
  • Go to iFIT and sign in. To make an account on iFIT for the first time, just follow the steps given. Use your Facebook or email address to log in if you already have an account.
  • Make an account on iFIT.
  • After you’ve done these things, you can start looking at the different workouts and plans that iFIT has to offer. Online movies like “The Complete iFIT Guide for Beginners”3 and “How To Connect Your Machine” can help you if you need more specific directions.

How To Cancel iFIT Membership 

To cancel your Membership, you can follow these steps:

  • Sign in: Go to the iFIT page and log in to your account.
  • Settings: Go to the area called “Settings.”
  • Plan of Membership: Go to “Manage My Membership” and then click on “Plan of Membership.”
  • To end your membership, click “End Membership” and confirm the cancellation when asked.
iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

Remember that you can stop your iFIT Monthly membership at any time, but you can’t get your money back. You will still be able to use the service until the end of the month if you stop before then. You can call iFIT’s customer service line at 1-866-896-9777 for help.

iFIT Membership Renewal

By default, the iFIT will renew itself unless it is canceled beforehand. This means that your membership will keep going until you stop it. You will be paid at the normal rate when your membership time is over. You will only be able to do a certain number of iFIT workouts if you don’t repeat your membership.

The exercise, bike, fusion, or rowing can all be used in manual mode at any time. The promised coach-controlled dynamic personal training experience requires the membership, but you don’t have to buy it.

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iFIT App

The iFIT App is a fitness app that offers interactive personal training for all fitness levels. For people of all exercise levels, it has thousands of workouts that can be done on iFIT-enabled tools or without any equipment at all. People can download the app and try it out for free for 30 days.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

After that, they can choose to subscribe to iFIT Train or Pro. The app also has a TV app for workouts that look bigger than life, a Fusion App for expert training on the NordicTrack Fusion CST, connected apps for Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Google Fit, and Strava, and fitness challenges every month.

iFIT Fitness Classes

There are many types of workouts in the iFit app, such as exercise, yoga, walking trips, mountain biking, rowing, rehab, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and meditation. It has more than 200 qualified coaches, some of whom are past Olympians and ultramarathon runners.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

You can go to classes on their own or as part of a planned workout routine. Picking your lessons carefully is important because some need certain tools. iFit also has workouts from around the world and 11 radio stations with music like hip-hop, country, dance EDM, classic rock, and downtempo yoga. Users can change the music and training volumes independently.

iFIT Membership Benefits

iFIT offers a range of benefits for fitness enthusiasts. Here are some key features of an iFIT :

  • Interactive Workouts: The engaging workouts in iFIT make working out more fun. iFIT teachers lead you through beautiful places and cultures while you run, ride a bike, row, or use other tools.
  • SmartAdjust: SmartAdjustTM takes into account your past workouts and how well you did, and then changes the strength of your workouts to meet your fitness level. This makes sure that you’re always given the right amount of difficulty.
  • ActivePulse: If you connect your own Bluetooth heart rate monitor, iFIT will change the speed of your workout to keep you in your goal heart rate zone.
  • Personalized Recommendations: iFIT learns about you by asking you a set of questions made by exercise experts. Then, it suggests workout plans that are based on your goals and personal tastes.
  • Progressive Series: iFIT doesn’t just offer one-off workouts; it also has whole workout series that last for weeks. Join professional teachers and push your abilities while you discover beautiful places.
  • Apps That Connect: To keep track of all your workouts in one place, connect your iFIT account to Apple HealthTM, Garmin Connect, Google FitTM, and Strava.
  • Monthly tasks: Monthly exercise tasks will keep you going. Get badges and talk to other people who are also taking on the task.
  • How to use Google Maps: Use Google MapsTM to make your own workout paths. You can visit new places or get ready for road races without leaving your house.
  • Workout Stats: Write down important workout stats like distance, speed, heart rate, difficulty level, and the number of calories you think you burned.
  • Community: Talk to more than 1 million iFIT people around the world and get ideas from their exercise travels.

iFIT Virtual workouts

Another great thing about exercise equipment that works with iFIT is that it can be used for virtual workouts that follow paths all over the world thanks to Google Maps. With iFIT, you can ride a mountain range or walk along the Great Wall of China. It is easy to understand how it works.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

You just make a route in Google Maps, and the computer does the rest. It creates a virtual route that your exercise equipment will follow in terms of resistance and incline, while pictures or videos from Google are shown on your tablet or screen, making you feel like you are working out in a different place.

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iFit Reward Programme

The iFIT Reward Programme, also known as iFIT Milestones, is a system that rewards users for their workout achievements. Users will be able to see their progress and get digital prizes for working out if they do it in 2023. Five grand prize winners will get to go to Logan, UT for three days and two nights thanks to the iFIT Backstage Pass.

Users must finish at least 300 iFIT workouts in order to enter. In 2024, users can look forward to special messages from iFIT Trainers, enter to win an iFIT Family membership, get more chances to win an iFIT Family membership, and buy special real gifts from the Milestones Collection.

iFit Membership Discounts & Deals

iFIT has a lot of different deals and savings on their membership. The following are some of the deals that have been given:

  • Promo Codes: iFIT sometimes gives out deal codes that can save you up to $150. They also have coupon codes that can save you up to $2000 off of some goods and an extra 20% off all accounts.
  • Membership Deals: When your iFIT membership is about to end, you can get deals. For instance, they have given a 40% deal for renewing.
  • Sales Events: iFIT has sales events like Black Friday where you can get up to 30% off when you update your subscription.
  • Extra Discounts: iFIT also gives a 10% discount on their yearly membership fee and sometimes lets you try out their site for free before you decide to sign up for a year.

iFIT Membership Promo Codes

Here are some iFIT Workout App promo codes that you can use to save on your membership:

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew
  • You can try the iFIT Workout App for free for 30 days to get started.
  • From $15 a month, you can become a member: If you use this deal, you can join iFit for as little as $15 a month.
  • Extra 20% Off All Memberships: Use the secret code “SHOW20” to save an extra 20% on all memberships.
  • Some memberships come with a free one-month subscription: Use the unproven coupon code “SHOWFREE” to get a free one-month access to certain plans.
  • $2,000 off of orders of $2,000 or more (site-wide): Get $2,000 off orders of $2,000 or more with the code “SHOW2000” (not checked).
  • 15% Off Single-Year Membership: Use the code “SHOW15” to get 15% off a single-year membership (not confirmed).

Is iFIT Membership Worth It?

You should think about getting an iFIT membership based on your exercise goals, personal tastes, and cash. The app lets you do different kinds of workouts, like running, riding, yoga, and strength training, so you can reach your fitness goals. People who are busy or who like their privacy will like being able to access workouts from home. Expert trainers lead live and on-demand workouts on the app, which keep users motivated and accountable, which helps them stay regular. 

iFIT passes often come with exercise tools that work with them, which makes working out more fun. If you already have or plan to buy tools that works with the account, it may be worth it. You should think about whether the membership fee fits into your budget and whether you will use enough of the benefits to make the cost worth it. If iFIT’s services fit your exercise needs, tastes, and price, it might be worth it to become a member.

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iFIT Membership Review


The iFIT app has a huge library of lessons led by experienced teachers that are suitable for all exercise levels and styles. Google Maps lets people practically move around the world with hundreds of workouts and exercise plans. There are also contests, conversation groups, and live events with leaderboards in the app, which helps build community.

iFIT Membership Cost 2024 | How To Join, Cancel & Renew

The iFIT Mind tool helps with meditation, awareness, and sleep. It also has a whole-health app with stress, sleep, and food lessons. The app is easy to use, works with famous exercise gear, and has lessons that can be done in small areas or while traveling. iFIT is a useful and easy-to-use exercise tool overall.


IFIT is a fitness membership app that has a lot of perks, but it’s pretty pricey, so it might not be right for everyone. It’s not the most expensive, but users can find workouts online for free. A few reviews have said bad things about customer service and app changes, but the business is trying to fix these problems. iFIT may not have as many music choices as some other workout apps, but the company has fixed this by adding 11 music programs.

iFIT Contact Details

  • Address: iFIT Inc. Customer Service Department, 1500 South 1000 West, Logan, UT 84321
  • Sales Phone: 1-888-308-9620
  • Parts & Service Sales Phone: 1-833-680-4348

iFIT Social Media


It depends on the plan and how often you’d like to be billed. A yearly family plan costs $396 a year, a yearly family plan costs $39 a month, and a yearly individual plan costs $180 a year.

As an iFIT Trainer, you can get expert training on your NordicTrack Fusion CST. They will guide you through every workout. If you download the iFIT app, you can try it for free for 30 days.

The exercise, bike, fusion, or rowing can all be used in manual mode at any time. The promised coach-controlled dynamic personal training experience requires the iFIT contract, but you don’t have to buy it. 

In the iFIT community, John Peel is one of the most well-known teachers. It’s clear why when I try out the 4-week Getting Started Programme in the studio.

With an iFIT Family contract, you can add up to four extra users to your account, for a total of five users. All of the tools you have access to will be available to all of the users.

If you belong to iFIT Family, you can add up to 4 extra people to your account! To begin, all you need is their email address.

If you decide to pause or quit your membership, all rights given herein will end at the end of your Commitment Period. After your Commitment Period ends, you will no longer be able to access or use the iFIT Services. 

You can try the iFIT app for free for 30 days after downloading it. After that, iFIT Train costs $15 a month or iFIT Pro costs $39 a month. No need to worry.

If your machine has Bluetooth Connectivity, it needs a tablet or smartphone to talk to iFit. You need to get the iFit app and then connect your device to your machine. 

They have more than 6.4 million Total Members and 1.5 million Interactive Fitness Subscribers in 120 countries. 

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