Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

The Premium Plan of Experian Membership includes a 7-day free trial and costs $24.99 per month. It features enhanced identity theft protection, monthly privacy checks, and assistance with erasing personal information from protected websites. The Family Plan is a 7-day free trial and costs $34.99 a month, which includes a premium for one extra adult and identity monitoring for up to ten children.

The Basic Plan is completely free and includes an Experian credit report, FICO Score, FICO Score tracker, and FICO Score monitoring. Experian provides Business Credit Advantage for $189 per year, Business CreditScore Pro for $1,495 per year, ProfilePlus Report for $49.95, and CreditScore Report for $39.95.

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About Experian Services

Experian is a global leader in data and analytics solutions for companies and consumers. The organization provides a variety of services, such as credit reporting, fraud detection, and data analytics.

Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

Experian offers credit monitoring services to people, allowing them to watch their credit scores and reports, receive notifications about changes, and safeguard against identity theft. Experian’s experience in client acquisition, risk management, and decision analytics benefits businesses by optimizing marketing efforts and reducing fraudulent activity.

Experian’s data quality and management services provide reliable, actionable information. Their powerful analytics skills help businesses like banking, healthcare, and retail make educated decisions. Overall, Experian’s full portfolio of services is intended to provide clients with the data they require to make better, more informed decisions and achieve their objectives.

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Experian Membership Types

Experian offers different type of memberships depending upon the user needs and amenities locked into them: 

Experian Basic Membership

This membership costs nothing and it is absolutely FREE. The  Basic plan lets you access your Experian credit report and FICO Score for free without placing a credit card on file. Updates are released on a monthly basis, but you will receive alerts whenever there is activity in your credit profile or your credit score changes.

This package also includes Experian Boost, a free tool that helps you improve your credit score by crediting you for on-time payments to service providers and subscription service providers, such as utilities or TV streaming services.

Experian Premium Membership

Experian Premium membership includes a 7-day free trial, followed by a monthly fee of $24.99. The subscription package includes credit monitoring, notifications, reports, a free Experian credit report, and a FICO® Score.

Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

It also offers superior identity theft protection and periodic privacy checks. The free trial requires a credit card, and cancellations can be made free of charge within 7 days. The subscription also includes enhanced identity theft monitoring and support with erasing personal information from covered persons finding websites.

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Experian Family Membership

Experian provides a Family Membership for $34.99 a month following a 7-day trial. This plan includes everything from the Premium plan, plus coverage for one more adult and identity monitoring for up to 10 children. New subscribers may enroll relatives and friends by entering their email addresses into the site and requesting anybody over the age of 18 to join. The membership includes identity protection services for loved ones, providing full security for the entire family.

Plan Name</tdthBasicPremiumFamily
CoverageOne adultOne adultTwo adults and ten children
Credit Bureaus MonitoredExperianTransunion, Equifax, ExperianTransunion, Equifax, Experian
Monthly CostFree$24.99$34.99

The Experian Monthly & Annually Membership Price List

PlanGroupMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Experian IdentityWorks PlusOne adult$9.99 per month$99.99 per year
Experian IdentityWorks PremiumOne adult$19.99 per month$199.99 per year
Experian IdentityWorks PlusOne adult and up to 10 children$14.99 per month$149.99 per year
Experian IdentityWorks PremiumOne adult and up to 10 children$24.99 per month$249.99 per year
Experian IdentityWorks PlusTwo adults and up to 10 children$19.99 per month$199.99 per year
Experian IdentityWorks PremiumTwo adults and up to 10 children$29.99 per month$299.99 per year

Experian Membership Benefits

Membership in Experian comes with a number of benefits. Many good things come from this:

  • Credit Monitoring and Alerts: Experian takes care of your credit and sends you tips when things go wrong. This helps you keep track of any credit report changes1.
  • Free Experian Credit Report and FICO® Score: You get a free FICO® Score1 and an Experian credit report. The FICO® Score 8 model1 is used to figure out the credit score.
  • Advanced Identity Theft Monitoring: This tool keeps an eye on your personal information and lets you know if anything seems fishy. It helps keep your identity safe.
  • Monthly Privacy Scans: Every month, Experian does privacy scans and helps get your personal information taken down from people finder sites that are covered.
  • Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring and Alerts: This tool lets you keep an eye on your credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.
  • Family Coverage: If you buy a Family Membership, you can cover an extra adult and have up to 10 children’s identities scanned.
  • Identity Protection: Members can send their loved ones identity protection services through their membership.

Experian Credit Support Services

Experian offers more credit support services than just credit records, scores, and tracking. Some of these are the Experian IDNotify Active Military Account, scam alerts, security freezes, rejections, and free credit reports. You can get a free copy of your credit report from Experian’s website if you have been turned down for credit, insurance, or a job in the last 60 days because of your credit rating.

Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

You can also file a disagreement online, get information on how to file a dispute by mail, or see what’s going on with a dispute that’s already been filed. You can also put a brief, active duty, or extended scam alert on your credit report to make potential lenders check your name.

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Experian Rating System

Credit reference companies use their own measures and data to build credit ratings, resulting in different numbers. For example, Equifax’s credit score runs from 000-999, with 999 being a perfect number.

Very Poor000-560

The score is based on financial factors like current credit deals, payment records, and any problem debt. Equifax determines your credit report by studying all credit and payments records.

Experian Credit Monitoring Services “FREE vs PAID”

Experian has different credit tracking plans, such as Experian IdentityWorksTM Plus, which costs $9.99 to $24.99 a month, and Experian IdentityWorksTM Premium, which costs $19.99 to $29.99 a month. The plans cover one adult, two people and up to ten children, and one adult and up to ten children. Experian also offers identity theft insurance that will pay for certain costs related to fixing identity theft and recovering a person’s name if it has been stolen. 

Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

Experian IdentityWorksTM Plus can keep an eye on up to $500,000 in credit, and Experian IdentityWorksTM Premium can keep an eye on up to $1 million. Both of these services are free. Which option is best for a person relies on how closely they check their credit records and bank accounts.

Experian’s free credit tracking service might be enough for you if you regularly log in to your bank and credit card accounts. A paid Experian Identity Works plan might be better for you if you don’t check your accounts very often. Experian also has a free service called Experian Boost TM that can help you raise your credit score.

Experian Membership Free Trial

You can try Experian for free for 30 days. The vulnerability? Because they wanted our Social Security Number, it felt like a bigger commitment than the free trials we get at the gym or the food co-op. After the free trial was over, we were instantly upgraded to a Premium account. If we wanted to keep using it, it would have cost $19.99 a month.

The Experian App

You can manage and keep an eye on your credit with the aid of the Experian App’s many features. It provides access to your FICO Score, which is updated every 30 days, as well as your Experian credit report. Real-time alerts regarding new credit accounts, hard inquiries, public records, fraud alerts, and modifications to personal information are also provided by the app.

On their credit report, users have the option to contest false information. Additionally, the app enables users to raise their credit score by adding a track record of timely payments from phone, utility, and Netflix bills to their credit file. It also links credit card and bank accounts for simple access to balances and spending information.

Experian Membership Discounts

Experian does offer various discounts and promotional offers for their memberships. Here are some of them : 

  • Active Military Members: Experian gives active military members a free Experian Credit Report and tracking with Experian IDnotifyTM.
  • Promo Codes: You can get savings with different promo codes, such as 15% off Credit Prescreen, 25% off your Identity Theft Protection Membership, and more.
  • Special Deals: Special deals on Experian accounts can be found on sites like Offers.com and Giving Assistant. You might find deals for a free month of IdentityWorks Premium Membership, for instance.

Experian Customer Service Hours

The customer service team at Experian is open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Pacific Time. This wide range of hours makes sure that customers can get help during the week, meeting their credit and identity security needs at times that work for them.

Experian’s customer service is easy to reach and ready to help, whether you need help signing up, fixing problems, or knowing your credit report.

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How to sign up for Experian Membership

Sure, here are the steps to sign up for an Experian :

  • Go to the site for signing up for Experian IdentityWorks.
  • Fill out the form with your information. Fields with a star (*) must be filled out.
  • Give your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Date Of Birth.
  • Make a password and username. Your password needs to be between 8 and 64 characters long and have at least 3 of the 4 things below: At least one capital letter (A–Z), at least one small letter (a–z), at least one number (0–9), and at least one special character.
  • You must choose a security question and give an answer.
  • You need to read the Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy and agree to them.
  • To finish the registration, click “Submit and Continue.”

How To Cancel Experian Membership

Sure, here are the steps to cancel your Membership:

Cancel online

  • Go to your Experian account and log in.
  • Head over to “My Subscriptions.”
  • Pick “Delete my Experian account.”
  • If you want to stop, just follow the on-screen instructions.
Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

Cancel by Phone

  • To get in touch with Experian Customer Service, dial 1-877-284-7942.
  • Press “1” to get to the automatic menu for membership services, and then “1” again to get to bills and membership services.
  • Tell the Experian agent that you want to stop your contract and give them any information they need.
  • Check any terms and conditions that come with the cancellation.

Cancel by Email

  • If you use Experian’s ProtectMyID service, send an email to support@ProtectMyID.com. 
  • Give information about yourself and your account, and ask to stop your contract.
  • Wait for a reply to confirm that the cancellation was made.

Experian Membership Renewal

Renewing your Membership is quite straightforward. These are the steps:

  • Go to your Experian account and log in.
  • Head over to “My Subscriptions.”
  • Choose the type of subscription you want to keep.
  • Just do what it says to finish the renewal.
  • When you renew your Experian membership every month, the monthly fee will be charged to your card unless you stop your subscription.

Is Experian Membership Worth it?

A membership to Experian is a great way to keep an eye on your credit record and score, which will help you get loans or credit cards in the future. It has features to keep your information safe, as well as tracking services and insurance support. You should be able to afford the registration fee because Experian has a lot of different plans at different price points. 

Experian Membership Cost 2024 Benefits, Free Trial & Worth

A family membership might be a good idea if you want to protect the credit and name of family members or people who count on you. It’s also important to think about the value of the features that come with each membership level, since some offer more features and better tracking than others.

If you’re thinking about getting an Experian membership, you should think about your personal interests and budget. It’s important to compare the possible benefits to the costs and make sure the membership fits with your credit and identity protection goals.

Experian Membership Review


Experian membership plans offer a variety of tools to help you keep an eye on your credit and safeguard yourself against identity theft. Members have the convenience of accessing daily updates on their credit reports and FICO® scores. For those who opt for the CreditWorksSM Premium plan, they can enjoy comprehensive monitoring and three-bureau monitoring.

Features such as dark web surveillance and insurance coverage offer a sense of security against identity theft. The Family Membership provides comprehensive coverage for families, making it a valuable investment. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the experience, highlighting its user-friendly interface, extensive range of features, and consistent notifications.


Although there are advantages, some individuals may consider Experian membership plans to be expensive, especially the more advanced options such as CreditWorksSM Premium and Family Membership, which may not be affordable for everyone. Several individuals have shared their experiences regarding customer service, expressing concerns about the speed and effectiveness of the responses received when seeking assistance or answers to their questions.

Some people have expressed concerns about the accuracy of credit reports and the effectiveness of the alerts. These concerns often result in ratings that fall within the 2 to 3-star range, indicating dissatisfaction with the cost, customer service, and perceived value for money.

Experian Contact Details

  • Phone: 1 888 397 3742
  • Email: customerservices@uk.experian.com 
  • Address: 475 Anton Blvd. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 1 714 830 7000.

Experian Social Media


There is no fee for the Experian Account, and you have the freedom to cancel whenever you wish. You will receive alerts through various channels such as email, SMS, post, and in-app push notifications, based on your preferences and the features available.

For more information on Membership, please click here.

Please feel free to contact us at 022 – 6641 9010 during our operating hours from Monday to Saturday, between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm.

Please send an email at membership@in.experian.com and provide us with your organization details. 

If you choose to keep your membership, it will remain active and you will be charged $24.99 per month for Experian IdentityWorks SM Premium or $34.99 per month for Experian IdentityWorks SM Premium Family Plan, plus any applicable sales tax. 

There is one big problem with Experian: it is not often used by itself to make credit decisions like FICO is. Some lenders look at a borrower’s credit report in great depth instead of just looking at their score.

People have power over their own money because we help them. We help them get credit, save money, and pay their bills, among other banking services.

That means there isn’t a single rule for what counts as bad credit. But some things on your credit record, like not paying your bills on time, not repaying a loan, or asking for credit too often, would make most lenders think you’re a bigger risk.

When you click “Share My Credit Report,” you can send your credit report and score straight to one of your Connections through Experian Connect. This takes the place of mail, fax, and email, which are slower and might not be as safe. Before you can share your report, you have to choose a connection and a reason for sharing it.

How to Get Your Bank Account Off of Experian. If you go back to the tab for “connected accounts” and click “disconnect,” you can disconnect your account. Experian will no longer be able to give you personalized information based on the behavior of that account after you disconnect it.

Fourteen days after your Service contract starts, you have the right to stop it. This is called the “Cooling Off Period.”

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